Cleaning up white boat Cleaning up white boat
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    Cleaning up white boat
from Kyle (  
2/17/1999 2:20:00 PM


 After 8 days on the water last week, my new white BassCat was a disaster. I had black marks from rods rubbing it, I had what looked like rub marks on top and I had severe gas stains from overflowing out of the back. I stopped at the local fiberglass shop and asked what to do. They suggested that 1000 grit sandpaper might be required for some of it. The owner suggested that I try "SuperClean" first, though. He said they used it and it was great at cleaning up fiberglass. The gas stains were the worst, I had tried scrubbing them off to no avail. I went to the local Wal-mart, bought a bottle of SuperClean and sprayed on my boat. The gas stains literally ran off the side of the boat!. The fiberglass man had said to let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe it off. It didn't take that long. I washed the boat, rubbed a few of the worst places again with SuperClean and it is absolutely pristine. The best stuff I have ever used. Even sprayed it in the shower at the camp and cleaned it up. I recommend Super Clean for the bad marks on your boat, particularly for white gelcoat. I know someone had posted a few weeks ago about gas stains and then stuff will work.

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   Thanks! from Norton (  2/17/1999 5:58:00 PM
 Kyle, Thanks for the info. That will come in handy for me.
   Another from Jigging Jim (  2/17/1999 6:44:00 PM
 Kyle anther good cleaner is Simple Green.
   Thanks from Bill (  2/17/1999 6:59:00 PM
 I am the one who posted about removal of gas stains. Thanks for the help.
   Be Careful!!!!!!!!! from Chris Ray (  2/17/1999 9:24:00 PM
 Super Clean is a great cleaner but be careful. It can make the ink in decals run. I have had it remove the paint from the painted hubcaps on my wife's Toyota. It can't hurt gel coat but it might damage some painted surfaces. Use Caution!
   You can also use arm & hammer tooth paste from Dave (  2/18/1999 12:40:00 AM
 For rod or shoe or rubber marks and small stains use an old tooth brush or wash cloth and some tooth paste. i found the regular arm and hammer tooth paste has the right amount of low grit to get off marks and stains.

works pretty good actually, .........

   What department did you find Super Clean? from Bass Assassin (  2/18/1999 7:58:00 AM
 You said you found it at Walmart? What department?



   Fast Clean and Shine from rob (  2/18/1999 9:36:00 AM
 You should try Fast Clean and Shine by Duragloss. I use it on my Ranger all the time. My friend has a White motor on his Ranger, He is a firm believer now.
   How can I get one of those extra days? from Steve (  2/18/1999 9:46:00 AM
 Just curious. How did you go about getting an eight day week? Is there a government agency you can call or write in order to get the extra day? Did you have to ask your wife if you could go fishing on the eighth day? What did you call the eighth day? FishingDay sounds good. Is Fishingday in the middle of the week? Having the extra day in between Wednesday and Thursday sounds good, but having the extra weekend day could be nice, too. If you work on Fishingday, do you get overtime? Did you have trouble finding a suitable calendar? How does this affect Y2K and/or Leap year? Eight days. Cool! (this meager attempt at humor is brought to you by the letter F, and the number 8, as well as viewers like you.)
   8 days a week; SuperClean from Kyle (  2/18/1999 10:20:00 AM
 Apparently, Steve has never heard of the Beatles or he would know that there are in fact 8 days in the best of weeks! If you're from the south, you can rely on titles of songs and know that you are okay. We're not real concerned with calendars and stuff down here anyway!

I found the SuperClean in the automotive section in the 'degreaser" area. SimpleGreen was right there beside it but supposedly SuperClean is better for fiberglass. I don't know that, that's just what I was told.

   White boats from R.Forbes (  2/18/1999 10:26:00 AM
 Star Brite Hull Clraner does good job on water stains.Such as the yellow stains you get fishing in dingy water.Windex doe a good job of getting of gas stains.
   I found that Icky grime does the same thing. from Rick (  2/18/1999 10:55:00 AM
 Hey guys, I couldn't find any super clean last summer up north and I couldn't get the stains off my white Skeeter I finally found this powder called Icky Grime. I mixed 1/8 lb of this stuff to two gallons of water and put it into a spray bottle. I sprawed the entire boat dow with just this solution and let it sit for 20 minutes. I reapplied this solution to the heavy stained areas and by the time I rinsed this stuff off my boat wai white again. I couldn't believe it. This stuff is expensive $18 a pound but it works great and is biodegradable and is didnt hurt any of the decals. Just some food for thought and my 2 cents.


   You just lost your wax from Mike (  2/18/1999 12:17:00 PM
 These are degreasers. You just lost your wax or polish.
   Mike your absolutely correct. from Rick (  2/18/1999 1:02:00 PM
 Mike Your Right. These stains that we are taking out of out boats are very tough and it does become necessary to do this. It sucks that these stains show up so easy. But I forgot to mention that these will remove the Wax or polish you used last year on your boat.

The solution is to re-wax the boat again afterwards.

Thanks Mike I forgot to include this in my previous post.

I would suggestdoing this twice a year anyway and then using a good wax/protectant as soon as the boat is dry.

Thanks again Mike. Rick

   super clean from Keith S. (  2/18/1999 1:22:00 PM
 Just some info.....Super Clean is great stuff but be sure and wear some gloves if you are in it a lot. It will dry your hands really bad. Also it makes a mess out of polished aluminium. The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide aka lye. Have a good day!
   sodium Hydroxide from greg g (  2/18/1999 5:55:00 PM
 I have never heard of "super clean" but I do know what Sodium Hydroxide is. sodium hydroxide is also known as caustic soda, it comes in liquid,flakes or granulars. It's the same item you find in DRAINO!! it will burn your hands and depending what kind of percentage is in super clean, I really wouldn't use it on my boat(aluminum or glass) caustic soda will pit aluminum. It's a very popular cleaning component, and is very alkaline (high ph). You don't need that type of high alkalinity to effectively clean a boat with all the different types of surfactants that are used today. On another note, the ice is almost gone on the great lakes and it's almost launch date. Good fishing and boat a HAWG!!!!



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