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SUBJECT: # 183: Black Catfish

Submitted by Jim ( from TEXAS on 2/18/2000 11:06:00 AM

I've been fishing trotlines in Lake Livingston for better than 20 years. I've caught hundreds of fish over the years I've been fishing there. I've never seen anything like this before. It had fins, tail and body similar to blue cat, but it was BLACK. The head and back were completely charcoal black. The sides were kind of gray. The weirdest thing was it had NO eyes at all. It appears to have been born that way. I took pictures of it along side a blue cat about the same size for comparison. When I get them developed I'll post again with the pictures. Anyone else out there ever seen anything like this?

  1. 3/15/2000 2:12:00 PM Submitted by RandyB ( from TEXAS says No doubt about it..
    No doubt about caught you a Texas black pollywog whooly booger. Them's dangerous! heheh. Seriously, sounds like it was born deformed or something to me. RandyB
  2. 3/17/2000 10:39:00 AM Submitted by Wallyman ( from TEXAS says Black Catfish
    Hello ,Jim my brother and i wear fishing one day and we wear fishing in this deep hole under water he dropped his line in their and he cuaght a black catfish had no eyes,kinda looks like the skin grew overthe eyes so we took it to the vet to see what kinda catfish it was, he said he thought it had been in that cave and it had developed thats y his eyes wear like that and becuase it was dark it evolved into a black colorto be camoed with it surroundings and his eyes grew overbecuase they wear no longer needed but his other senses became alot more acute and powerful

    P.S. I would like to see those pictures be cuase i wil copy them print them and ask that fella if he thinks you got one 2 if ya dont mind

  3. 5/2/2000 6:19:00 PM Submitted by Spool Me ( from ALABAMA says It was one of those...well maybe it was.
    I was fishin in the lake out front of my house late one night and one hit my line hard. I reeled him in and put the flashlight on him before I pulled him in the boat. It was wierdest damn thing I ever did see. Not only did he not have some eyes, he had big pinchers pinching at me where them eyes should have been. I got so ascared, I throwed my whole damn rig overboard and went in to have a big drink of some fine alcoholic beverages. Then I was more better.
  4. 8/12/2011 2:48:00 PM Submitted by stephen Rice ( from OKLAHOMA says black catfish no eyes
    I was fishing in the elk river where it runs into grand lake on 7-27-2011 in about 25-40 feet of water. I caught what i thought was a 3 lb. dark blue almost black blue cat. On closer inspection i noticed it did not have eyes! I was astonished to see this, my father and and my aunt were there to witness this. Of course we forgot the camera that day. I was relieved to find your post so i will have some proof that they are real. Keep fishing and good luck catching another one.I would like to see the pic of the one you caught.

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