Rod for float n fly fishing Rod for float n fly fishing
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    Rod for float n fly fishing
from Norman (  
6/24/2000 2:17:00 AM


 I'm looking for a certain type of spinning rod for float and fly fishing. The float is a plumb shaped plastic float 1 1/2 inch and the fly is actually a 1/32 oz maribou jig. Comes in a kit w/assorted floats, jigs in a box, good on smallies. My rig is a light action bass rod 6' not bad but a little on the short side for these buggers. I recall an article in Bassmaster back in '98 on this technique by the originator himself, don't recall his name. He was using a long rod about 9 or 10 footer w/Tennessee handle. The lenght of the rod was long enough for casting bucktails easily a good distance with a strong backbone for solid hook sets. I'm not sure but think the rod was a steelhead rod designed for that style of gamefishing although smallies wouldn't mind. Anyone familiar with this technique or steelhead rods in particular? Thanks a bunch.

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   Float & Fly rod... from JonMac (  6/24/2000 2:56:00 AM

Eddie Nuckols, owner of Bullet Lures in Bluff City, TN, is the originator of the Float & Fly technique. I may well be mistaken (and hopefully I am) but I believe that I heard/read that Mr. Nuchols had passed away.

Give Bullet Lures (423-477-2033) a try for more information on the Float & Fly rods mentioned in the '98 Bassmaster article. If they are still in business I'm sure they'll help you out.

I've successfully fished a variation of the Float & Fly rig (mine is usually a slip-bobbered darter head-rigged finesse worm) on a Team Daiwa 7' finesse spinning rod. While it's not the distance caster that a 9 or 10' rod is, it does a very passable job fishing this super (and highly underutilized) technique.

Tight Lines!! John

   Fly Rod Blanks For Float & Fly Techniques from gowge  6/24/2000 6:37:00 AM
 Norman, an inexpensive fly rod can be rigged for that technique too. A 5/6wt. graphite rod is good for ultra-lights like 1/16oz, and a heavier fly rod for the larger weights. They're popular down here for bass & crappie.

Good Luck!

   Rod from Mike (  6/24/2000 8:26:00 PM
 I throw the float and fly and you absolutely need a 8 to 9' rod prefferably 9'.I throw from 8' to 20 feet deep and thats really hard to do with a 6'6" rod.I throw a 3/32 head about all the time.Mr.Nuchols drowned in an accident.but his brother took up where he left off and he also throws 8 to 9' rods. You can slip float these fish but about half your strikes will come on the fall.I use a Browning 7' Noodle rod and a 9'Conolon Premier.If you need my help email me Smallmouth what a fish!!!
   Thanks from Norman (  6/25/2000 12:12:00 AM
 Thanks a bunch..tight lines!



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