Stratos boat - Setup Recommendations Stratos boat - Setup Recommendations
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    Stratos boat - Setup Recommendations
from Jim Shavers (  
2/15/1999 10:09:00 AM


 Recently purchased a 1996 Stratos 285 PROXLDC with a 175 Johnson FastStrike. Current setup: 25 pitch Shooter, no jackplate, turns about 5700 rpm, haven't got a GPS speed but guesstimate about 62-63 mph? Owners manual says full throttle RPM range for this motor is 4500-5500 rpms.

Sure there are several Stratos 285 owners on the BFHP and curious on how your boat is setup: jackplate, prop, height, speed, R's, etc.. Does this boat need a jackplate? Would a Raker or Renegade be a better prop choice? Not totally into speed, still want to maintain good performance in rough water but do want to make sure the boat is setup to operate at its potential.

Thanks, Jim

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   What should Compression be on Merc 150 EFI ?????????????/// from lane (  2/15/1999 10:23:00 AM
 Looking to purchase a Merc 150 EFI 1996 model. The owner had a compression check done on the engine and said the compression ranged from 125 psi to 128 psi on the six cylinders. What is the optimum compression on an engine like this? Thanks and good fishing!
   Setup from Ron M (  2/15/1999 12:08:00 PM
 Without knowing how high or low your motor is mounted I can offer this on your setup, a jackplate will definitely help as will raising the motor if it's set low and a Raker or Renegade would be be a better prop with my vote to the 25P Renegade. Your Rpm will probably drop some with this prop and your speed increase 2-3mph. That's the figures I've seen on the boards. I'm running a 96 288 w/150FS with a 6" jackplate and 25P Renegade. 26" from bottom of pad to bottom of motor backet. It will do close to 70 by the speedo but my guess is probably 65-67 with a light load. I'm not saying this is the best setup, just what I'm running. I to would like to see some more setup figures for the Stratoes 285's. What's the accepted standard for measuring engine height?
   Hey Jim from Josh (  2/15/1999 2:02:00 PM
 I have a 94 285 Pro XL with a 94 175 Intruder (99 Powerhead). Just recently ran a bunch of props on the setup. I have a 6" jackplate set where the top hole on the lower unit water intake is even with the pad (or maybe just a tad higher). Currently am running a 25" Renegade @ 65.5 on the GPS with 40 gal of gas with all gear and two people on board. Ran a 24" Raker @ 66.5 on the GPS under the same conditions. Ran a 25" Tempest with the interchangeable hub @ 67.0 mph. At first when I ran the Tempest, I took it off just after one pass because of the extreme ventilation problem. I know the jackplate was not too high because at WOT there was no roostertail (should have been able to raise jackplate some, 23 psi on H20 gauge). But when I took it back to the dealer for my guaranteed refund, he told me that all OMC motors have problems running small bladed props. The blade tips on the Tempest are much smaller than the big round ears on the raker. The problem with cavitation and ventilation is from the OMC exhaust sysystem. OMC routes more exhaust through the hub than does Mercury and Yamaha. (Thats why they are so quiet.) In my situation, I could have ordered the solid plugs for the SVS Tempest and been on my way, but decided not to because this prop was not dramatically different on the top end like the dealer guaranteed. Saturday, I brought my 25" Renegade to Hopkins Propeller in New Orleans for a complete rework and balance. Will post the results after this weekend.
   Question for Josh from Dan (  2/15/1999 8:34:00 PM
 I was wondering why you have a new powerhead on a 94 motor.I have a 94 intruder 150.It made me wonder what caused the powerhead failure. Thanks for your comments.
   Big Can of Worms from Josh (  2/16/1999 8:19:00 PM
 Dan you just opened it. To make a very long story short, the 94' powerhead had a crack in the block that was letting water get into one of the cylinders. OMC offered me a 99' powerhead at material cost (block, crank, pistons etc...). This was not an isolated incident. The earlier 60 degree motors are prone to this problem. So when you burn a piston in yours, make sure your mechanic verifies exactly what happened.

Josh Hook It!!!!!!!!!!!!



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