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    Venture Boats
from Shawn (  
1/18/1999 11:07:00 AM


 Does anyone have any knowledge about Venture Boats? Is the Company still in business? Any information would be helpfull Thanks Shawn

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   Venture Boats from Jerkbait (  1/18/1999 2:25:00 PM
  Shawn, I had heard that the owner of Venture Boats was killed while testing a new hull and the company shut down. I'm not sure if that is what happened but they are no longer in business. My tournament buddy had a Tournament Model Venture with a 175 h.p. motor. The boat was very fast but a back and butt killer in rough water. It was a very fishable boat with tons of floor room and seemed to be built reasonably well. I don't know what you are looking for in a boat but I hope this will help.
   Venture boats from Doug (  1/18/1999 3:54:00 PM
 Shawn, I currently own 2 Venture Boats and am very pleased with both. Contact me @ my e-mail and I will be happy to answer any question I can. I understand Carolina Skiff now owns the molds and are planning to start building Venture again.
   New Venture from Jim Shavers (  1/18/1999 4:25:00 PM
  You can see the "New" Venture boat being built by Carolina Skiff at
   Venture from BassCat Total Performance Bass Boats  1/19/1999 9:36:00 AM
 Shawn, Venture was owned by Pat & Beverly Gibbs, if memory serves me correctly. They built a mid Hi Perf product with better fishability than most of those on the market today. (opinion) They played with pad offsets and many other little tricks from engine gearcases to propellers. Their best advertisement was probably the one with an 80 or 85 hp Merc touting 60MPH. Performance was above the standard boat of the day and the weights were lower until Pat's passing. All of our hulls were lighter then, as was our gear, motors and on down the line.

Pat passed away suddenly in an auto accident somewhere in the late 70's or early 80's, I believe. In recollection I believe he was delivering a new Chevrolet to his father as a gift. Beverly went on building boats until eventually the innovation and input slowed from the staff. Many of those individuals are still in this business with some of the other Tennessee companies. Pat was making a turn to higher production techniques and a more mid level Pro boat when passing away. They had an agreement with Performance of Greeneville, MS for a joint venture on the old Performance boats, which looked like a Venture. These were not same Ventures. Venture was it's own product and had a good following. Among the models of notice were the Phase V, 1750 and Kricket. Ranging in Hp from top to bottom.

As with any company it is difficult to go on without the original dreams. Beverly eventually closed it down in honorable fashion of the people they were. This happened somewhere in the early 90's. They were not forced out to crop up again as many have, after failure or change. The boat fit just under the same niche as a Bullett at their time. Had Pat lived on they certainly would have been a major force to be reckoned with.

They were competition we respected and we can't say that about many of our competition today. The Gibbs earned their position in the marine business and they should get their rightful place in it's history. Many things Pat and his spouse did were innovational and trendy. Not copies of others ideas. It's was a refreshing day in our business and on when we all had fun. No, it's not another good old days story. Just a story of times past that brought us to where we are through the dreams of many.

Thanks for bringing an old hand to the table. It was well deserved and I am sure someone can add to this or correct my errors. Good info. would be welcomed.

Sincerely, Rick Pierce

   Thanks, Rick..... from Cp (  1/19/1999 9:23:00 PM
 Thanks for the class response and setting the record straight. This sounds like an extremely sad story that we all wish hadn't had to be told.

Regards, Cliff Colborn

   steering cables from Bill Croy (  5/18/2004 8:56:00 PM
 Anyone out there have any trouble with the steering cables on a 1986 venture tournament with a 175 mercury? One of my steering cables broke and I'm having a heck of a time replacing it. Does anyone know if I can just replace it with an original type cable or do I have to update and replace the whole steering system? If I can replace the cable where in the world can I get the original?



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