Triton boats unsinkable? Triton boats unsinkable?
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    Triton boats unsinkable?
from Bill (  
11/12/1999 3:10:00 PM


 A friend of mine who works at a Skeeter dealer told me about a Triton boat that was cut in half for a demonstration of it's unsinkability but proceeded to sink in front of hundreds of witnesses at a boat show in Tennessee. Has anyone ever heard of this?

I know Boston Whalers and Carolina Skiffs can be cut in half and not sink. Is it possible that these expensive bass boats are not as seaworthy as the manufacturer would have you believe?

I guess I'll be buying a Ranger.

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   Trolling......... from Todd M (  11/12/1999 3:30:00 PM
 OK......who's gonna bite?
   Trolling? from Kevin from FLŪ (  11/12/1999 3:38:00 PM
 This guy needs better chum, he's going to run out of gas before he gets the first bite. Kevin
   Smart man!!!! from Frank Eagles (  11/12/1999 4:25:00 PM
 He's buying a Ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Ranger from Ken (  11/12/1999 4:45:00 PM

I (me, myself, not a friend) saw a Ranger sink that WASN'T cut in half. Guess I'll buy a life jacket.

   Thanks for making me Puke Frank! from Kevin from FLŪ (  11/12/1999 4:45:00 PM
 Har har ;) Kevin
   Kevin,Got to have a little fun on Friday PM from Frank Eagles (  11/12/1999 4:54:00 PM
 God Bless.
   There IS a cut Triton, but I can't say it sank from martyzx202 (  11/12/1999 5:18:00 PM
 Bill, a Triton Tr19 was purchased and cut up by a competitor's dealer in our neck of the woods. I recall hearing plans of filming the boat sinking, but I don't know if this was done. I DO know it caused a major stink at a boat show last year, in Raliegh, I think. Apparently, the cutaway did not make the Triton look very good and the boat show coordinator had it removed due to all the attention. To all the skeptics, Bill is not fishing- he's heard at least part of a story that definitely took place. Anyone who doubts it, ask Mr. Bentz- he'll get red in the face, but he knows ALL about it. I'm not a big fan or opponent of Triton Boats, just repeatin' what I've heard from reliable sources.
   No Bites. from Jeff Coble (  11/12/1999 5:54:00 PM
 Lets see, someone from Georgia with no e-mail address enquireing about sinking Triton. Nope I am still not going to bite and I know exactly the low down on this.
   Sorry fellas - just trying to get some info from Bill (  11/12/1999 6:07:00 PM
 I'm new to this stuff so I'm not sure what you mean by fishing or trolling? All I know is what I was told. Sounds like Marty may have heard the same story.

Don't think I'd want to be in a boat that don't float.

   Bill.... from Kevin from FLŪ (  11/12/1999 6:48:00 PM
 Go to the top of the page and type in "Cut Up Triton" in the "Search the title for" and click Press to search. Kevin

PS: Trolling and Cyber Fishing is when someone puts a post on the board just to get everyone all riled up.

   I knew.... from Basswipe (  11/12/1999 7:25:00 PM
 I knew before I even got done reading that message that there would be no email address. But, a friend of my best friends sister's uncle told me that Bill was at a cousins house, and his server was down, and that is why he didn't leave an email address.
   Blub, Blub, Blub from Bassnut (  11/12/1999 7:39:00 PM
 Marty and Frank are right. The dealer did by a Triton, took it to a lake, launched it, and I understand filmed it on the way down. Didn't take long, either.

The boat was recovered, taken to a show after being cut open and all H broke loose. The show promoter asked the dealer to remove the boat.

Let's not forget about the Coast Guard recall for insufficient flotation in every Stratos and Triton made.

   Cut up boat from Charlie (  11/12/1999 9:51:00 PM
 Stay tuned men. I will settle this once and for all. I need a volunteer for each type of bass boat. Ya'll bring them to lake Conroe Sunday afternoon, November 21st and meet me by the dam. I'll bring chain saw and cut them all in half. We'll report back on Monday how many of them floats.
   Martyzx202 is correct.... from Jeff Southern (  11/12/1999 10:29:00 PM
 This part I can confirm.

The triton boat in question was purchased by a local dealer. It was cut up just like the boats in the Ranger ads. It was not cut in half. I was not impressed by what I saw in the cut out boat. There was a lot of delaminations in the glass work. The transom had some bondo in it to fill in some voids. The boat has made an apperance at several boat shows. Mr. Bentz did threaten to sue the people at the show in NC if they did not remove the boat.

