Bass Cat problems #2 Bass Cat problems #2
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Bass Cat

    Bass Cat problems #2
from craig (  
6/11/2004 11:46:00 AM


 I want everyone to know that I did receive an e-mail from Rick today. A lot of time has passed since that incident and I still have some hard feelings. It really should have been handled different. However, I do have to give credit to Rick for at least discussing this in a public forum and taking the time to reply ro me. That does show that there is some intent to do what is right.

If I had bought the Pantera or some other model I probably would have been perfectly satisfied and I would probably be running a Cougar now.

I still stand on my previous statements and Rick and I still disagree about exactly what happened. He is looking at notes from one of his employees, but I remember what happened. It was a really bad deal for me. It was the first new boat I ever bought. It was really more than I could afford at the time, and it was horrible to have to deal with all the problems that it had.

All that being said, i appreciate Rick coming on this forum and addressing the issue. I have yet to see a post from Earl Bentz on this forum.

Who knows, maybe Rick will fly to Alabama, work out all my probmes in person, buy my Triton, and then send me one of those good looking Cougars!!! Yea, right! But rick, think of the good will that would create!!! You couldn't BUY that kind of advertising. Just kidding.

All is well, everyone go buy yourself a CAT!!!!

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   hmmmmm from Danco  6/11/2004 1:10:00 PM
 Craig that's a long time to harbor bad feelings about a freakin boat. I had my 1972 Riviara trihull sink from under me in 1977 due to the hull rotting out but I still look fondly on that old gal. I certainly am still not mad at Riviara. LOL

If you did a simple search on this board for BassCat boats you will notice that Rich shows up on a fair number of posts with answers to his customers, and answers for those who are not.

Seen Early around lately? I own a Triton. I really like my boat. It's never been back to the dealer or factory. Many have, including my friend Binkwoods. He did not get all that great of service from Earl's gang. Does that make me like my Toon any less? No. Will it make me think about buying another one? Yes.

Will Ricks behavior, comments and insight on this board make me consider a 'Cat next time around? Your damn straight. I have met Rick Peirce personally. He was kind enough to show up at one of OUR rally's. Think Earl, or Iwin or Daris, or any others will? Fat chance.

When it all comes down to it, there's customer service and COSTOMER SERVICE. And the folks at BASSCAT are the best, and I don't even own one of their rigs. Heck Rick even offered to help someone on this board who had a problem with his trailer. And it was not even a BASSCAT!!!

Sorry dude you may have had a problem with your boat, like all manufacturers do, And yes you may have had gotten a bum rap from someone at the factory at that time. But that was 10 freakin years ago!

IMHO it was in VERY poor taste to come here and start that bull about "your experience" with BassCat from that long ago. I can't even remember what boat I owned in 1994. LMAO

Get over it.

   I am over it... from craig (  6/11/2004 1:31:00 PM

I did not "come here and start that bull". I simply replied to someone's question on another thread. The reason I posted this message was to let everyone know that Rick had replied to me via e-mail. Since the other thread had fallen to the second page of this site, I posted a new message. Unlike you, I am not a veteran to this site and have not seen any posts by Rick in the past.

Since I posted the original message to this thread, I have heard back from Rick again and things are just fine. Heck, I even told him that I would call him personally to talk the next time I traded.

This is a public forum Danco, and when someone asks a question, they are looking for feedback. So what that it was 10 years ago. Same people, same place. Just because someone responds with a negative experience does not make them a bad person. I was simply explaining what had happened to me. No attacks or personal issues. Poor taste? I do not think so. As a matter of fact, it might have helped Rick earn back one of his customers.

   Excuse me is that Danco talking about "bad taste" lol from Rich (  6/11/2004 1:37:00 PM
 really,I feel Rick is a fine man and does build a good boat but don't judge how good customer service is by how often an owner has time to get on the BFHP and get caught up in the "game". I have owned a Ranger now for a few years and can assure you they have very good if not great customer service long after the sale as im sure BassCat does to,is Ranger perfect,no way son but they do a good job trying to be as does Rick Pierce.Keep in mind there are many companys that offer great customer service but don't be blinded enogh to assume that if the owners don't respond to us on the BFHP they don't care cause it just aint so. That said we are lucky to have Rick and welcome his help.I back Craig up if something bothers him he has the right to vent,even if it was long ago,heck I remember a Rambler I owned in 1977 that almost killed me working on it,I still hate that car,lol

   DanCo from chris (  6/11/2004 2:05:00 PM
 I was wondering when you were gonna weigh in on this one , you been out fishing?

   Naw from Danco  6/11/2004 2:20:00 PM
 Workin. Six flights, two rental cars, three hotel rooms through two cities in three days. Tired and really missing the abuse from the B/M board so I figured I'd come on and get my fix. LOL

Looks like I missed some good threads. :o)

May fish tomorrow with my son, weather permitting.

I think I can get my boat up to 85.384 GPS with a full tournament load. Whatcha think?

   you sure did from chris (  6/11/2004 2:27:00 PM
 You did miss some good stuff! 85 gps is that all? you must be running a 25(kidding) pitch go to a 28 and you'll clip a 100 like those Allison guys!

   Danco. What do you mean I didn't show up at one of the rally's? from Earl (  6/11/2004 7:43:00 PM
  I most certainly did.

I even met binkwood wearing his wrinkly old toon hat.

Sincerely Earl.

   lol, this is still a funny place from BASSMAN IA.  6/12/2004 4:30:00 PM
 Rick does post on here often. Danco--OUR rally-- lol

Rich-- cars that will get you killed--- or arrested-- 1980 long story but I will shorten it up. Wife buys new car-- dealer has car more then her, wife takes it out on me, salesman runs mouth, salesman ‘falls’ through plateglass window after trying to break my hand with his nose-- cops come---- same old story-------- dam it was fun to be young, broke and not a care in the world--- bwaaaaaaaa

   Ghost from Big Al (  6/14/2004 8:37:00 AM
 Could be the start of ghost's of Snowman past. Earl, you with out a doubt make one HELL of a boat. Think I'll just go buy another one.

   Close to buying a Bass Cat Cougar FTD or Pant era 4 from Mike (  6/18/2004 4:02:00 PM
 Im really torn up here. I am real close to buying a loaded BassCat Cougar FTD or a Pantera 4. I really would like to here from someone who has fished from both. Will the Cougar be much better in rough water. Will the P4 sit lower to the water and catch less wind. Any comments are much appreciated. Also I was told that the dual counsels are not in/out just like that in fact your not supposed to , Right? Thanks



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