Skeeter ZX202 vs. Champion 203, Ranger 519 Skeeter ZX202 vs. Champion 203, Ranger 519
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    Skeeter ZX202 vs. Champion 203, Ranger 519
from Larry (  
3/3/1999 11:30:00 AM


 I'm looking into a new bass boat and would like any information or comments, good or bad, on these boats. At the present I'm looking at the Skeeter ZX202 DC with a 200 hp. Yamaha 3.1. My concerns are stabilty in rough water, dry ride, and fishability. Any info and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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   hard decisions....... from Todd (  3/3/1999 12:30:00 PM goes.....

I use to run rangers (518 & 461's). they are an excellent fishing platform and performance is very good considering the weight. my 518 rode a little rough but that doesn't mean the 519 will also.

I have a pal with a 203 champ/225 merc. this is the best boat i have ever ridden in rough water. deck space is great but sits bow high in the water and gets a little flighty in high winds while fishing.

I raced a club members 3.1 200 yam on 202 DC and beat him in my 518 ranger w/200EFI....I think he is a bad driver and I believe the boat would do better in more experienced hands. I have only heard that the Skeeters rode ruff...never sat in one, much less drove it. I think they are beautiful boats and they are laid out as well as any.

this is what i know about the boats you mentioned....if you put all in a bag and shook them up i'd be happy to have the first one that fell out! Good Luck!

   Skeeter 202c from Carl J. (  3/3/1999 1:14:00 PM
 I own a Skeeter ZX202dc with a 200 Yammie and love the boat, there is a lot of room and the layout is great. The ride is good for a bassboat but even a Rolls is not going to ride good over a road with two foot bumps at 70 miles per hours and that is what we expect our boats to do.The ride is very comfortable and I would not be afraid to go out in rough weather with it. I have two friends who own Champion and they are having a problem with stress cracks, and of course a Ranger is always a great boat but I perfer a Skeeter and Yammie setup, it seems to me that I always get my money worth. Just my two cents worth, Great fishing
   Boats from Bob (  3/3/1999 2:49:00 PM
 All 3 of these boats are over 20 ft long and heavy. For a boat over 20 feet and this heavy you need 225HP. You can do this legally on the Ranger and Champion, not the Skeeter. I would go with a 20 ft/225 set-up. All three are good boat, but IMO the Ranger will have best durability, fishability and resale.
   Zx202 from scott (  3/3/1999 3:53:00 PM
 You absolutely do NOT need a 225 on a 20 foot Skeeter. The 202 will do mid 70's with a light load with the 200EFI big block yamaha, and have the best hole shot of the three. The Ranger and the champ both need the 225 to get those numbers.

They are both great boats, but don't listen to anybody who makes simplistic claims about length to HP ratio's. (Just ask the Allison boys! They'll outrun all of the above with 150's!)

Of all three layouts, the Skeeter has WAY More deck space and tons more storage. If that is important to you, the 202 is a great choice.

Botoom line, you chose 3 top notch boats!

   Which one from Bassdrc (  3/3/1999 8:07:00 PM
 I agree that all 3 are good boats and well made but there are differences. i run a 203 scx and love it. it don't have as much rear storage as the other two but has more up front with the huge rod boxes. the skeeter seats are not what the champ and ranger are. you feel like you're setting up over the side. don't have that safe feeling. also the champ is the biggest of the 3. the 519 is basically a 19 ft boat. many of the manufacturers use marketing schemes to make you think there boat is bigger than it is. take a tr21 for example. it ain't 21 ft. i put a tape on one a few weeks ago and it's 19'10" from transmon to bow. the 203 champ is 20'3" from transom to bow.
   Ranger from Gary (  3/3/1999 11:43:00 PM
 The Ranger has the best layout of any boat I have seen. The resale value is far above anything else. I owned a Skeeter and now own a Ranger (487VS) . I like both, but the Ranger is the finest boat on the water - IMO.
   Skeeter zx202c from Dave (  3/4/1999 8:56:00 AM
 Granted, the Champion will give the best rough water ride however, I've fished in enough to know they do not fish as well as my Skeeter 202. I can't comment on the Ranger as I've not fished or rode in any of the new models.

Skeeter redesigned the hull to allow for a much smoother ride than Skeeters were notorious for.

In terms of speed, one day a NEW 203 Champion and I kicked at a tournament, I going out just before him. Assuming we were comparatively loaded (full fishing gear, two people, full tank etc), he barely (my estimation is 1-2 mph) passed me. Keep in mind, I have the carburated Yamaha Pro-V 200. He had a 225 Evinrude FICHT with a Mercury Para Lift.

I'll keep and stay with Skeeter.

Good luck!

   Saratoga Lake, Saratoga, NY from Larry Hughes (  3/8/1999 10:51:00 AM
 I'll be going to Saratoga Springs on May 12th. 1999 for a work related seminar and would like to get some fishing in while I'm there. I would appreciate any info on bass fishing this lake, good or bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! LARRY



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