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    Procraft 185 PRO
from Bill G. (  
1/9/1999 8:46:00 PM


 I am considering purchasing a Procraft 185 PRo this year. I would like to get some feedback on this boat. I haven't road in one yet but like the looks and layout. Thanks. Bill

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   astro-procraft junk from Leon (  1/9/1999 9:54:00 PM
  they ride good for about a month, then they crack and rattle apart. I would never buy another one. Stick with the solid boats,ranger,basscat,and so on, and so on!
   Procraft from Willie Landem? (  1/9/1999 10:09:00 PM
 Have a Procraft 180, 1997,.150 Mariner. Bought new in Feb 97.Live on 18000 acre lake.Fish 5 days a week. So far no problems with boat or motor. Would buy another in a flash. Best buy for the money going. Spend another 2 to 3 grand for big name boat if you like to show off.
   procraft from Leon (  1/9/1999 10:45:00 PM
 another 2 or 3 grand for no headache, sounds like a deal to me!
   Buy A Pro from Eric Imhoff (  1/10/1999 5:01:00 AM
 I have a ProCraft I also would buy anither in a minute. I have had one, 20 footer for 4 years and not a problem, ride well, layed out wellI could go on and on. Go for it.
   ProCraft from Jack (  1/10/1999 9:44:00 AM
 Just my two cents...I look real hard at a Bass 180 last year berofe I bought my Triton. I liked the layout and looks of the boat, and the local dealer has a top notch reputation. What turned me off is when I looked through the holes where you store the seat poles, I saw bare plywood. The dealer tried to tell me that it was laminated in fiberglass, but I stuck my finger in there and it was bare unpainted plywood! It may have just been one that left the factory that way, but if that was skipped, what else was left bare!
   procraft from jon (  1/10/1999 6:47:00 PM
 a buddy of my has had one for 6 yrs. now no problems boat or motor great ride!
   Astro Quality from David (  1/10/1999 8:05:00 PM
 My 1996 Astro 18FS still runs like it is new. It handles rough water very well. I have not seen any signs of wear and would recommend Astro to anyone that asked. Also, I have never personally met an Astro owner that did not like his boat. Good Luck...David
   Another very satisified Owner! from TopCat (  1/10/1999 11:04:00 PM

I won a 180 DP 1994 w/150...

Very happy. Was not looking at PC when I bought this boat! Wanted a Champ. Made a good deal and am still very happy with it!

My only concern is what Tracker/Nitro/BPS is going to do with them!



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