Best rough water bass boat???? Best rough water bass boat????
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    Best rough water bass boat????
from John (  
2/16/1999 12:53:00 AM


 Im thinkin of trading in my bass tracker for a fiberglass...i would love to have a champion but the price tag on those are kinda high...something that is gonna be able to take the rough or 21 ft with a 225merc...but im lost on what to look at...price range about

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   Stir some s#$#%??? from Riverat (  2/16/1999 2:28:00 AM
 John, I'll probably stir some s#$! here, everyone's so sensitive lately,... but it's a known fact, Champion has always been known for it's 'big-water' ride. NO-one can dispute that! Considering your budget,... do you REALLY have to have brand new??? I would think that price range could score you a hell-u-va used rig a year or two old....... might get'cha what you really want & save a TON of money???? Something to consider, tho... Shop carefully, take an experienced friend for a second opinion, & you'll end-up happy!!! (JMO) GOOD LUCK & 'STICK-'EM'!!!
   Rough/Price from Basshawk (  2/16/1999 6:23:00 AM
 Id say buy new , Get the x-tend warry too , But go with a 18 ft with a 150 , thats more in ur price range ! If u go 20 ft ur want more horses which is more dollars , Price a champ 18 footer and see what that wood cost 2 cents worth ......Basshawk
   Check out Sprint boats from David (  2/16/1999 8:17:00 AM
  More features for the buck

   21' 225 around 20????? from Lin (  2/16/1999 8:58:00 AM
 Thats a tall order. There may be something out there like that I just don't know what. Maybe used would be better for you if you are firm on your price range. You might look at TideCraft. A Firehawk 200 with a 200 Merc will be close to your price range and does a fine job in rough water conditions. Nice layout and storage too, with + 70's right out the box.........Lin
   No used boat, thank you from Carl W (  2/16/1999 8:59:00 AM

I'm not a fan of used boats either. I don't care if you're talking about a $45k Ranger, or a $10k Bass Tracker, stuff on boats breaks. The older the boat, the more stuff breaks. The vast majority of the stuff that breaks has nothing to do with who made the boat. It's outboard motors, livewell pumps and timers, trolling motors, tachometers, steering cables, bilge pumps, trailer lights, wheel bearings, winches, batteries, electric switches, transducers... You hear about the big boat related problems like stress cracks and cap separation, but it's all this miscellaneous crap that creates 99% of the pains in the asses of boat owners - and it's all the same stuff no matter whose boat you buy. A lot of people don't have the skills, time, patience, dexterity (the stuff in hard to reach places breaks the most) to be constantly fixing stuff, and even the best of the dealers have a long turnaround on ad hoc service requests.

Coming from a Bass Tracker (short, light, flat bottom), most any fiberglass boat is going to feel better in rough water - especially a twenty footer. So although Champion has "the undisputed best rough water ride" the fact that a new one is out of your budget should not send you shopping for used. If you're 5'7", 145lbs, limber, mechanically inclined, and have a lot of time on your hands that you don't mind not spending fishing, get a used boat. Otherwise buy the new boat that most closely matches your budget. If a used boat is such a great thing, why do people trade them for new? I don't know how it is in Texas, but here in Virginia you can get a Stratos 201, or a Procraft 200 for not much more than $20k.

