Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Brakes? Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Brakes?
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Brakes?
from slew (  
7/11/2000 3:08:00 PM


 Wondering what the use of magnetic brakes are. How does it work? For what applications? Is it ideal for beginners, if so do experienced anglers need it? Am new to fishing, so I'm trying to find out as much as I can about baitcasting reels. Thanks for your input!

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   Mags from Ross  7/11/2000 3:51:00 PM
 I just had a conversation with a buddy while out fishing on this very topic. Some of my older Shimano Bantams have magnets for braking. It is convenient in its "turn the dial" adjustment, but magnets don't seem to give the same kind of control that centrifugal weights do.

The magnets apply constant braking to the spool, regardless of the spool's speed. Centrifugal weight, however, apply more braking with higher spool speeds and decrease as the spool speed decreases. Adjustment is needed less frequently with centrifugal systems as compared to magnetic systems to compensate for lure weight and wind.

Many manufacturers have begun to use centrifugal braking systems that can be adjusted externally to make them as convenient as the magnetic systems.

   Sorry Ross - Mags Work Relative to Spool Speed - Not The Same @ All Speeds from gowge  7/11/2000 7:48:00 PM
 Ross, mags work according to how fast the spool is turning. When a spool is turning slowly, they have very little effect. Once a spool is turning quickly, though, they exert a force (Eddy Currents) to slow the spool down. I've done extensive experiments with lots of different size reels, and even a simple fixed magnetic control works this way... The faster the spool turns, the more force is generated.


   You can have both! from sandman  7/11/2000 9:39:00 PM
 There are some reels with both mag and centrifugal braking. One in particular is a Wal-Mart exclusive ABU. I think it's called a 5600 Mag. Should be a great reel for beginner through advanced and suitable for most fishing applications. I'm getting one as soon as one of the local WM's get them.
   You da man, Gowge! from Ross  7/12/2000 9:26:00 AM
 I stand corrected. I forgot all about Eddy currents. That was way back in college Physics II. I guess I should just say that I prefer the centrifugal systems on my newer reels better than the mag systems on my older ones. I have a lot fewer backlash problems, even into the wind.
   Dual Braking System from Kevin (  7/12/2000 10:57:00 AM
 Bass Pro Shops also has a couple reels with a dual magnetic/centrifugal breaking system. It's their Johnny Morris signature series (the frame is made from magnesium too!) and a Rick Clunn reel. The reels have a fixed 4-pin cent. brake behind a magnetic brake that is adjustable by a dial on the outside of the reel. You can see the reels at



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