Tidecraft bass boats-comments Tidecraft bass boats-comments
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    Tidecraft bass boats-comments
from Bill (  
1/24/1999 10:20:00 AM


 I'm seriously thinking a buying one of their rigs.good price, good speed. never see much talk of them on this board. need some feedback please

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   Tidecraft from Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper  1/24/1999 11:09:00 AM
 Im sure Lin will come to the rescue here before very long. I have never owned or had much experance with Tidecraft until recently. The new owner Homer Mc Ginnis has made considerable strides in improving the line from every thing that i have heard. I do know for a fact that as one of our installing mfgs. they have been first class to deal with. www.hambys,com
   Tidecraft from Ron (  1/24/1999 12:21:00 PM
  I had an opportunity to meet Lin this weekend and check out the Tidecraft boats. They have been around for a very long time and if you don't have a lot of money to put into a boat, 25-35k, it is a lot of boat for your money.. Heads above other boats at the same price.
   tidecraft owner from jon (  1/24/1999 5:13:00 PM
 i own a tidecraft xv115,although it is only a 16 footer,it suits me just fine,its stable,has alot of features for such a little boat,and gets along pretty good with a 90hp,mine is a 93 model and has no cracks or signs of wear.in my opinion they r worth every dollar.u will not be dissapointed with tidecraft.

jon steves

   Tidecraft from Casey (  1/24/1999 8:02:00 PM
 I to had the opportunity to meet Lin this weekend and Homer Humphrey, who is sponsored by Tidecraft. Homer had nothing but good things to say about Tidecraft, and after talking to him a while and looking over the boat. It really is not a bad boat at all. They have some pretty neat ideas about building boats! And they are not really that expensive. Just my opinion.
   Tidecraft XV115 from Jim (  1/24/1999 8:03:00 PM
 I also have an XV115.Mine is an '84 model,and the only problem I have is the deck around one of the floor drains has rotted.This looks as if the drain ended short of the bottom of the plywood and soaked the middle of the plywood decking.The transom is still good. Decks and transoms are the 2 biggest gripes people have had about these boats,and the new people running Tidecraft have addressed these concerns.They used to be built in La.until the plant burned,and now are made here in Texas-new plant,molds,etc.In fact all the records burned and I can't get parts for my old boat,such as deck lids, unless I get custom made parts.They are using aluminum lids now,by the way. In the Ft.Worth boat show I saw a Tidecraft XV115 with a 100 hp Merc. for $9995.00,and if I wasn't looking for a bigger boat I would have towed it home.

They are a good,well made fishing platform that will also perform as well as about any other boat-except the Allisons,Bullets,Gamblers,etc.(I hope I didn't forget a fast boat and start something).Mine has a '79 100hp Johnson o/b,and with 2 people and a full load I can do 45mph (GPS)in light chop,41-42 in heavier stuff or smooth water.I have an OMC ss prop that,I think,is a 19 pitch that has been double cupped and drilled,and I have sanded the pad with 600 grit.

E-mail me if I can answer anything else for you.


   TideCraft boats from Lin (  1/25/1999 5:27:00 PM
 Hey Bill, You won't go wrong by going ahead with your plan. They are really good boats and you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Make sure you get them to install a Hambys on it and you'll have a first class rig from top to bottom. It wouldn't be fair for me to say too much about them here. I would suggest that you, go to the plant and check them out and see what they are made of. They are all one big happy family. They take pride in what they build and they love what they do. If you get the Bass Master mag check out the article that they did on TideCraft as well as a lot of other boat companys. The write up kind of speaks for itself.

Casey and Ron, I'm crushed you didn't say anything about how good looking, smart or what a wonderful guy I was. LOL. All kidding aside thanks for coming by and saying hi. Kathy, you toonie lady you, It was very nice to meet you in person. I was a bit overwelmed by the number of people that did come by to visit me off the board and the best part about it was the fact that all the guy's and gal that came by didn't wan't to beat me up. Well one toonie did come by that was a little bent up at first but it only took a minute and she changed her mind and we are friends now.

Bill, there are many boats out there and one will be right for you. Look at all the boats you can before you put your money down and if you compare apples to apples a TideCraft will most likely be in your future.......Lin

   New Owners? from Tiger (  1/25/1999 8:10:00 PM
 Some of the Pros on this board advise people interested in a new make of boat to wait several years to see how the boat holds up. This is wise advice. If Tidecraft had quality issues that have been addressed by the new owners, this same advice would apply. Maybe give it a few years to see just how improved they really are.
   looking for old tidecraft boat from Eric W Mitchell (  8/23/2004 7:39:00 PM
 In the mid 70s i owned a 14 foot tidecraft with stick steering in the front . I loved the boat it was a good fishing boat for small lakes and riverruns. Just wondering if anybody might know where i could find a 15or16 footer.Sure would like anotherone. thanks Eric W Mitchell



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