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SUBJECT: # 4370: Fallin In

Submitted by Log ( from KANSAS on 7/6/2010 8:04:00 PM

Last tourney tried to jump from the front of the boat to the dock into a headwind. Made it halfway, one foot on and one foot off. Water wasn't too cold. Got a standing ovation.

  1. 7/7/2010 9:23:00 AM Submitted by Harumph #11038 from OHIO says LOL nice
    I was in a tourney a few years ago. Running down a bank pretty quickly throwing a spinachbait at whatever wood I could find.

    Of course I hang it on a laydown in shallow water so in a hurry I nose the boat in get her rolling, pull up the TM, get the bait unhooked, use the log to push the boat out of the shallow spot so I could drop the TM.

    I would say about 80% through the motion of pushing off that log, the boat was moving back the log broke. It was probably 6" in diameter so it made a nice crack.

    Everyone around me gave me a 6.5 for the forward flip into the water.

    I lost points for too big a splash and scrapping the side of the boat on my way into the water.

    At least I was quick enough to drop the rod before I went over.

    I know this was at the ramp but his freakin page is dead and I was within 1/4 mile of the ramp.

  2. 7/9/2010 8:38:00 AM Submitted by mdgridley ( from NORTH CAROLINA says been there
    I posted one a couple years back with my wife doing almost the same thing. I pulled up to the dock on a windy day, I dropped it into reverse as I usually do. The wind pushed me back, she has short legs. When I saw what was going to happen I pushed it back into forward but had already turned the wheel for my reverse action. The boat changed direction and she fell right in. The bad thing is there was a guy standing on the dock fishing and was just looking down at her during all this. He didn't offer a hand or anything. She just walked up the ramp cussing like a sailor... in her wet T-shirt. ;)

  3. 7/10/2010 12:37:00 AM Submitted by Spooley ( from OTHER says Eye....
    ...slipped on the pier once and fell in. LOL


  4. 7/10/2010 6:06:00 PM Submitted by Log ( from KANSAS says Trip into the drink.
    Took a guide out to get a sense of things. He and I are on the front deck of my boat. I hit the trolling motor right, he goes left into the drink. We had just pulled up to the first spot. He got a great tip that day.

  5. 8/13/2010 9:00:00 PM Submitted by g2072 from MISSISSIPPI says 2 Kinds of Fishermen
    The ones who have fallen in and the ones who are going to fall in. I went in a couple of years ago myself. I was idling in one evening and a school of fish broke the surface right beside the boat. I cut the engine,jumped on the front deck and fired a cast right in the middle of them. I leaned back on my buttseat and it spun sending me right out the other side of the boat. It was really a surreal moment when I realized I was gone and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

  6. 4/28/2011 6:40:00 PM Submitted by DaleR ( from WISCONSIN says Falling in
    I todally agree - there's those who have fallen in and there's those who will. There I was, fishing a little club tournament on a fine spring day in Minnesota. It was early in the day, we'd blasted across the lake to our number 1 spot, the river (ok, a big stream) emptying out of the lake. I was running the trolling motor, "backing" our way down the stream, fishing the stumps and wood along the bank as we drifted by. I admit that I wasn't paying a lot of attention to what was happening, trusting my non-boater to speak up if we were heading for trouble. Well, there was a big tree branch reaching out across the water and as we approached, my partner simply ducked under it and went on about his fishing, not mentioning a thing to me. Just about when my end of the boat reached the branch, I turned my head to take a peek at where we were going, just in time to do absolutely nothing as the branch slowly swept me off the deck and into the cold water. My partner nearly died of laughter and wouldn't help me back into the boat until he dug his camera out and took a picture to share with the rest of the boys and girls back at the ramp. Took several hours to "air dry" and get comfortable again. NEVER trust your non-boater!

  7. 5/18/2011 11:07:00 PM Submitted by Rich Reid ( from IDAHO says Did I really do that?
    This is actually a true story. I am in Idaho now but this is a Connecticut, where I used to live, story. I had fished a small club tournament with 6 or 7 boats and was waiting for my my partner to back the truck down to load up my boat. The ramp is at the back end of a small cove. There were 10 or 12 boats in addition to all my friends. I had pulled out of the way and was about 50 yards back from the ramp. There was a little breeze so I was standing at the front occasionally hitting the trolling motor. I don't recall why but was looking down into the 4 or 5 feet of water. Then my sunglasses slipped off and headed for the drink. When I realized they were falling, I lunged for them. Just as I started to go forward I realized my mistake. I pushed hard to stop myself from diving into the water. I pushed so hard and so fast that I launched up and backwards off the deck into the drink. It was really hard getting back into the boat.

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