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SUBJECT: # 403: How to set up a trotline

Submitted by Wally from TEXAS on 7/6/01 10:13:00 AM

I was wondering if someone could give me some instructions or advice on how to set up a trotline. I have never set up a trotline before and heard it is a good way to catch big catfish. I will be setting up a trotline in the trinity river around the Liberty and Anahuac area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. 7/9/01 2:29:00 PM Yellowcat from TEXAS says trotline
    I use 550lb parachute cord for the main line and 3/0 barrel swivels. Slide all of your swivels, 25 per line, on your main line. Starting about 5 or 6 feet from the end of the line, tie an overhand knot. Slide one of the swivels back against that knot. Tie another overhand knot as close the the swivel as you can. It gets a little tricky after you get several swivels on, but you'll manage.

    You can seperate the swivels as far or close as you'd like. I have several lines tied up, 3 footers for rivers and 6 footers for lakes.

    You can get the parachute cord at almost any army store.

    All you have to do is tie up your hooks on some good staging line, I recomend #18 braided line and 13/O circle hooks. The end of the staging line goes through the swivels and loops over the hook.

    Hope this helds.]


  2. 7/11/01 7:29:00 PM wally from NORTH CAROLINA says trotlines
    Yellowcat, How much drop do you recommend between the main line swivels and the hooks for a lake trotline? I saw your note above and this question came to mind. Thanks for any info you can share. (NC)Wally

  3. 7/12/01 2:50:00 PM Yellowcat from TEXAS says trotlines

    All of my stagings are about 12 inches long. I don't think it really matters because the main line should never be strung so loose that it is within 3 or 4 feet of the bottom.


  4. 7/23/01 9:34:00 PM Dog from LOUISIANA says Easy trotline !
    A roll of braided 600lb. nylon twine , hooks of your choice and "Trotline Clips", tie your drops on the clips(they come with swivels made on) then tie on a snap swivel and then put your hooks on , they make a trotline easier to handle because they clip on and off of the main line , this way you can remove the whole thing if a fish swallows the hook and gives you 2 swivel points as most fish that you lose will twist off , the clips also let you make interval changes between your hooks even after the trotline is set , another advantage is you can leave your main line and remove the hooks when your done if you wish to return to the same place later without the dangers or cost of leaving a trotline with hooks in the water . Trotline clips can be bought at most tackle shops or even Wal-Mart .

    Good Fishin !!!


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