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from mike (  
4/18/1999 5:28:00 PM


 Has anyone got any info on the triton fish/ski or the Procraft fish/ski? They both are 18`rs have a 150 hp. Being that the procraft is made by tracker, should I stay away from it?

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   Procraft by tracker ? from Pete (  4/18/1999 6:04:00 PM
 I dont mean for this to sound the wrong way but when did they start makeing procraft ?
   clarification on Procraft from NealE (  4/18/1999 6:05:00 PM
 It is my understanding that the company that owns Tracker bought Procraft. Just because they are owned by the same company doesn't mean they are made by Tracker. The same company also owns Fisher. Procraft has been around for a long time; long enough to prove themselves anyway. As of right now, I would probably go with the Procraft. I am sure I am going to get some grief for this. Triton has not been around long enough for me to be convinced of their quality and longevity, however, the majority of the people that own them seem to be pleased with them. Drive both boats and go over them with a fine toothed comb.

neal/collierville, tn

   Neil , question ? from Pete (  4/18/1999 6:13:00 PM
 you say a company that owns tracker also owns procraft? what than happened to Astro because they have the same address as procraft the last time i looked? Just wondering,did they also take Astro ? Seeing you are from that part of the country where they are made maybe you can smartin me up : ) My understanding is they were (astro) called astroglass and when brunswick bought them out it became just astro - where is procraft in the mix ? thanks Pete
   procraft and astro, etc. from NealE (  4/18/1999 6:20:00 PM
 I believe they own Astro, too. This is just what I have heard, so I wouldn't bet my paycheck on it. Maybe someone who knows for sure can confirm this.

neal/collierville, tn

   Procraft from Jim (  4/18/1999 6:37:00 PM
 The company that owns Tracker is Tracker Marine. Unless something has changed very recently, the Brunswick Corporation still owns Procraft, Astro, Motor Guide, Zebco, etc. However, I did hear some scuttlebut about Tracker buying another boat maker out after buying Fisher. Maybe Procraft is the one but I can't really see why. Astro and Procraft are made on the same assembly line. Seems pretty silly for someone like Tracker to buy just the one brand. JL
   Astro/Procraft from n2bassn (  4/18/1999 7:20:00 PM
 Tracker bought the ProCraft line and Astro was purchased by the original owner of Astroglass who left the name Astro in place. Now both are built in seperate plants. I believe still in Murpheesboro, TN.
   MisInformation from Dan (  4/18/1999 7:57:00 PM
 Astro and Procraft were owned by Brunswick. Then the original owners bought back BOTH lines (Astro and Procraft). They pumped-up the prices of the boats to draw in Johnny Morris's (Tracker Marine) attention. Tracker now owns BOTH Astro and Procraft which are still manufactered in Murfreesboro TN(same plant, side by side). Most of the staff (that I knew) left the company and went to the OMC Javelin/Stratos plant. Since that happened I have had many problems getting satisfactory warranty help. I am told that the warranty center is (or already has) moved to Springfield MO. The folks I know that are working at the Javelin/Stratos plant are great. I would buy a Javelin fish and ski because the warranty is only as good as the people behind it!
   Mis-information from n2bassn (  4/18/1999 8:24:00 PM
 Sounds like Dan has the correct scoop. I was sponsored by ProCraft in 92 & 93. Went back to a real job in late 93 and gave up sponsorship. Have kept track of bits & pieces of the company since than. Will return to fulltime fishing again someday. They built an excelent boat back then.
   Pro Craft, Astro, Fisher from Vince (  4/18/1999 8:58:00 PM
 Dan is correct. Pro Craft and Astro are now owned by Tracker Marine. As a matter of fact, Pro Craft, Astro, and Fisher (glass and aluminum) all come under the banner of The Marine Group, which is owned by Tracker Marine. As of right now, you will find that you cannot get into the web sights of any of the Tracker Marine companies. Talked to a Pro Craft rep in Oct., shortly after the buyout. He said that it was not clear what effect, if any, the buyout would have on production and quality control at Pro Craft/Astro. He said that at that time, all companies involved were continuing to operate independently, as before. Time will tell. Vince
   Astro / Procraft from Robert (  4/18/1999 10:24:00 PM
  Dan has it straight, Tracker Marine has acquired several brands over the last three years, including not only Fisher,Astro and Procraft, but also Saltwater lines Mako, Sea Craft, and Silver King. Myacht Houseboats are also owned by Tracker, and they now make a line of Tracker RV's. Rumor has it that Fisher fiberglass boats will be dropped in Y2K, in favor of Procraft being sold thru Fisher dealers, and you may see Astro change from a bass boat line to a runabout line, made in the same plant that makes Nitro and the Tahoe ski boats for Tracker right now. I'm close to some of the Bass Pro people in SW MO, and they say that all of the Fisher aluminum boats have been consolidated into Tracker's plants in MO. Will all the Procraft follow? I wouldn't bet against it.
   Procraft from Jerry (  4/18/1999 11:00:00 PM
 I could go on for hours on this subject, but I know space is limited! Just let me say Procraft isnt the way I would go, at least not again! I have a 1998 procraft it will be 2 years old this august, do to stress cracks all over the boat, procraft has had the boat at the factory since the first of december, and all I have is a boat payment, and a major headache ! Jerry
   Astro / Procraft from Joe (  4/19/1999 12:20:00 AM
 The Procraft and Astro are made in the same plant, just like they were before Johnny Morris bought 60% of the company. Brunswick still owns 40% and they are made as well as they always have been. I own a 99 model Astro 1800 F/S and it is an excellent boat. I looked for many months at Astro Procraft and many others before I bought.No problems with the boat at all, and it is an excellent ride with the best holeshot I have seen. It has a 96inch beam and lots of room. I could go on and on, but I wont. Visit the new website at The site is up and running now.Good Luck with whatever you decide. BTW, I have spoke with the head of warranty at Astro/ Procraft and they are more than willing to answer any questions and satisfy and problems you may have.
   thanks for clarification one more question from Pete (  4/19/1999 4:42:00 AM
 seems like very knowledgeable people here so I have one more question if I may - who,what where did Winner boats go? Know they are out of buisness but are they made by some other name now or what exactly happened to them ? A friend of mine has one with a 200 Yam on it and it rides great,seems like it was a well built boat,he cant seem to find the history on Winner's. Thanks
   Winner Boats from Mark (  4/19/1999 1:48:00 PM
 Winner went out of business about ten years ago. Ned Nomelly(sp)designer and owner, went to Bass Pro shops to start the fiberglass boat lines. I went to the auction the day they cleaned the plant out. Most of the molds were bought by Aries Boats in Dickson,Tn and some are still in use today. Look at an Aries and you will see the Winner design is still alive.
   Thanks Mark from Pete (  4/19/1999 4:12:00 PM
 I'll pass it along
   Look at Champion F/S from Robert (  4/19/1999 5:25:00 PM
 Before buying anything, look at the Champion 181 or 190 series fish and ski models. The 181 Champion with a 120HP Merc. OB starts at $14995 and goes from there. Excellent quality boat! Good Luck!!



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