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SUBJECT: # 4335: So I am at the ramp

Submitted by Harumph #11038 from OTHER on 8/7/2008 11:24:00 AM

Actually coming off the lake after a day of prefishing for an upcoming tourney.

My non-boater goes to get the tow mule and he is third in line. Now ya think this can't take too long. WRONG

There are only two lanes on this ramp. One guy dropping his trailer in on the right, another just dropped the boat in the water on the left. His buddy walks the boat out about 20' and decides to wait right there for his driver to park and walk back to the ramp.

The guy on the right for some reason can't get his boat on the trailer. Now we just have to wait it out.

25 minutes later we are in the parking lot preping to head home.

Now for the fun part and why the wait wasn't all that bad.

I spot out of the corner of my vision a boat heading into the no wake area towards the ramp. It looks like it is swamped and about to go under. I get ready to fire the motor and head over to assist when I see the three people in the boat just whoopin and hollerin, have a great time. So I decide to wait.

As it comes closer I get a good look at the craft.

This guy motors right in behind the guy holding the boat on the left ramp and drives right up out of the water into the prep area. I have seen these things before at boat shows and such but never saw one in action. It was pretty darn cool.

As he pulls out of the water I note the license plate "IMABOAT".

People are flocking into the prep area taking pictures and he shows off the craft. After a few minutes the guy on the right finally gets his boat on the trailer and pulls up into the parking lot.

The guy in the boat/car gets a nice running start down that side and hits the water doing at least 15mph. Crashes into the water and just goes on his way back out into the lake.

The ramp was not crowded so he wasn't putting anyone in danger with the entry stunt. Everyone got a big kick out of it.

Wish I could have gotten some pictures but I left my camera in the truck since it was raining.

  1. 8/7/2008 4:05:00 PM Submitted by Phil McCock ( from OTHER says You'''
    ...just got to admire these power launchers on the Ramp.

    Seen one with a 5000 lb rig that forget to let the rear tie-down straps free. That Ford Expedition was'nt going to last very long anyhow.


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