I honestly do not know if this part is true, but this is the story from the people who claim to have done the test.

It was carried to a local lake without a motor and floated of the trailer with the winch cable still attached. They said the boat sank to the bottom. They said that there is a video of the test. I have not seen the video so I do not know if it exist or not.

   Well I'll tell ya... from Clayton (  11/13/1999 2:01:00 AM
 I don't believe any of this story, and besides, even it it is/was true, what's your point? There are hundreds of boats out there, that would sink, when cut up! Yep, I own one! Yep, it's a TOON! I would like to know, whya local dealer, would spend $12k dollars, of his own money, just to see if the competitors boay would sink? What if it hadn't/didn't? Without anyone, actuallt seeing the video, who's to say that it didn/t float just the same? I surely hope, that it wasn't a Skeeter dealer, who done this! I have seen countless Skeeters in my buudy's glass shop, which have sank, just from stump holes! I agree, that there is only one boat built like a Ranger, and that is a Ranger! But, this is obsurd! And what's the Coast Guard recall crap? Funny I have never heard from anybody about this! And, if it's true, then they have to, by law, send me a notice of it! Hey Bill! I bet your buddy at Skeeter, doesn't even know, what the stringer and transom, and flooring, of a Triton is made of! And this goes to you too, BASSNUTS! They are made of laminated, compressed F-O-A-M! Triton calls it TRICORE, but what it actually is, is marine floatation, compreesed, then cut into 2x4s, 2x6s, and plywood type flooring, then laminated with fiberglass. So, how did you come up with this,"insufficient flotation" crap? yeah Bill, I believe ya, pal! Being that, you live in GA, and have a friend that works @ Skeeter, which is in Kilgore,TX-one hour from my house, and he saw the test in TN, in front of hundreds of people, who shared one video camera! Who then sent the tape, to a Skeeter dealer in GA, while the cutup boat was in transit to Raliegh, where they(apparently) must have used the same video camera, after the GA dealer, mailed them the tape, being that thereis only (A) tape!
   Yoohoo its only a triton from Skeeterlover (  11/13/1999 4:48:00 AM
 Triton employees are very underpaid. they take it out on the boats, found a yoohoo bottle glassed in under the livewell at one shop (dont think it counnted as flotation). decided to buy a skeeter after that. before buying insist the seats be removed for your inspection first.
   Why Does a Toon Get a Rise Out of Everyone? from phil (  11/13/1999 8:34:00 AM
 Some of you guys are really jealous that another manufacture has taken over the forefront in the boating industry. Don't get me wrong on this issue. There are some great boats out there and there are some that are not. It just so happens that Triton is one of the great ones. Some of you come on here and start smacking crap you have no idea what you are talking about. Plus you believe everything you read or hear. It is true that a Triton was cut up at a boat show in NC. The sinking part I did not hear about. However, if that's the case, there is not a boat out there that I can't sink, especially if it meant monetary value to me. Think about it. If you paid $12,000 for a hull just for your own personal comparison and advertisement don't you think you would do a few little tricks to show what you wanted?! Furthermore, there has never been a recall by the coast guard on Triton floatation. As Clayton stated, they would be reqired by law to send mail regarding the recall. So if you want a new boat or you want to compare I suggest one to go ride in them all and fish out of them all and go check each one out inside and out before taking a side. Do not beleive what you hear or read. I can say bad things about any boat you want to talk about. They may or may not be true, but here are some things that I've heard. For instance, why would someone purchase a Ranger for 40 grand plus when they are nothing but a lead sled that will drive your b@lls all the way to your throat in rough water. I remember where someone who use to work for Ranger and smacked off about a boat built for Troy Aikman. Here's some other ones that I heard. If you ride in a Skeeter you're taking a chance on drowning because they have a wet ride. Don't buy a Nitro, they will be stressed cracked to hell before the truck has it delivered to the dealer. Buy a Ranger, they have excellent customer service. Is it because so many customers have had problems that they would know? Then you want to start talking about Ranger resale value and a reconditioning program that Ranger will do for a certain amount of money. Yes a Ranger will resale higher than some of the others, but its because you paid for it up front and why would you have to recondition one if its all its cracked up to be! I guess its because one is still paying on that overpriced boat! My intent is not to start anymore than what has been started. Anyone at anytime can speak untruths and opinions. So Bill if your one of those who believes everything you read or hear GOOD LUCK on your Ranger purchase!
   Hummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Tom D (  11/13/1999 8:35:00 AM
 Let's think for a minute. Do you really think that Ranger just picked any boat off their assembly line before they cut on up. You can just about bet that ALOT of attention was paid to that hull. As for a cut up TOON. Let's look at how their build. On each side of the transom is a large foam sponson fiberglassed in for floation. If you cut one out chances are it's going to sink. DUH!!! Triton hit the market in the fall of 96' and took it by storm. All the toon haters bad mouthed them every chance they got. First it was give them a year, then give them 2, then it's let's see how they hold up after 3 years. Well now they are in the 4th year of production and still going strong. I know, bet they won't hold up 5years. The Y2K bug will make them chine walk uncontrollably and sink to the bottom.


