1998-9 mercury optimax (200/225)owners/users responses-please !! 1998-9 mercury optimax (200/225)owners/users responses-please !!
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    1998-9 mercury optimax (200/225)owners/users responses-please !!
from Cliff (  
3/6/1999 4:03:00 PM


 I need advice concerning the reliability of the 1999 Mercury Optimax(200hp). I've just ordered a Searay with the 1999 Mercury Optimax-200hp. After browsing these pages and other similar sites it appears these DFI's are not reliable. I'm not a Pro Bass/Walleye guy, plan on 50-60 hours annually(ya'll know Mich. 3to4 months of boating). I can cancel this boat but don't really want to. I just want hassle free recreation and willing to pay for it. I would like responses from other 1998/99 Optimax owners/users preferably with the 200/225 Hp. I'm not into the Mercury/OMC argument. I wish outboard manufacturers were as competitive as auto guys. The car companies hire independent groups(J.D. Powers) and publish the reliability of their products. Comparsion shopping is invited. These outboard companies are reacting as BUYER-BE-WARE. So come on Mercury owners/users-give me the straight scoop. Thanks

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   Optimax from Thinwater (  3/6/1999 4:17:00 PM
 Cliff I can't say from experience but I think you will like your new rig. I am getting my TR-21 with 225 Optimax Thursday. I had this boat ordered with a Ficht but after reading this board and others I switched to the Optimax. I read this board and others almost every day, it seems the Ficht is having alot more problems than the Optimax. Sure the Opti's seem to be having a few minor bugs but not the meltdowns beeing reported here by Ficht owners. You might want to contact Jim Bailey - - www.hook1.com - - he has a 200 Optimax that I believe gets alot of use as he lives in Florida. Good luck. Thinwater
   Thanks, Thinwater from Cliff (  3/6/1999 4:32:00 PM
 Thanks Thinwater for the quick response. Like you I've been watching these pages and am wondering what the heck is going on with these Evinrudes.
   Opti or Ficht from Pete (  3/6/1999 5:17:00 PM
 Test drove both 225 Merc Optimax and 225 FICHT, Went with Ficht Hands down. Quiet and smooth. Haven't seen any Bad review on 225 FICHT. Over 100 hrs. still great. Still what your buying is a nice rig. Have fun and enjoy. Fish-on.
   225 hp from Big "E" (  3/6/1999 7:00:00 PM
 I own a 99 model 225 Ficht. Runs great and like Pete stated-- very quiet. The problems fo the 98 model Fichts have not appeared with the 99's. I had a 98 model 175 which had 2 powerhead failures. OMC responded to all my requests and were very helpful. After the 2nd failure they gave me a new 99 model Ficht 175 which I traded for the 99 model 225 Ficht. Havn't looked back. Outstanding engine in my book. Keep an eye on this message board for problems with any 99's---I have and I have not seen any. OMC has fixed the FICHT.
   Opti 225 from hag (  3/6/1999 10:28:00 PM
 Got an Optimax 225 on my TR-21. I've put on about 30 hrs in about 7 months. has not missed a beat in any way whatsoever. It is incredibly smooth. It is dependable to the point that that when it doesn't fire on the first quick turn of the key you think something bad must have happened. I believe it's taken two turns of the key 3 times in 30 hours. Weather doesn't matter. Cold, hot, etc. The motors as stable and reliable as a rock.
   OptiMax from Chuck Hannaford (  3/6/1999 11:28:00 PM
 I would sure vote to go with the OptiMax. I have a 99 200 and love it. It is very strong - starts good - no problems. I know a bunch of folks with the OM and they are all happy with them.
   Optimax 225 from Rich (  3/7/1999 12:07:00 AM
 I've got 40 hours on mine and it hasn't missed a beat. I had to turn the key twice one time when I had inadvertantly left the safey lanyard off. I haven't run into any one with FICHT problems either though. Like you, I had read about more problems with FICHTS on this board and thereby selected the Optimax. So far, I have been happy with my decision.

Good luck,


   38 Trouble Free Hours from Tim (  3/7/1999 1:16:00 AM
 Have '98 200 Optimax with 38 trouble free hours on it. Would buy another one.
   Optimax from John (  3/7/1999 1:25:00 AM
 Lay your fears to rest. The 200/225 Optimax is the king of the hill (at least for now). The early "bugs" were corrected, and its been smooth sailing since. Don't know what's wrong with the big block Fichts...I've got several close friends on the Evinrude Prostaff (BASS and FLW tours) and they are all running carbuerated Johnsons right now. The fichts are supposed to be fixed soon though, some of the guys are sheduled to switch to the Evinrudes soon.
   Thanks to all for the responses from Cliff (  3/7/1999 7:14:00 PM
 Again, thanks to all of you for responses. I'll keep this boat on order with the Optimax engine.
   Motors. from Mike (  3/8/1999 11:26:00 AM
 Hey Bassmasters, I have 305 hours on my 97 Suzuki 225 with out a single problem and it also starts on the first crank.



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