Shimano SYMETRE - 1000 or 2000? Shimano SYMETRE - 1000 or 2000?
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    Shimano SYMETRE - 1000 or 2000?
from Cajun Release (  
12/31/1999 8:48:00 AM


 Which spool size is best for fresh water bass fishing?

The large spool on the 2000 holds about twice as much line as you would normally use...

Is there any advantage to the 2000 over the 1000?

Is it better to put mono backing line on the 2000 or go with the 1000 and the smaller line capacity spool?

Will you get a longer cast with the 2000?

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   1000 or 2000 from Jeff (  12/31/1999 9:05:00 AM
 If I was fishing for bass and I lived in Florida, I would go with the 4000, but definitely at least the 2000. If your using 8# line or better, that rules out the 1000, and the 2000 will not do very well with line over #10. I think you should consider the 4000. Just my opinion!
   Jeff has it right...... from Paul Mattie (  12/31/1999 9:15:00 AM
 but, I would use a baitcaster for 10lb + mono, not the 4000. Yes you will get a longer cast from the 2000 if your bottom guide is larger than normally found on a fresh water spinning rod.
   One more thing! from Jeff (  12/31/1999 9:17:00 AM
 I also,as you mentioned, would spool the first 50% of the spool with the cheapest line you can find(or some old line that you used)and keep it on the spool forever. Then spool the remaining capacity with fresh line. It's a money saving idea, definately, when quality line is so expensive, and you never use the last 50% of the line on the reel anyways.Makes those 1000 yd. spools of trilene last a good long time!
   Not to mention the drag from Carl W (  12/31/1999 6:54:00 PM
 There's more involved than just line capacity. The bigger reels also have bigger drag washers. Bigger drags will be smoother, and be able to handle longer runs of bigger fish without over heating and failing.

If is was just about line capacity, we'd all be using ultralight size reels with braided line.

   Symetre 1000 and 2000 appear to have same size drag washers from Cajun Release (  12/31/1999 8:43:00 PM
 Looking at the schematics and parts lists side by side, the Symetre 1000 and the 2000 seem to both have the same parts, including same body and same size drag washers (same part numbers). The only parts that appear to be different are the handles and the spools.

The 4000, of course, has a bigger frame and bigger drag washers with different parts numbers.

   Symetre 1000 or 2000 from Mark S. (  1/5/2000 7:18:00 PM
 I have 3 Symetre spinning reels all for fresh water bass. All are the 2000 size because I use line ranging from 8 - 12 pound mono, or 10 - 14 pound Fireline. I have been using them for several years and have never had a problem with the reels. I think if you plan to fish for several hours with that rig, the 4000 will be too heavy.
   1000 and 2000 = same reel from Dan (  1/6/2000 6:30:00 PM
 I looked at these reels in the store and held them side by side and they are the same reel/frame...just different spools. Weight difference is really not significant.



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