   Look at Post #27567 - I Don't Think a Triton Will Do That! from Phil (  11/13/1999 8:39:00 AM
 no msg
   Sinking from Jeff (  11/13/1999 8:59:00 AM
 If your boat gets it the shape it would take to sink most of the boats today having it go to the bottom would be preferred. Insurance company would be the best buyer at that point. Wear your life jacket and check the water temp before you go. Whats the best boat? I hope that arguement is settled in the next week. Hah! Well it always gives us something to do when you can't fish.
   Triton sinking from Ranger Dealer (  11/13/1999 12:57:00 PM
 Yes, I am a Ranger dealer. I believe I sell a great product, probably the best, but that does not necessarily mean that there are not other good boat brands out there. Tritons are excellent boats. They are built well and do meet Coast Guard Requirements for foam flotation. I am just disapointed in the smut that people resort to to justify there purchase. You purchased a boat of your choice, be happy or unhappy with your choice. Do not bash other lines because you chose to buy brand X. Rumors are Rumors and even the truth can be twisted to be advantageous to someone. I am a PROUD Ranger dealer and I love what I do, but I would not resort to degrading someone else's product to sell my own. I would not stoop to that level.

Be Happy with your decision or buy something else.

   Wanted to clear somthing up.. from Jeff Southern (  11/13/1999 1:57:00 PM
 Since I have recieved a few emails about this, I wanted to clear up some points.

I am not bashing Triton. I looked at a triton before I bought my last boat. They were in my top five choices. This is what I thought of them.

1) They are fast good riding boats. I keep hearing stories about chine walking. However, every time I see one running on the lake it looks smooth as glass to me. The one I test drove did not have any noticable chine walk.

2) The storage compartments are large and layed out very well. The best storage layout that I have seen in any boat.

3) The boats have a nice console ( much better than the one in my R81 )

4) The boat seem to be reasonable priced.

The main reason that I did not buy one was that I did not care for the closest triton dealer. He had all of his new boats setting out in the weather with no covers on them. They made not effort to clean them up. They were full or leaves dirt, etc.. He also did not seem to know much about the boats or the engines. He wanted me to buy one on the lot. I kept trying to tell him that I did not care for the color or the engine that was on the boat. I finally got mad and left.

A few comments about the Triton in question:

First, I did see the cut up triton at a dealership. The dealer still has the section that he cut out of the transom in his office. I did see the bill of sale where he bought the boat. However, I cannot say that this Triton was a production boat. For all I know it could have been some type of reject boat. The delaminations that I saw could have been caused by the saw that was used to make the cutouts. I do however think the delamination occured before the cuts were made. There was some bondo ( or similar material ) in a section of the transom near the top.

The boat did not have nearly as much foam as the cut up rangers that I have seen. However, this does not mean that It did not have enough foam for proper flotation.

I will also repeat that I have no reason to believe or dis-believe that the sinking event actually occured.

