Johnson 200 Venom Problems Johnson 200 Venom Problems
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    Johnson 200 Venom Problems
from Tm (  
4/19/1999 1:30:00 PM


 I am having some problems with my Johnson 200. When I am idling at slow speed the engine has a tendency to die. If I increase speed and idle fast then I do not have a problem. Also if I am idling slow and the engine starts to sputter, if I push the choke then it picks up. I am tired of pushing the choke all the time and am wondering what I can do to fix this problem. Also when I am going forward and shift into reverse the engine will die if I do not push the choke. Any help out there is appreciated.

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   idle from Ron (  4/19/1999 3:59:00 PM
 I would try to change fuel filter first. It sounds like its starving for fuel.
   200-what year??????????? from seahorse (  4/19/1999 6:22:00 PM
 The later V6's have idle adjustments. Have you had a QUALIFIED tech check it out?
   Idle problem from john (  4/19/1999 10:04:00 PM
 I have a 1998 200 venom that i am just completing the break in procedure on. the first two trips to the lake i had exactly the idle problems you describe. made it a bear to get on and off the trailer and up to the dock. i described the problem to the dealer and he set the idle speed up about 1 1/2 turns on the screw. this gave me about 150 more rpm at idle and made a tremendous improvement on the engine dying at slow speeds. i still run a little rough but believe this will improve as i quit running double oil and change the spark plugs (part of 20 hour check. you might check that idle speed.
   Johnson 200 Venom Problems from Tm (  4/20/1999 8:27:00 AM
 Sounds like I need to have an idle adjustment. The motor is a 93. Thanks for the responses.
   '93 engine from seahorse (  4/20/1999 8:44:00 PM
 The early '93 engines had fixed idle jets but the later production engines had adjustable air bleed screws. They turn clockwise to richen up the idle. Also make sure that the engine is warming up enough at idle. If you can hold your hand on top of either cylinder head for more than 3 seconds, the thermostats are in need of replacement.



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