Help on chime walking badly. Help on chime walking badly.
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    Help on chime walking badly.
from Bob (  
2/6/1999 4:12:00 PM


 I just bought a new 1998 Hydrosport 205 w/200 evinrude w4 blade renegade prop. I ran it up to 5500 rpm and was going about 70mph. The problem is it started rocking back and forth real bad and the front end was moving from side to side. I thoughjt it might flip it was getting so bad. Does anyone have any ideas to help correct this problem. thanks.

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   chine walking from oley (  2/6/1999 5:26:00 PM
 until your used to the boat, avoiding trimin too high. It's mostly coordination and driving a boat instead of riding in a boat. I don't tremember for sure but I think Jim Bailey at has some good advise in the triton owners section and another good place for info is The first address is the Pensacola Blue Angels Bass Club and the second is a marine dealership. Both are great site and worth a look see. email me if you want to my chining experiences. Oley
   Chine walking from Wayne (  2/6/1999 5:39:00 PM
 I had the same problem with my boat and was told to raise the motor up 1/4 inch at a time until I got the handling and control I desired. Just make sure you don't loss water pressure.The problem you are having is the motor being mounted to high is lifting the back of the boat making it to light, by raising the motor the back of the boat will ride lower in the water and stop the chine walking.'Good Luck'.
   Chine walking from Tony (  2/6/1999 5:59:00 PM
 Bob, go to and look at tips & ideas- Chine Walking.
   Chine Walking from Ron (  2/6/1999 9:03:00 PM
  Wayne is right, raise the motor until the chine walking stops, then you will probably have to add a torque tab to the skeg to counter the torque generated. About $12. If you try to drive thru it or as some recommend, snatch the steering wheel to the left or right, you may end up in a world of trouble.. GLGF
   In a nutshell from Ron M (  2/7/1999 8:39:00 AM
 From the net I'm to lazy to type it

The true way to reduce or eliminate chine walking? Learn to drive the boat. Many dealers will sell you a boat cheap, then hand over the keys and send you on your way. You should expect the dealer to show you how to drive and handle your high performance boat.

   drive that thing!!!! from Basmasr (  2/7/1999 9:58:00 AM
 Actually, no boat should chine walk if mounted dead center and at the right hite. it's just a matter of getting a feel for the boat. the more time behind the wheel the beter you get. "keep it wet".
   Chine walking from Jerome (  2/7/1999 10:19:00 AM
 So far I agree with MOST of what I have seen. Engine height, trim angle, motor mounts, props and steering cables can all contribute or help correct chine walking. However (and this is where I disagree with Basmasr) with the truely fast boats, chine walking will happen at top speeds unless you know how to handle your boat. Seat time is the only way to learn how to keep your boat balanced on the pad to keep it from chine walking. For anyone out there that claims to be able to adjust a boat so it won't chine walk, E-mail me. I've got an Allison that I'll let you try your hands at. The only catch is it must perform as well or better after you set it up or you pay to have it set back to where it is now. Any takers???

On my way to the water!

Good fishing to all.

   Loose Nut from Phil (  2/7/1999 5:13:00 PM
 Most Chine Walking is caused by a loose nut. The one with it's hands wrapped around the steering wheel. I can say this from personal experience in learning to drive an Allison. The transition from a small bass boat with 115 hp to an Allison with 200 hp is a whole new ball game. Learn to balance the boat on the pad and then apply trim at small, SMALL, increments until you find that sweet spot. As long as the steering is adjusted so there is no slack and the motor mounts are in good condition, just drive and learn. DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE THROUGH CHINE WALK. Let off and start over. Take everybody's advice, including mine, with a grain of salt. If you carefully learn to drive your boat, you will be fine. Some of the after market products can make driving easier, but nothing can beat experience.
   Chine walker from Bo Skittles (  2/7/1999 6:02:00 PM
 I am suffering from the same fate. I have just moved up from a Tracker with a 35 Merc, to a full size rig w/ 200, and I never had to contend with 70mph and a wobbly boat!! Noone ever showed me how to handle it, or how to avoid it, I am trying to figure it out by myself!! It does get scary, I usually slow down and start again, trying not to let it happen again. For you jerkoffs that say just drive the boat, thats real helpful, for you guys that have some constructive advice I appreciate it!! Hope it helps. Of course there is no replacement for experience, but when you dont have any in that area, you have to start from scratch!! Thanx!!
   chine-walkin from Don (  2/7/1999 7:20:00 PM
 Hey Bo, Go to read the article on chine walking. It's really all you need to know to get through it. Bought my TR19 Nov. 97, took about 3 months of trial and error to control the chine walk, now I can run wot, no problem, wish I had read article first, everything they say is what I had to do to correct problem.
   Driver error........ from Todd (  2/7/1999 8:30:00 PM
 I sold a tunnel hull shadow years ago and bought an 18 vee hull to replace it..... I didn't think I was ever going to get it right. Both had mod vp's and were very fast but the problems started from 70 and got worse.

My advice....leave the fishing rods at the house and just drive your boat for a while.

Test....take your problem boat to the lake and try to drive it....go back to the dock and ADD 2 BATTERIES TO YOUR PASSENGER SIDE STORAGE BOX AND TRY IT AGAIN. If its easier to drive you need to adjust your load to counter for your weight! Thats why allison consoles are centered...the more you lift the more your weight will hurt you if your not balanced to the passenger side. Now.....your passengrer should help with the balancing unless you have too much weight on his side. I drove my buddy's 18 Triton w/150 mariner.....I thought it did was a little slow but all in all it handled well.....he still can't drive it past 60 and he's had it a year.

Just stay with it and experiment with your load,ie: oil tank, batteries, tackle boxes, and you'll get it. I can tell you lot's of stories about blistered hands from the wheel.....

    Scaryfast from Scott Gilmore (  2/7/1999 9:05:00 PM
 Too bad a few select jerks chased Sam Baker off this board, he had a wealth of great information to share. It's very important for the dealer to teach the inexperienced driver how to " drive " the rig , Baker does a GREAT job of it. Scott
   Chine care! from Bo Skittles (  2/8/1999 5:43:00 AM
 I have a boat with a 26 gallon tank on each side, how do you "balance" the load as you consume the fuel, I can t imagine having to move stuff around the boat to compensate for fuel consumption , as a way to solve the problem!! My guess is , it will get resolved with practice!! Thanx for the tips and article!!
   New Thread? from Ron M (  2/8/1999 12:22:00 PM
 Boy, I bet we could get a new thread going here about the horror stories relating to the first time we sat behind the wheel of our high-performance boat. Better still, get it from the poor guy sitting in the passenger seat. I could tell a bunch about that.



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