Power Tilt & Trim Won't Work Power Tilt & Trim Won't Work
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    Power Tilt & Trim Won't Work
from Jim (  
2/28/1999 9:44:00 PM


 Getting boat out of storage. When I hit the Tilt &Trim button to raise unit, all it would do was go 'Click' and the same when I hit the down. Battery is charged, I can hear it click inside the motor but nothing happens. Any ideas?

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   bad relay from jon (  2/28/1999 9:58:00 PM
 Its a bad relay ,although it sounds odd because if neither up or down wont work that means both relays r shot..i would look for a PROBLEM WITH THE TILT AND TRIM ELECTRICAL system,then replace the relays.

jon steves

   Don't think it's the solenoid... from John (  2/28/1999 10:35:00 PM
 If it just clicks on both up and down it sounds like the motor brushes to me. What brand motor is it?
   Speaking of Bad Relays from Doug (  2/28/1999 10:46:00 PM
 On a 175 RUDE, I have one that sticks sometimes. Here's the question. Rather than pay $30 or so for a relay at the parts house, have any of you ever tried to get a duplicate at the local electronics shop?...I mean a REAL electonics shop...that handles all kinds of radio stuff. You can't convince me that they're "special marine parts". They're a stupid relay that's worth about 8 bucks in the real world. I just have never tried to find one and that's why I asked. Thanks in advance.

On your motor problem, It sounds like water in the electrical motor itself if it won't go UP OR DOWN and you hear a click. I bet that click is not coming from the MOTOR... it's from the relay box. Get a helper to work the switch and really find out where the noise is coming from. Now, I soaked a relay box in the bilge once and that stopped it from working. I dried everything out and luckily it was ok. Did it get wet?

   Tilt and Trim from Randall (  2/28/1999 10:47:00 PM
 Jim, Not sure what your particular problem is on your motor. However, if you have an old Mercury 150 XR2 I will tell you of my $800 experiece last year to have my tilt and trim unit replaced. Email me if you need to know more.

Good luck.


   Tilt and Trim from Jeff (  3/1/1999 12:22:00 AM
  If the motor is a older Merc or Mariner with the double ram unit, you can just about bet it's the pump motor!! The company that made these units went under just like their product!!! There are no rebuild part for them anymore either. Motrola makes the replacement unit and is alot more reliable. My boat is sitting in the garage with the same problem. This is my second Merc and the second time this has happen to me. There is a place in Paris Tenn. that sells rebuilt ones (must make their own parts) I bought one of these for my first boat and it worked great. Bought one last weekend and it's a piece of #$%@!!!! Tony Reynolds has about the best price on a new one. You can find his phone number on this message board under boating equpment. New one retails for around 840 dollars!!! I know of a nother cut rate place if you want to e-mail me but will not post it because they do not advertise on the board, good luck.
   Relays from PhilE (  3/1/1999 4:40:00 PM
 Check electrical to be sure good no shorts. Had this problem with mine. Could hear relays clicking but no up or down. Had wire problem. P.S. you can usually buy these relays from auto shops that install alarm systems.



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