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SUBJECT: # 4234: Drain Plug woes

Submitted by O.T.Maverick ( from ALABAMA on 8/27/2006 11:17:00 PM

Just a note to the people who have posted here. You stories are hummorus and also sometimes informative. Thanks in advance to whom ever posted the one about the boat seeming slow to plane out after having lanuched without the drain plug installed...

Well I was hopeing that I would never have to face the problem of not installing my drain plug, rookie mistake. Well I just got my own boat about a year ago. That new /used bass boat ya know. Bought it from my neighbor who gave it up for a new motorcycle. Well I have this friend who lives up on Smith Lake in Alabama. We have been gettin together and go fishing for the past couple of weeks. His little daughter has been going with us. She has seen me taking the tie downs off and putting the drain plug in and wanted to help. So this morning when we got to the ramp and her and her dad started taking the motor support and tiedowns off the boat while I was loading the cooler and rods. I really didn't think about it they had watched me doing the same thing about a dozen times. So dad back me, the daughter and boat into the water then parked the truck. I cranked the motor and pulled to the dock to wait for him, as soon as he returned an put his life jacket on we were under way. I eased out of the harbor and started up the lake when I went to plane out the boat it would not get up out of the water. The old 150 merc usualy dosen't have that problem. Then I thought about a story that I had read on the websight here. Hummm?!! I ask daughter and dad who had put the drain plug in anyway?? Drain Plug!! What drain plug?? Well after agreeing that none of us wanted to swim under the boat and install the plug we returned to the dock and while I watched the water rising around my feet, I watched as dad sprinted up the boat ramp for the truck and trailer. Got the boat on the trailer and out of the water. It must have took 10 min. for all, 'er make that most of the water to drain out of the boat that is with the drain plug still out and the bilge pump going. Well no harm no foul. I made sure the drain plug was in and we relaunched the boat and tried it again. Just caught one bass but we laught the whole time about the drain plug. Bet someone checks the next time for the plug being in the boat:) O.T.

  1. 8/28/2006 5:39:00 PM Submitted by Dammit from TENNESSEE says Welcome to the club...
    We've all done it, usually just once. Depends on alcohol consumption.

    Smith is a pretty place...I miss it.


  2. 8/28/2006 6:34:00 PM Submitted by SpotKetcher ( from ALABAMA says Two types of boaters......
    There are two types of boaters, those that have forgot to put the plug in and those that will forget to put the plug in. It happens to the best of us.

  3. 8/28/2006 10:12:00 PM Submitted by Barney in the guard hut ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Umm
    Were you watchin me Saturday!? (Iz'zis a report or an actual event that happened to...YOU!?)...z'like lookin in a mirror! bwaaaah!

    Maybe I'll remember it next time uh, too!

    As Spooley says: "Thanks fer sharin!"

    Barn...O.T. left'is plug out!

  4. 8/29/2006 3:00:00 PM Submitted by Chevymon ( from OHIO says Likewise...
    I think my wife and a few at the docks thought I was nuts screaming my head off at the wife to get the truck as she starts towards me! LOL Although I thought I was having a heart attack at that moment :)

  5. 8/31/2006 12:49:00 PM Submitted by FearNoFish ( from TEXAS says I have done it!
    Just this weekend some friends and I were discussing this. One of the guys told a story about when he was in high school he took his Dad's Aquasport offshore boat out for a spin in Galveston Bay and docked it at their beach house in Sea Isle, next morning the boat was upside down and half sunk because he left the plugs out! Both engines were totally under water and it cost a lot for repairs.

    Another guy realized his plugs were out but every time he got on plane he drained the bilge so he didn't even go back to the dock to put the plugs in that day, the fish were realy bitting!

  6. 9/1/2006 6:57:00 AM Submitted by ats205west ( from FLORIDA says mee tooo
    NOT a rookie, but my brand NEW ranger has a drain plug and I didn't know it. Yup, you guessed it, BUT i have a great excuse: My dealer "forgot" when he did the delivery walk around. My old Nitro doesn't have one at all. Thank God the bilge pump will keep up. I just never take it out. I use the pump to keep me dry. art

  7. 9/1/2006 2:43:00 PM Submitted by bassnman30 ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Drain plug
    Launched my Ranger at a lake early one morn. Didn't know whether I put the plug in or not. Well I did forget. This boat actually pulled the plug back into the hole ! Talk about blind luck. But never again will I rely on this to happen.

  8. 9/2/2006 5:44:00 PM Submitted by Munkin ( from MARYLAND says Boat plug
    Had a partner that was nice enough to put the drain plug back in after a tournament. My boat sits outside and both the BPS cover and tarp are worthless when it rains heavy. Well we had one of them frog choaker storms that blew the tarp off. Nothing to really worry about the boat will just get a little wet? well the wife said I think your boat is sinking? I go to investigate and find about 200 gallons of water in the boat! WTF I say to myself then I see that the drain plug is in? Now my boat has sank 6" into the yard and when I remove the plug water drains for about an hour straight.

  9. 10/21/2006 8:22:00 AM Submitted by Dan ( from NEW JERSEY says Why is it filling up?
    I have owned my 16 ft Fisher bass boat for about a year. Out 10-15 times with never an issue. Last week we went camping at Round Valley. Zoom across, set up camp, and go to fish when I see the lake warning lights flashing (rough/windy conditions) meaning no boats on the lake. Anyway, I happen to look into the boat to see it filling up. What the ----, This is wierd. Flip the bilge on and it starts pumping. Check the plug, that's OK. Livewell is high so I'm thinking it's overflowing into the hull. Lower the level, pump everything out and head back to camp. An hour or 2 later I check again. Damn, not as much, but the battery compartment is filling up. I pump it back out, recheck everything and forget about it till the next morning. Anyway, water was getting in and I don't know how/where. Not a lot, but enough to pump out. It wasn't coming over the sides or anything as the top was dry. HELP !!!! Does anyone have any ideas. The hull is solid. I'm thinking somehow the plug was not in correct... but not sure. I hate being a novice Thanks

  10. 10/28/2006 11:34:00 PM Submitted by Dick ( from Canada says Two many holes
    I fish by myself quite often, especially practicing for tournaments. I do the same routine each time; get out of the truck, remove the transom saver & tie-downs and put them up on my Champion. I take the plug out of the transom well, put it in, pick up the saver & tie downs, put them in the truck & proceed to launch the boat. Have been doing it this way since I got my boat in 88. Did the same last June at a pike tournament only to find it filling with water, couldn't understand why since I remember putting the plug in. Back to the dock, on the trailer, out of the water only to find-----plug was in the live well drain hole. I had interupted my routine to help another boater, went back to my boat on the starboard side, bent down & put the plug in the wrong hole. Never realized until this happened that both holes were the same size. Even an oldtimer can still learn.

  11. 10/10/2011 8:42:00 AM Submitted by linda ( from TENNESSEE says no drain, water in boat and T&T question
    Hi after reading some posts about not putting in the drain plug, I am glad we're not the only one. The water went almost up to the steering wheel in a 17' bass boat.... The thing is when pulling it back up over rocks to save it, it put a hole the size of baseball in the bottom....

    We just had motor rebuilt and trim & tilt rebuit and the t&t worked at the dock and again at home, but after a few minutes it started smoking. Will that be because of the water? If so why did it work several times first? We've only taken it out 2x since rebuild and the 1st time the T&T motor was stuck on at the ramp when putting boat back on trailer so I'm wondering if its something else. Thanks

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