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SUBJECT: # 2401: Snake!!!

Submitted by Kyle ( from ILLINOIS on 1/11/2001 2:51:00 PM

I have a brother who is terrified of snakes. He calls them "Mr no-shoulders with fangs". He is in the military now but was a die-hard fisherman and still is ,when he can be. Well he came in last summer and we decided to do some night fishing for smallies. I thought that a good time would be had if I spiced up the fishing report a little by adding my own special touch. I told him just last week how I had received a report that Mr Bronzeback was being taken in good numbers by using 10 inch worms around rock formations. We proceeded to launch and began fishing around 11PM. We had caught 3-4 smallies when I decided to "relax in the back for a moment". I had previously purchased one 12 inch rubber snake and had tied a 6 inch long strand of 10# test around its head. I then tied it to the inside latch of my livewell which contained my biggest smally. We were having a little competition and so far I was up on him with a 3# fish. I did this undetected and climbed back to the front deck with him to fish a little more. About thirty minutes later I said " Man did you see that, there was a snake just off the bank and something struck at it. I think it was a fish" Total farce but the S word would get his attention while in a coma. So I knew he was listening. Well about a hour latter he lands a fish pretty close to 4# and I conceded that it was probably bigger than mine and to put it in the livewell and throw mine back. I normally would have made him weigh it but ..well you know.

As he lifted the livewell lid to withdraw my bass, Mr No-Shoulders with Fangs came crawling out and it was like a gun going off. Lid slammed and my brother tripped and fell into me nearly putting me in the water. As I recovered I could see the depth finder and noticed we were in 3 feet of water. As I got up I notice my brother is now standing on the bank and is only wet from the knees down. Had I a camera, I am pretty sure I could have recorder the second know instance of man walking on water. I liked to never stopped laughing. He would not come back into the boat until I provred it was a rubber snake. Then he was just mad. It was really funny when I made him weigh his fish and mine was bigger by 3 ozs. Good thing or family is full of love!!

  1. 1/11/2001 7:48:00 PM Submitted by pp ( from ALABAMA says good one, kyle!
    very funny stuff!

  2. 1/12/2001 7:54:00 AM Submitted by 3rdbar ( from TEXAS says Yipes!!
    My brother also is scared to death of snakes. He once dropped his shotgun while dove hunting running from a rubber snake we planted near him. He calls snakes ... Tubular Fear! Good story ..3rdbar

  3. 1/12/2001 9:52:00 AM Submitted by Daryl L ( from TEXAS says Dead Snake

    Why would your brother drop his shotgun. Dove load kills them just as good as any other shot. That would have been one dead rubber snake. Shoot it, load again and shoot again. I hate snakes too. How about some of those big ugly spiders and spider webs in the valley.


  4. 1/12/2001 11:59:00 AM Submitted by 3rdbar ( from TEXAS says Daryl
    The reason he dropped his gun is that he is so terrified of snakes he forgot he even had a gun. Just dropped everything and took off!

    I don't like them spiders either. Phobias.... we all got 'em I guess ...3rdbar

  5. 1/12/2001 3:36:00 PM Submitted by Gridleak from TEXAS says I love it...
    Mr. no shoulders with fangs and Tubular fear. :) I'm not particularly spooked by snakes and such but do try to keep a respectable distance. And Daryl L, I don't know if you have ever witnessed someone with a Phobia before but their is a huge difference between what most people experience as a rational fear as opposed to a Phobia.

    I was once, and only once, witness to someone with arachno-phobia. An abnormal / morbid fear of spiders. I saw the look in that persons eyes regarding the tiniest little spider and believe me, that person instantly became concious of only the spider, and dangerous to himself and others. A person with such a phobia forgets all else and has but one thought...ESCAPE. There is more to this story but I will save it for another time.

    Good stories guys.

  6. 1/13/2001 12:12:00 AM Submitted by Boatdood from SOUTH CAROLINA says Joke and duck
    Sometimes when you pull a joke it works better than you expected and you have to duck; been there, but I still can't resist. Good story Kyle, just remember the paybacks.

  7. 1/13/2001 4:50:00 PM Submitted by Amistad ( from TEXAS says Ton of catching up!!
    Been in and out for short time (you regulars know what I mean, gotta have it lol) My dad once beat a rubber snake in the yard for quite a while, think I posted the story a while back. Mabe I can try your trick on my brother-in-law, good one!

  8. 1/15/2001 6:02:00 PM Submitted by mark ( from ILLINOIS says Snakes!!!!!!
    I own a pest control company and have got many stories of cockroaches crawling up my pants and killing rats at a distance of 2 ft and closer. I came across some snakes doing a termite inspection in a crawl space and needless to say I had to replace some flooring for the homeowners. I must of looked like a scared to death hulk monster. I am the first to admit that if a snake came on board my champion I would be the biggest six ft three inch man to ever trad water. Not to mention the boat would be unmanned like it were the time of the rapture. You gotta watch those slimy little buggers!

  9. 1/17/2001 2:09:00 AM Submitted by Fishhead from GEORGIA says Friend Loves Snakes
    Sometime back in the late 60's after fishing a small lake in Orlando Fl.--- we had just put the canoe on top the car and got inside when I looked out and saw a water moccasin on the ground next to us. I said, Hey tom there's a snake. Well Tom jumps out, opens the trunk,gets out his snake tongs and a pillow case and has that moccasin all twisted around his arm as he holds it by the neck. Then he says, "open the sack so I can drop him in" Did he think I was nuts? That thing was about 4&1/2 feet long, had It's mouth open and it wasn't happy. After refusing his request, Tom just grabs that sack with one hand and drops the snake in with the other. Then he tyed a knot in the top and threw it in the back seat saying,"I get $1.50 a foot out at Gator Land for any poisonous snakes I catch." I guess six bucks would buy a little more gas for that old Nova back then than it would now. Anyway, I thought you guys that hate snakes might get a kick out of this story.

  10. 1/17/2001 3:12:00 PM Submitted by Charlie Taylor ( from VIRGINIA says Garbage Snake
    While I was growing up and in the Boy Scouts, our scoutmaster offered us $5 for each poisonous snake we found. He was trying to demonstrate that there were very few poisonous snakes in Northern Virginia. Well, I spent a couple of weeks on my grandfather's farm in North Carolina. While hiking with my uncle, we found a cottonmouth water moccasin. We took it back to the house, stuffed it in a pickle jar and filled the jar with alcohol. When I returned home, I showed it to the scoutmaster, who promptly denied all liability as it didn't come from the local area. I put the jar on my workbench and promptly forgot about it. While cleaning up the basement one rainy day, I noticed the jar, picked it up, opened it and took out the snake. As I was busily eyeing the snake, lightning evidently hit a telephone line and caused the bell connection above my workbench to buzz loudly. Well, you would have thought that that was a rattlesnake and I was a world class sprinter, as I dropped that jar and took off. Once my heart quieted down a bit, I came back, cleaned up the glass, picked up the snake and headed up to the garbage can with it. I opened the lid and spread out the snake on top of the garbage and could barely contain myself until the morning when the garbage men came to collect the garbage. My mother saw me looking out the window and joined me in watching. When the guy lifted the lid off the garbage can, he too, took off running for the truck. He got a broomstick, came back to the can and beat that snake until it was unrecognizable, while my mother and I were rolling on the floor laughing. It was a mean thing to do, but it sure spiced up a couple of days during the boring summer. Charlie......

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