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    Mercury ProMax 225
from Butch James (  
2/8/1999 8:06:00 PM


 Wanting information on the '98 or '99 models Mercury Promax 225. Performance, dependability, etc. Thinking of purchasing one and looking for any information someone might have that has owned one. Have heard that some with the Sportsmaster lower unit are having trouble getting out of the hole on take off. True? Was advised to purchase one with a torque master gear case.

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   Pro Max........What kind of boat you putting this on ??? from Stan Lee (  2/8/1999 8:20:00 PM
 I have a 1998 TR21 Triton with a 1998 Pro Max 225 on the back and have found out that the Pro Max is NOT designed for the heavy boats like my Triton . They work great on the light boats like Bullet , Allison , Norriscraft etc . But if your boat is in the 1400 lb class or up dont get the Pro Max . The EFI or Optimax will perform better according to my experince . I am going to have to spend some bucks to get the most out of my Pro Max . As it is I can only turn about 6200 rpm instead of the 6500 - 6700 that they are designed for . But , other than that I LOVE my engine . What kind of boat are you putting this on ??????? Good luck and hope you get what you want .

Stan Lee

   225 ProMax from Randy (  2/8/1999 8:28:00 PM
 Butch, I have a 98 model. So far everything has went well. I haven't had any problems. Mine has the SM gearcase. Depending on your boat you may want the TM case. The SM case works very well on very light hulls and allows you to run the case much higher out of the water. Typically the SM case likes to run at transom heights of around 31", where the TM case runs at around 27". I'm currently running mine on a 20' Bullet with the SM case. I have mine set about flush with the bottom of the pad.(aprox 31"). My hole-shot is still good, but the prop will break loose as it comes over. This is due to the extra height on the transom, if I lower it way down, this does not happen. Speed is better at the higher level. If you are going to run surface piercing props, thats what the SM case is designed for. The finish on the SM case is another factor, it is a job to keep looking "brand new". I think the 99 models have a different finish, may be easier to keep up. Anyway, just a few notes on my experience. Hope it helps. Randy
   The polished lower unit... from Jack (  2/8/1999 10:38:00 PM
 Has anyone ever tried hitting those polished lower units with a quality clear coat while they were still new and good looking?
   225 from Lee (  2/8/1999 11:33:00 PM
 Butch, I have set-up and installed many 225 PM's on heaver hulls such as 209 Gamblers and 201 Pro Stratos's. When set-up correctly, they have excelent hole shot and top end, not to say the 3.0 L 225 isn't just as good or better, but the PM is much better on gas and is just as fast.Stan needs to get his boat propped right, needs to turn 64-6500 RPM's . The torque master is the way to go if your boat weighs more than approx. 1200 Lbs.
   Lee......Whats a good prop for my boat????? from Stan Lee (  2/9/1999 12:20:00 PM
 Thanks for the info above Lee . My dealer isnt really into performance rigging or know how . What would be a good prop for my rig ? It has a Trophy small hub 25" on it now .

Thanks !!!!! Stan Lee

   Stan from Lee (  2/11/1999 12:05:00 AM
 The 25 Trophy or 25 Tempest are the best 2 props.

Check your E-Mail


   Thank you Mr. Sanderson !!!!! from Stan Lee (  2/11/1999 10:26:00 AM
 Thank you for the e-mail and your post here . Your advice will be put into practice as soon as I get my boat on the water . Its supposed to snow today but 60 degs Saturday , so maybe I can get it out and go to work on it . Again , thank you!!!!! You and others like your self that spend the time and energy to help people like myself make me proud to be a bass boater!!!!!

Stan Lee

ps. i f you ever get to my neck of the woods , HOLLER!! I'll show some sweet fishing .



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