   Rough water boat from Derrick (  2/16/1999 9:36:00 AM
 John you might want to look at Cobra bassboats. I looked at them and have asked people about them. They seem to be very sound boats and the price for their 20ft is around 22k. The guy who help design Champion's hull, designed the hulls at Cobra, before moving on to Hawk. The only reason I didn't get one is that I got a very good deal on a new Ranger.
   Which boat to buy from R.Forbes (  2/16/1999 11:09:00 AM
 I agree with Derrick.If you you like Champions you will like Cobra's and for a lot less money.If there is a Travis Boating Center near by try there first. They usually have the best price on a Cobra.
   Have you ever heard of charger boats ? from Jack (  2/16/1999 1:05:00 PM
 Charger Boats offer a swooping deep vee hull design in the front that flattens out towards the rear "pad" area. In rougher water trim down a tad and that sharp wedge hull slices through the waves with ease. When it is calm and slick out, Trim up and you'll buzz along on the pad. The transoms are pretty tough also. As far as speed goes they'll run in the same range as a Champ. The Email address is and the phone is (573) 756-3265
   Boats from Bassman (  2/16/1999 5:13:00 PM
 Jack,post8 everything you said is true, except last line. They are a little slower then a Champ. But 1-3 mph no big deal, love mine last 10 years, no cracks. John there were some nice boats in the price range you were looking at on for sale board. Or hang out at some major Ts and buy a T boat. Good luck.
   Undisputed???? from CobraRider (  2/16/1999 5:25:00 PM
 Carl W,#5,

I know I'm gonna regret this, however, here goes... "Champion is the undisputed best rough water ride" Pretty stong! What do you base that on? Know anything about Cobra? Are you aware of the changes John Storie made in the hull vs. the Champion. All fair and honest questions and not trying to be a wise a------. If not, please be careful about making statements without some fact. Champion is one of the finest rigs in the water... undisputed best, UUUAAAAAHHHH????

OK all of you Champ Jockies, I'm not bashin, but jump if you must... I stand ready and I apologize to Gerry and to the rest of the board in advance for what will probably be another bash secession. Sorry! Maybe I should take this off... NOT! CAIN'T DO IT!


   best in rough water from Paul (  2/16/1999 5:58:00 PM
 Triton is worthy of a test drive and if you do the decision will be easy. The very latest in bottom technology with them all being designed in the past 3 years. Drive one and you will see. Just ask some Triton owners on this site and see what they say. Most of them have owned these other brands and have switched to Triton for good reason. The owners are always the best source.
   best boat from Mark (  2/16/1999 7:28:00 PM
 Try a Bass Cat. Jaguar is a great rough water ride but may be out of your price range at 30K+. Pantera's a great ride too. Love mine. Good Luck!!
   Best ride from Bassdrc (  2/16/1999 8:02:00 PM
 You get what you pay for. i've had 4 different brands in the last 8 years, all top of the line. i'm now running a champion 203scr and it is the finest ride i've experienced and i've been in em all. course you can always buy middle of the road or less if you'll be happy.
   Best Ride from B . Welsh (  2/16/1999 10:21:00 PM
 I haven't been in one personally but you may want to take a serious look at Charger boats. I plan on test riding one as soon as I'm in the market for a new boat as well. Check ou their web site It posts an article from Bass & Walleye boats mag in which the writer of the article proclaims the Charger 495TF has the best ride of of any bass boat he has tested. The article also states that a Charger boat holds the world record time for the Mississippi river run from New Orleans to St. Louis. Pretty tuff stuff. No, I don't work for or sell Charger boats but have heard great things. Check it out and good luck !
   Test Drive a Triton from Phil (  2/17/1999 12:17:00 AM
 John, Triton makes a excellent boat which takes rough water very well and will keep you dry. I previously owned a Champion before I bought a Triton and it rides as good if not better. I know it is drier. If price is an issue, give Witt Marine in Baytown, Tx. a call. They have demo for sale which is a 98 TR21 with a 200 hp Johnson. It is loaded and they would probably let it go at good price. Their number is 281-427-1342 if you are interested. If I can answer any questions you may have about Triton boats feel free to email me.

Thanks Phil

   The Best from Pat (  2/17/1999 11:42:00 PM
 I would also say try a BassCat. My Pantera has a great rough water ride. It is an exceptional boat. Best of Luck to you!!
   Good rough water boats from Bassinman (  2/18/1999 4:37:00 PM
 I didn't see anyone mention "stroker" this boat is a great rough water boat. it is a 100% handlaid boat from start to finish and it will perform in the rough water. great solid comfortable ride



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