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    Mercury 200 EFI
from David (  
1/26/1999 8:38:00 PM


 Thanks to everyone for the Sprint boat comments. I think I am about to change my mind with respect to which outboard I choose. The dealer is leading me towards a Mercury 200 EFI. I would like to soliciate comments good or bad with this outboard.



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   200 efi from Tom Wilkinson (  1/26/1999 9:08:00 PM
 David, I just ordered a R91 Ranger with a 200EFI, these motors have a great reputation for speed and dependablity. I thought long and hard about an Optimax, but the cost over the 200EFI was $1400, and the extended warranty was $2400. I just couldn't see buying the new technology just to use alittle less fuel and go the same speed. I think the EFI would be a good choice, it has been around for awhile and has proven itself. Tom W.
   Nice from Mitch (  1/26/1999 9:35:00 PM
 I have the ninety-eight 200EFI on a twenty foot BEE. The motor is just over a year old and I'm pleased, I paid more for the Merc than the OMC carburated counterpart but it was money well spent. The motor performs well from idle to top end and no problems at all and I run it on a regular basis and don't cut it much slack. This motor uses the same amount or less gas than my 1988 model 150. I don't think you will regret the decision to go with this motor.
   98 200 efi from Joe (  1/26/1999 10:13:00 PM
 David, I re-powered from an 83 merc 150 to 98 200 efi last spring. Highlights: cold start are easy, running the same rpm I use less gas and get to my destination faster, throttle response is awesome regarding hole shot and the ability to pin point any rpm setting (no flat spots), sound is civilized with a powerful authority, low smoke at idle, strong torque accross entire rpm range. Lowlight: The low rpm in gear idle smoothness is only decent. Perhaps my expectations were too high for a 2 stroke regarding a silky smooth idle. Actually worked with merc service to get the tpi leaned out and the idle spark backed off to improve to some degree.

I'm hoping for another 1200+ dependable hours on this merc like I experienced with the 83. By the way, after breakin I have used Klotz synthetic tcw3 and flex drive oils. Good luck with the new rig. Joe

   Go with the Merc from Paul (  1/26/1999 10:14:00 PM
 I ran an XR-4 for 8 years and I used about 15 to 17 gallons of 2-cycle a year. The thing ran perfect. I now run a R-93 with a 200 efi Merc and never queston its reliability. I buy 2-cycle oil in the 55 gal drum, I'm pretty sure this Merc will go though a few of those.
   Love Mine from Jigging Jim (  1/26/1999 10:23:00 PM
 Go for it!Great engine,good performance,good cold start.Not bad on gas,just a solid engine.
   Merc 200EFI from Grumpy Bass (  1/26/1999 10:39:00 PM
 I too run a Merc 200EFI on a Champion 202. I would echo the sentiments of all the others above, I find it very good on gas and the power is very impressive. I would note that the in gear at idel is a little rough, but a minor thing with all of the other significant attributes of the motor. I can recommend this motor very highly.

P.S. I spoke with my local Merc rep last weekend about the Optimax... He said the improvements in gas consumption (reduction) are impressive, same for oil usage, but the motor has lost overall top end performance... One guys oppion!

Take Care, Good Fishing !!!



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