Rod box rod holders Rod box rod holders
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    Rod box rod holders
from Michael (  
3/3/1999 8:26:00 PM


 OK folks, I know that this has been discussed before so pardon the repeat. I have a Javelin 400TE '97 model and I am considering putting a rod holder in the box. Whats the current consensus on which one works the best? Thanks in advance for your time........

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   Rod Holders from John (  3/3/1999 10:17:00 PM
 There is a outtfit in Ca. that makes a great holder. They custom make them to fit your rod locker. They are a touch pricey but from what I hear they are worth it. When I get my toy fund reloaded I'm going to get one. Someone that follows will have the name..BRAIN FADE...
   Quick Draw by Osprey Products from TopCat (  3/3/1999 10:54:00 PM
  Here is their web site.

Bucks a great job in building these and stands behind every one of them. They won't let you down.

   THATS IT!!!!!!! Thanks TC......No Msg from John (  3/3/1999 11:29:00 PM
   Rod Storage from Newpy (  3/4/1999 4:35:00 PM

I brought up that wesite mentioned above. Looks like a nice setup. My guess is you would like an item like this because you're sick and tired of your rods getting tangled up in the locker. If you're looking for a cheaper solution you may want to think about doing what I did.

I made myself some rod socks. They are very simple to make. Just go to the Wal-Mart fabric section and pick out some fabric. I like the flannel type fabric because it's durable. For about $3-$6 you can buy all the materials you need. Just cut a strip about 14 inches wide and (depending on rod length) about 6 feet long. Break out the sewing machine. Fold the strip longways in half and sew all the way down the open side and accross the bottom and Wa-la. It's done!! slip over your rod tip and slide it all the way to the reel. Do this for each rod and they will never get tangled in your rod locker again. I made 6 for myself and put in some hems and stuff so they look nice. I also made 6 for my tournament partner (different color material of course to tell our rods apart from each other). He loves his. If you want I can make you one and mail it to you so you get the idea. No charge. I don't sell these in anyway. I have only made them for me and my partner and I don't intend on selling you any. Just thought you would like a cheaper idea that accomplishes the same result.

Let me know


   Rod covers/detanglers from Eric Howe (  3/4/1999 5:16:00 PM
 Well, heres a cheap and rather easy one also, I use small diameter, house pipe insulation, I cut the tubes of insulation(polystyrene) into 3 1/2' sections, I then cap one end with Duct tape. The tubes are split down one side so you can slide it over your pipes, or rods in this case, they work really well and arn't permanent just like the rod socks mentioned above. I have a bass boat but the rod lockers arn't fully carpeted and by using the insulation it also gives the rod some protection from the rough glass way inside the locker. You can pick this stuff up at any hardware store or Hq, Home Depot, Lows and so on. Make sure that you get the thin walled kind and not the thick stuff, can't get that many rods in a locker when all the room is taken up by padding. Good luck and hope that this helps. Tight Lines Eric
   IAM A DEALER ! contact me for price and quick delevery. from Keith (  3/4/1999 8:41:00 PM
 I have most boat sizes on file and in stock. Contact me for price and size for your boat.



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