Where is Lake X ? Where is Lake X ?
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    Where is Lake X ?
from Dick (  
4/22/1999 10:39:00 PM


 Where is lake x located and is there another name for this lake?

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   If we told you we would have to kill you..Grin.. No Msg from John (  4/22/1999 11:07:00 PM
   Lake X from K Nance (  4/23/1999 12:35:00 AM
 Only Mercury owners are allowed to fish there. They give you directions and parking passes in any new Merc you buy. Thats where Roland, Hank, and Bill film all theyre shows also. Its the secret and sacred land of 10 pounders on everycast!
   "lake x".......... from Riverat (  4/23/1999 4:21:00 AM
 GRANTED...Lake X is "Classified", (Area-52), but it DOES exist!!!!!!! Hidden in the bowels of $$#(**, surrounded by 10ft fenceing topped w/razor wire, guarded by camo-garbed, face-less kill-freaks, & overseen & protected by those unmarked, nasty-lookin' "black helicopters"!!!!!!!!! But, all kidding aside, it DOES exist, & it IS well-guarded!!!! (the 'competition',if you want to call it that, is FIERCE!!!!)
   Lake X from Dave Sailer (  4/23/1999 7:08:00 AM
 Lake X is real! It is located about 10 miles to the east of Saint Cloud, Florida. It is a private lake. All the surrounding property is owned by Mercury Marine. They do have a large test facility there. They do alot of work on racing boats at the facility. It is fenced and guarded. I have been there once, and it is quite a facility. The entire place is focused on testing and development.
   This it? from Subman (  4/23/1999 7:52:00 AM
   Lake X from Rob Shaw (  4/23/1999 8:18:00 AM
   Subman... from Newpy (  4/23/1999 10:26:00 AM
 Hey Subman, you CIA or what?

Actually I've used TerraServer also. Pretty nifty tool aint it? Guess Lake X ain't so secret anymore thanks to Special Agent Subman. Good work!!


   Lake X from brad (  4/23/1999 10:49:00 AM
 If you look around the image, it even shows a boat being tested. Looks like, from the trail it is leaving, that it is really going!
   Lake X from Scott Gilmore (  4/23/1999 10:57:00 AM
 Pickup a Florida Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme, go to page 87 & look for Lake Conlin, that's Lake X . It's just east of St Cloud. DeLormes website is www.delorme.com . Scott
   Lake X from Bassbandit (  4/23/1999 12:27:00 PM
 I'm sorry to say Lake X is not on this Planet. The reason being Mercury wants total privacy in their testing.
   Just follow the smell from Doug (  4/23/1999 2:05:00 PM
 Just follow the smell of burning rice!
   Lake X from Katman (  4/23/1999 2:53:00 PM
 If you look at the map. Those aren't boats driving around the lake. They are actually cruise missiles protecting the barriers from Spy's. Don't want any Omc guys getting in there.
   Lake X from Bill (  4/23/1999 6:02:00 PM
 You don't have to worry about the OMC guys , their Fichts would blow up before they could get them on the water
   Lake X from Lee (  4/23/1999 8:39:00 PM
 I just bought a '99 200 EFI Merc. and they did not tell me where Lake X is. I sure would like to know so they could help me get the most out of my motor.
   Lake X and Lee from Kevin from FLŪ (  4/23/1999 10:39:00 PM
 K. Nance has it down pretty well but they do a background check to make sure you are an only Child and have no other Relatives living before you get the Pass. Once the Pass is issued you are free for immediate access to the lake. Please take note that once you enter the Compound you will never be able to leave! You can run your boat and Fish till your heart is content, but you will NEVER leave the Lake X Complex. But hey, WHO WOULD WANT TO LEAVE!!!!
   Lake Junk from Jim/GA (  4/24/1999 4:28:00 PM
 I don't believe that Lake X exists because if it did I would not be replacing my 4 year old Mariners with Yamahas.Mercury is selling a lot of crap that dosen't hold up under even limited use.Almost every mechanic I have talked to says they are seeing a lot of new Mercury/Mariners come in with problems.Their lower units suck!!!They may go fast but they do not last!!!!
   What's wrong Jim get dusted by a MERC today? from Mark (  4/24/1999 4:59:00 PM
 Get over it Mercury rules and you know it.
   Lake-X from Carlton (  4/24/1999 7:00:00 PM
 Maybe Mercury will let OMC use Lake-X so they can test their engines before they sell them.



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