Thinking about a G111, any suggestions? Thinking about a G111, any suggestions?
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    Thinking about a G111, any suggestions?
from Backlash38 (  
1/24/1999 9:45:00 PM


 I've been thinking about buying a g3 hull to put my yammi power on.Please enter some feedback so i don't go wrong. Thanks.

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   G111 Suggestion from Castmaster (  1/24/1999 9:54:00 PM
 No Way , NO How!!!!!!! It's A big fat Sketer!!!! Seriously I know this is an appealing boat for the money! But remember this is the same boat that Skeeter had out 4 years ago. Look at , Javelin, Stratos,Sprint in that price range. They are more than likely a better hull design

Thank You Castmaster!!

   If yer talkin aluminum, It just wishes it was an Xpress. from Skipper (  1/24/1999 10:01:00 PM
 I saw some of their aluminum rigs Saturday at the Knoxville boat show. Looks like someone wanted to create a higher end Aluminum rig in the spirit of Xpress. The had better go back to the drawing board. Skipper
   G-iii from Jim (  1/24/1999 10:49:00 PM
 I saw the ad in Bass and Walleye Boats and liked what I saw-a package with a 150 Yamaha,and lake ready for under 17K.I hope the dealer in Mesquite will have 1 at the boat show,I want to see it firsthand.I have also been looking a the Ranger R series/ sport series.The prices are comparable and the resale will be higher.I have been looking for at least a 18'boat with a 150,and may buy used.The only thing I am unsure of is how the G-III will hold it's value.I will be keeping my boat for a while to fish-not as an investment, but I don't want to be left holding the bag if the boat doesn't turn out like I originally think.Then again it may be a ball of fire.I hope someone will buy it first and post an article about it here.


   Giii from Ohio Charlie (  1/25/1999 12:40:00 AM
 Is a four year old Ranger-Skeeter-Champion-Basscat-etc. hull something that you would pass up in favor of a Javelin, Stratos or Sprint? Take a close look at the boat, drive and compare. I think that Skeeter is looking to compete in a lower price range boat line much like the Ranger "R" series. Chas.

   forgot to mention from Backlash38 (  1/25/1999 12:52:00 AM
 Sorry, I forgot to tell you that i have fished out of the 185 G-III all last summer with a partner. He works at a dealership,but i wanted someone else's opinion. In my book, it's no big,fat skeeter. It does however ride with the bow way up in the air or maybe it just seems that way. We've fished tournaments together and separately, and i have watched it run across the lake. It looks as though it is not too high in the front. I guess it sounds like i'm already defending it and i don't even own one yet.
   Yep from Basswipe (  1/25/1999 6:26:00 AM
 Sounds like you have already made your choice. It's probably not that bad of a boat. You will not understand what any of these people are talking about until you own it anyway. You'll probably love it. G III forever!!!!!
   The Yammie on that GIII from Jack (  1/25/1999 3:58:00 PM
 Word on the street is you'll have to premix your fuel. No oil injection on the "no frills" Yammies. That can become a real drag.



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