   To Jeff S, BONDO? from Tom D (  11/13/1999 2:10:00 PM
 Jeff, if what you saw was of a red/pink color it's not bondo. It's the epoxy thats used to bond the top cap to the hull and stringer system.
   TomD is correct! from Clayton (  11/14/1999 12:27:00 AM
 Almost all manufacturers use this paste, to tie the transom into the top cap! The paste on my Blazer was gray! The paste on my TOON, is pink, as TomD says.
   ???????? from Del (  11/14/1999 9:03:00 AM
 Why don't you guys stop bashing and go fishing. Del. Go Fish.
   floatation from Scott (  11/14/1999 5:35:00 PM
 Whoever asked why the floatation is a big deal needs to spend a day on big water. I have been on the Great Lakes in at least 6 different Rangers over the years that were filled with water from "stuffing it". Not ONE sunk. On the other hand, I know owners of other brands that have turned submarines and washed up on the beach and became insurance claims. It might not matter in some places, but in great lake country...foam is worth every extra dollar. I don't have a bone to pick with Triton and maybe the cut up isn't true. But running the great lakes if you don't find level floatation important, you'd better carry a dingy, sospenders, EPIRB and Depends undergarments.
   To Scott from OHIO... from Clayton (  11/14/1999 7:17:00 PM
 Just thought that I would let you in own a little secret. Ranger is not the only boat, w/upright floatation! Almost all new bass boats will float level, when filled w/water, without the assend knocked off! This is called "air entrapment". The boats are designed, to hold air in the top cap, thus keeping the boat afloat level! This is, by NO MEANS, a bouyant as a Ranger, but does pass the U.S. Coast Guard's upright floatation measures. Older models, were designed to trap air, in the bow, which(I can certainly attest to!)would cause the boat to float, with only the bow above the surface! Everything else, would be dangling below! Just making sure, you do not mislead anyone, into thinking, that they have to buy a Ranger for upright floatation!
   Clayton from Scott (  11/14/1999 11:27:00 PM
 Clayton Clayton Clayton: Where in my post does it say anything that Ranger is the only one that has that? And I did not say ALL other brands, I said a lot of other brands in my other comment. If you were mislead read a little closer.

Thanks, but you didn't fill me in on any secret. Air entrapment will do two things. At first it will, if you take on enough water, create enough air pressure to push the plugs out and the lids open in the compartments. If you ever talk to anyone that has had it happen it's quite exciting, that sound of poping plugs and compartments blowing open. You will lose that air. The next thing is that you will have the air that gets traped somewhat in the gunwales and the deck cap. But with holes drilled for clam shells/transducer/ power wires for depth finders, that will leak. "Level floatation" at that point is the very top of the gunwale. At that point you won't get the water pumped out, your motor gets a drink, you've lost power and you watch your multi thousand dollar investment wash up on shore ( at least up here when its rough), hopefully from the point of view of the boat that rescues you. It does not happen all the time, but often enough. In every instance that I have been in a swamped ranger, it was possible to pump it out (if you run Lake Erie with one pump you are nuts) and the motor stayed "dry" and kept running due to the higher buoyancy. Can you make it in the other brands? Sure, lots of people do (I do it regularly in a 22ft. center console). But to say there is no difference in floatation or it is no big deal in a bass boat is nonsense.........well, maybe I have been out too many times in bass boats when I should not have been. I know the difference. I've seen both sides in the extreme. But, thanks for your tip anyway.

   As I said.. from Clayton (  11/15/1999 5:53:00 PM
 I was just making sure, that everyone wasn't misled, into believing ranger was the only boat w/upright floatation. Yes, I have been in a boat, that sank, in 65 feet of water, and yes, it was an air entrapment hull! Waited out there for 1 1/2 hrs, before anyone would stop to help! The damn bow, was sticking staight up in the air, and looked like a sail boat! I almost agree w/you, on your statement, where you said anyone running one pump on Lake Erie, is nuts! The way I see it, is that anybody running one pump, on any body of water is nuts! That was the first thing, that I did to my TOON, was upgrade the bilging system! It came w/500gph auto, and 750gph manual. It now has 1250gph pumps, in both places! It did require me to run bigger hoses, and exit holes, but if I need them in a pinch, I feel safer, knowing I'm pumping out twice the amount of water, that I would have been! You are VERY CORRECT, in that the air will leak, out of all of the holes, that have been drilled, for mounting accessories! It is very imperative, that if you are knowingly, going to push your rig to or beyond it's limits, that you remove all added hardware, attached to the gunwales, as well as the bow panel, and seal the holes with silicone! I done this, via Kevin from FL's advice, on saltwater usage of his bass rig. I have had so much water, in my old Blazer 202, that I was pushing the HotFoot, under water! That's pretty scary, itself! The water was all of the way up to the seat bottoms, and my bilge blew a fuse, since the (I guess)main fuse block was under water also! Sorry if I upset you, or seemed to be replying in a smart elec type manner. It was not meant that way!



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