Anyone use a headlight? Anyone use a headlight?
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    Anyone use a headlight?
from Pw (  
4/5/1999 1:35:00 PM


 I fish at night alot and have a decent spotlight. But, I noticed in Cabala's that they have a sealed beam 55 watt halogen light, with a switch, attached to the front red/green bow light. Anyone use something like this? Seems easy to make, just wondering how functional it might be.

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   Sounds Like a Bassin' Beam from John (  4/5/1999 1:59:00 PM
 I use one and it works pretty good. I only use it to spot a bouy and head ffor it. One problem is the front running light is not that strong and it won't stay aimed.
   Headlights from PFord (  4/5/1999 2:25:00 PM
 Here in North Alabama most of the people that fish at night have headlight on their boat. They are 100 watt sealed beam aircraft landing lights mounted in a rubber housing that will bolt to a bracket that mounts to your rub rail or can be mounted to the hull. If you need some more information on them let me know and I will get it for you. They are distributed through T-H Marine, the same people that make the Hotfoot. You can probably contact your local dealer to get them for you from T-H Marine, or you can contact the Boathouse in Athens, AL to order them. The number is 1-800-232-4428.
   Light for night fishing, from A.w. (  4/5/1999 2:38:00 PM
 PW, I don't advice you to use this light for running at night....been there done that. John brought up a good point plus you will get alot of glare off the top of the boat. I found you can get a good running light from marine dealers for around $40. Plus I mounted mine on the outboard side of the trolling motor and this does great w/o the glare. Good luck in your search for lights but IMHO I wouldn't advice the 55 watt quartz lights, Take Care and be careful running at night no matter what lights you buy.


   Don't run with the head lights on.. from John (  4/5/1999 7:22:00 PM
 If you have ever rounded a point and met some idiot with head light you'll find it blinds you.

I just flip mine on from time to time to make sure I'm on course. As a second thought I hope your in a clean lake. No amount of head lights will let you see a log just under the surface. I ONLY run on Percy Priest Lake. I wouldn't run on Old Hickory on a bet.

   Light from Bill (  4/5/1999 7:24:00 PM
 I mounted a off road light, bot at walmart, on the side of my Motor guide, ran the wiring into my bow great, and keeps the jet skis from running over me
   Lights from NealE (  4/5/1999 8:30:00 PM
 I have never been too fond of mounted lights on my bass boat. I have always had to deal with a lot of busted bulbs from the pounding it takes in rough water. I have found that a Q-Beam 1 million CP handheld light works as well as anything. The lake I fish most (Sardis, MS) does have a ton of stumps and stuff, but mainly only on about the lower 1/2 of the lake. I only fish that end at night when there is a bright, full moon out or close to it and take it really slow, like barely on plane. The other end of the lake is no problem.

I had a set of KC highlighters mounted to the front of my duck boat that worked really well. The places that I duck hunt dictate running through tight trails through the trees. Really what I am running on is old logging trails in flooded timber. The KCs really lit up the path.

neal/collierville, tn

   light switch tip from Terry (  4/5/1999 11:03:00 PM
 like John,i just flip my lights on when im trying to find a marker on Percy Priest or line up to go between the rock piles, but some times at night you flip ever switch but the one you want , so i put a floor mounted dimmer switch that i got from the auto parts store on the inside of my console on the floor, that way your hands are always on the steering wheel and you can rest your left foot on the dimmer switch to turn the lights on or off any time you want with out looking ..



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