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SUBJECT: # 4377: Haven't seen this story posted before, so here goes...

Submitted by Oneeyedjack ( from ALABAMA on 2/1/2011 4:12:00 PM

Fishing a Federation qualifier a few years ago at Neely Henry, I drew the partner from hell. When we met, he assured me that he had some good spots and we would work both his and mine.

Come Friday morning, I had to look the place over at the ramp because he didn't show up at our appointed meeting place. Finally got launched (2 minutes before our blastoff) and he informed me that we would start off up river on my spots. Being the good host/boater, I took off to my first spot and offered him the front of the boat, which he took and pounded my first two spots. By 9:00 AM I was ready to throw him in the lake!

We then needed to move, and he said his holes were way down river and that if we wanted to fish anything else, we ought to do it now. I offered my best spot and we proceeded to hit it, where he immediately caught two keepers on a pearl fluke that I did not have. I could not buy a bite, and finally asked if he had another one of those baits. Well, I gues I should have thrown him in the lake earlier, cause his response floored me. He said, "I only have one pack, and I'll need all of them tomorrow."

By now, I'm struggline to catch a 4th keeper and so aggrivated that he is catching keeper after keeper trying to upgrade, and of course, off my best spot. So I suggest that we might want to move, hoping that his good spots might return me the favor of a couple of nice bass.

Guess, I didn't figure that one out either. He refused to take me to his spot, as he needed to save those fish for Saturday. I was finished and might as well have put the boat on the trailer with my 3 fish.

It was bad enough, having to face the embarrassment of dragging my 3 little fish to the scale in front of my Fed team. So I weighed my 6lbs up, spoke to my buddies and head off to the truck, ready to get to the motel for some much needed rest. I was dog tired! Guess what, the dude had locked my truck, put the keys in his pocket, and caught a ride back to his motel. Bad enough you say. Not yet! I tried to call him on his cell phone - Durn fool turned it off. I sat there at the ramp for an hour and a half waiting for that guy to turn his phone back on.

I would rather he had just dumped the worm dirt on my boat!

  1. 2/3/2011 9:08:00 AM Submitted by Spooled Again from TEXAS says That makes me sad
    Thanks for posting butt eye failed to find the funny part fer some reason.

    Can you give the final ending, like did you ever give him a piece of your mind, or can we assume that you, maybe kicked his azz butt good?


    If you wood post his contact info, eye wood like to have a personal conversation with this one.

  2. 6/2/2011 2:02:00 PM Submitted by Spinny from VIRGINIA says A little curious about your opener.
    You say you've "...never seen this story posted before..." How would you if you never posted it? Did this not happen to you? Or did you c&p someone elses story from some other board?

    I'm confused.

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