Any info on 90 hp FORCE outboard? Any info on 90 hp FORCE outboard?
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    Any info on 90 hp FORCE outboard?
from forceinfo (  
2/5/1999 10:36:00 PM


 I'm considering the purchase of a 22' pontoon boat with a 1991 - 90hp Force outboard. Any info regarding this engine, good or bad, would be appreciated. I'm told by some that parts are difficult to obtain if problems occur.

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   90hp Force Outboard from Don (  2/5/1999 11:41:00 PM
 I have a 90hp Force on a 20' Landau DX Pontoon, but it is a 96 model manufactured by Mercury Marine. I have been very pleased with it, and have been told by several dealers that the Force in this hp range is the fastest motor made. I just put a new starter in it today, but that can hardly be blamed on "Force", because it is the same starter that is in the Mercury.

The 90hp will push my 20' Landau a sizzling, cheek flapping, eye watering, 28 knots, and have never had a problem with chine walk. One interesting thing about a pontoon, it doesn't seem to matter whether I have 12 people on it or one, it still runs about the same speed. Last summer, I had 10 people on board and was pulling a skier.

I keep mine in the water, which I highly recommend. Be sure to have the pontoons treated with anti-fouling.

I put a Motorguide 756 on it, and with 2 batteries on the 24v setting, it will leave a wake and can fish all day.

Back to the motor. As you have probably seen many times on the board, it is a basic motor with no oil injection, etc. But very reliable. Probably because it is simple. The resale value is terrible, but if you plan to keep it til it wears out, it doesn't matter. If yours is manufactured by Mercury Marine, parts are not a problem. I am not sure if the 91's fall into this category.

Check out my site at if you would like to see a pic of the Landau.

Happy Fishing

   90hp Force from Jack (  2/6/1999 7:27:00 PM
 I have a 1990 90hp bought brand new on a 17' Spectrum Fish/Ski,last summer was the first time I had too buy parts for it and didn't have any trouble. Just go to your local Merc. dealer. The only thing I can say about the motor is mine has been excelent,dollar for dollar I think there a pretty good motor.
   90 HP FORCE Engine from Jerry (  2/7/1999 10:27:00 PM
  I have owned my 90 HP Force engine since new in 94. I'm happy to say that I've had absolutely no problems with it. It powers my Bumblebee 254 to the tune of 43 MPH which is plenty for me. Force engines are manufactured by Mercury. They're going to be discontinued after the 99 model year and that's unfortunate. I'd buy another one.
   Force from Kt (  2/9/1999 2:48:00 AM
 Don't worry about the parts issue, Merc will be making those parts for a while. The only reason for the Force discontinuance is the EPA issue. The Force would have to become an exact clone of the Merc/Mariner, and they just couldn't come up with a new paint color! But seriously, the Force is a very reliable engine with few problems in that HP range.
   Thanks for info from forceinfo (  2/9/1999 9:28:00 PM
 Thanks guys.. Based on what I have been hearing on this page and other places I will seriously consider the purchase. Thanks for the info.
   16ft spectrum from Dave paidle (  6/9/2003 6:02:00 PM
 Iam looking for a wind shield can you help

   Force Personally from Bubbalou1  8/27/2015 12:34:34 AM
 Blast From The Past Alert!

I've got a 16" 1986 Bayliner Capri, freshwater only boat, that has literally done everything - hit every rock in Georgian bay, fried dashboard electrics, almost sank (the repairman forgot the hull plug). We've made so many aftermarket mods to it. Industrial strength rubber strip on the keel to stop the known fibreglass fracturing issues of that generation (and make trolling speed rock hits more like bumper cars), downrigger mounts, a 4HP Mercury - on a permanent offset mount - with a tie in to the main fuel line for quiet trolling and backup, sonar and nav package...

All of which had teething issues, or are partly broken. You know what hasn't? The 'crappy' FORCE 90.

Oh, the blue sticker Force 85 that came with it broke, but that was totally us. We were passing through the lock system at Pidgeon lake - murky at best - and contacted 4 rocks in succession while on plane. Snapped the pin, spiderwebbed the casing, motor spewing oil... still worked to get us back :D. I'm confident that 85 would have lasted until today had we not blown it to pieces, it was so reliable. It started just by looking at it.

The only issue with our Force 90 has been overheating while at IDLE or trolling for extended periods of time (fixed, water not flowing in and out fast enough to cool), and most recently we needed a new solenoid switch. Still, that's 18 years. Even the power trim still works beautifully, and that's almost worth breaking the 85 because of the godawful 'manual lifting' to engage the trailer pin. WOT - and being a 16" Bayliner, it's weight depending - we can reach 42MPH trimmed. We did ask to put on a larger engine at one point, but the poor Bayliner transom was crying 'Uncle', and so the decision was made not to turn our hull into Stretch Armstrong just for a third digit on the motor.

To be fair if we're talking about breaking things on the engine, we have gone through enough skegs and props to build an underwater hotel with all the metal. If you're where I am - Georgian Bay/ Trent Severn system, get a skeg guard right now. A few bucks for a bolted-on armoured cocoon beats a rebuild.

As for Force, Chrysler originally built the engines for Bayliner as a cheap, efficient engine to do just that - get people on the water for less. When Brunswick bought Bayliner, they got these engines too. Then they contacted Mercury to spice them up - gear casing, props, CD ignitions, etc., and called them FORCE by Mercury. This prompted Yamaha and OMC to follow suit with discount lines of their own engines (the OMC "Special"), until EPA rules eventually outlawed the group. In the guts, FORCE motors are as simple as a lawnmower. Bonus - you can get spare parts from either Mercury OR old Chryslers. Some, however, really sucked - the 150 attempted a 5-Stroke with a frisbee flywheel, and the crankshaft would break if you sneezed hard.

Thus, it got a negative connotation to the name, and was eventually dropped. [F]reaking Old Rebuild Chrysler Engines :P You can always consider new decals, call it a prototype model at the dock :D Seriously though, if it runs for a day or two, it's going to run for years.



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