Nitro vs. Skeeter Nitro vs. Skeeter
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    Nitro vs. Skeeter
from Rick (  
2/14/1999 10:58:00 PM


 In the market to buy a new boat. Any comments or suggestions. Willing to spend no more than 22000. Thanks for any info.

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   Nitro ! from Dan R (  2/15/1999 1:08:00 AM
 Well, haven't heard too bad about Skeeter, if you read thid board long enough you will find some bad in every brand... everyone seems loyal to their own brand, I bought a Nitro 205 SF w/ a 225 merc last spring and am happier than I could imagine.. handeling, fishability, rough water, saying bye bye to other boaters, had a couple stress cracks but Nitro fixed them over the winter, haven't seen a brand of boat yet that doen't get some stress cracks in the longer boats... good luck, it's a tough choice !!!!!!!!!.. but max out the motor and get the hydraulic jack plate, otherwise you'll regret it
   Skeeter!!!! No Question! from Dale (  2/15/1999 1:18:00 AM
 Just sold my 96 180zx for $3000 less than I paid for it new in 95. I believe skeeters hold their resale very well, something to consider!!
   Nitro for sure!!!!!! from Alan (  2/15/1999 5:55:00 AM
 Dan is right. max out on the motor and get a jack plate. what a difference. had mine for two years and no problems yet. 884 savage with summit pkg, 175 efi merc. 68 mph out of the box radar. ride is great and handles like is on rails. good luck and tight lines!!!!!!!!!
   Stress cracks from Bassman (  2/15/1999 7:05:00 AM
 Dan R let me show you a 19 ft. Charger that's 10 old with no stress cracks. Rick there are lot's of good boats and buys out there, not everyone likes the same thing. I saw a Bumble Bee on the boats for sale board, that sound great for the price and for what it had on it. Always drive before you buy. Good luck
   Nitro vs Skeeter from R.Forbes (  2/15/1999 7:16:00 AM
 Not even close.SKEETER
   2 cents from Jeramy (  2/15/1999 3:15:00 PM
 Just my two cents, not getting into a long boat debate but the choice of trying to resell a Nitro or Slit my wrists is hard decision to make. Skeeter hold value much better.
   Nitro v Skeeter from Daryl (  2/15/1999 4:22:00 PM

I am holding the 1999 Nitro in one hand and typing with the other...depending on the size rig you want, you can get a super-nice 99 Nitro for around 20K. I have a 1996 Nitro 896 that I am selling now in order to buy a new Nitro 911CDC center consoled rigs...very nice! The 896 is my third Nitro (180TF and a 2000TF before) and I have had nothing more than the typical minor bass boat problems from any of them. If you are in the market for used boats, there are plenty out there nicely rigged for far less than the 22K you are willing to spend. Drop me an e-mail and I'll take you for a ride (I'm in the Houston area but fish all over the state).


   nitro vs Skeeter from finfinder (  2/15/1999 6:04:00 PM
 Rick In 1995 my neighbor bought a Skeeter and I bought a Nitro , both are 19 ft and both have 150 Mercs, from the same dealer. He has yet had to ever take his back for a problem and I have worn out a path back for all the repairs.If it could break it did, wiring problems, seats comming off the bases, the worst was last year it developed a five inch crack wide enough to put a quarter through above the rub rail and two large stress cracks at the console. Nitro fixed in and it only took 12 weeks. This year the problem repeated in the same areas. They fixed it again and it only took 6 weeks. What really concerns me is that I really baby my boat I can't imagine what it would look like if it were run hard. I solved the problem last month though, I traded it in on a new boat, and I won't mention the brand so you won't think I am trying to influence your decision. But I can tell you for sure I'll never own another Nitro and neither will the dozens of people that have seen what I have been through. Good luck on your decision and your new boat.
   boats from Ron (  2/15/1999 9:48:00 PM
   bOATS from Jim (  2/16/1999 12:08:00 AM
 Do yourself a favor and buy a Champion
   skeeter vs. nitro from PhilE (  2/16/1999 12:26:00 PM
 Both are good boats. I own an older Nitro (93 180) and have had VERY few problems with boat. Fish it hard in rough stump infested waters (Ray Roberts). If you have been on the board for any length of time you would have heard horror stories from ALL brands of boats/motors. Bottom-line, determine your fishing requirements, what you want in layout then choose. HOWEVER, I would make my decision on these two brands based on the quality of DEALER for service before AND AFTER the sale.



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