evinrude trolling motors evinrude trolling motors
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    evinrude trolling motors
from jayme (  
4/16/1999 11:44:00 AM


 Looking for input into evinrudes trolling motors good quality yes or no and transducer placement appears to be a fin on the bottom?

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   OMC Trolling Motors from Bob (  4/16/1999 12:13:00 PM

You will not find a better motor. Had mine now for 2 years the only problem was the cable broke 3 months ago. Other than that no problems. The motor is very quite. Bob

   OMC Trolling Motors from Bass Assassin (  4/16/1999 12:59:00 PM
 Jayme, I hate to disagree with Bob but I have a OMC trolling motor and have had nothing but problems with it for two years. It is my first and last. I have had fantastic results with Minn Kota trollers but the dealer that I purchased my boat from dont deal them. If I could sell mine I would have Minn Kota tomorrow. I have replaced the start switch 2 times, the cable once , the speed selecter once and the lower unit was replaced last month by OMC due to a vibration. I take very good care of my equipment and it is kept in a Basement. The troller is two years old. I do fish alot but the problems that I have experiance seem a little much. I know you just sometimes get bad units but I think I would take my chances with Minn kota in the future. OMC was responsive after a little complaining on the phone and replaced my lower unit under war. The part was over $200.00. Good luck if you purchase a OMC, you will need it.


   OMC Trolling Motors from Jeff Hahn (  4/16/1999 1:01:00 PM
 jayme: I've had my OMC Trolling motor for 8 years. Problems to date: 2 broken cables and 2 loose wires, all which I repaired myself in less than 5 minutes. OMC makes the best trolling motors on the market, IMHO.

Jeff Hahn

   Evinrude trolling motors are now made by MinnKota from John Maniaci (  4/16/1999 1:46:00 PM
 OMC signed an agreement with MinnKota to supply the MinnKota Maxxum motor under the Evinrude label. They are essentially the same motors but with Evinrude stickers on them. I know two people that have them on the new Stratos 21ss Extreme and they are impressive! I beleive Evinrude's trolling motors will be limited to 74lb thrust, not the 101 maxxum.
   Omc from Chris (  4/16/1999 2:08:00 PM
 I have a 97 OMC Model # BFL4TP. The trolling motor is great -- no problems yet. However, the bracket needs to be overhauled. I have broke two cables and working on my third.

I wonder if you can use a Gator Mount on an OMC trolling motor.

   Trollers from Willie Landem? (  4/16/1999 2:12:00 PM
 Been running MOTORGUIDE since 1970 and have NEVER had a broken ANYTHING, [ Did have to replace a speed control once] Now have a Brute 756 [97] .No problems what so ever. Dont understand the raves about OMC along with broken cable stories [that leaves you without a trolling motor] dont need that in a tournament.
   OMC Trolling Motors from CliffC (  4/16/1999 4:23:00 PM

I am on my second OMC trolling motor. I have had to replace one cable and the top part of the foot pedal (got pissed and stomped to hard) They are quiet and energy efficent and I have put mine through a real beating. Email me if you have other questions. The only thing I don't like about the my new one is that it is 24v only.


   Not bashing from Jerkbait (  4/16/1999 6:48:00 PM
 Chris I thought the same thing but it did not work on mine. I believe the shaft is smaller on the Motorguide. The only thing I hate about OMC trolling motors is the looks. Man they look like crap on a boat! But I can say mine has been through hell. I was running down the lake real windy day during a tourney last year and the TM desides it was time to fish at about 40 mph. Well you guessed it bent shaft and damn lucky I didn't knock a hole in my boat! Also the switch only works on 2 speeds so I pulled it off and put it on my small boat. I got a good deal on a motorguide so I went with it. Other than that the OMC was and still is a tank, it's tuff.

Hey I can't believe that a cable in two years satisfies you Bob.

   It's settled! from Kelly (  4/16/1999 8:06:00 PM
 I have owned both OMC's and Motorguides and there is no comparison. The next closest thing to the noise coming out of a Motorguide is the sound of a freakin 5 horse gasoline kicker idling. And they are durable. To any dedicated bass fishermen out there who truly haven't compared the motors side by side you owe it to yourself to do so. If not you really are cheating yourself.
   same old,same old from Powerhead (  4/17/1999 6:36:00 AM
 Did you ever notice that the same old people cant wait not to bash OMC but hey always do?????
   OMC foot control trolling motor from Skeeter (  3/20/2003 10:19:00 PM
 NEED HELP!never had a problem but now you hit the switch the light on the head comes on but the prop does'nt turn. could it be the switch or do i have bigger problems.



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