oil/gas ratio 1956 johnson 30 horse oil/gas ratio 1956 johnson 30 horse
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    oil/gas ratio 1956 johnson 30 horse
from Mark (  
5/1/1999 7:48:00 AM


 A friend of mine purchased a 1956 johnson 30 horse and asked me if I knew the correct oil to gas ratio, I didnt want to give him the wrong advice so can anyone solve this for me? also Im leaving in a few minutes to look at possibly my new boat, 97 ranger 451 150 Faststrike....wish me luck, First saw It for sale on this board.Thanks Gerry for the great site. Mark

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   gas oil from jim (  5/1/1999 11:56:00 AM
 The recommended ratio when the motor was made was 24:1. However, my dad had a 1957 35hp johnson about 25 yrs ago and we were told back then if we used the tc-w approved oils we could mix it at 50:1. Since todays oils are much better than the original TC-W rated oils I think it should still hold true. Of course you could e-mail OMC and ask them.
   Old OB's from Dunk (  5/1/1999 5:54:00 PM
 Mark, what Jim said was true and was told to people back then. That engine was designed to run on 16 to 1 non detergent 30sae motor oil in 1956. Do not, I repeat do not deviate from the 16 to 1 mix even with the new oils. Dunk
   Hey Dunk, 30wt SAE Motor Oil? from Kevin from FLŪ (  5/1/1999 6:20:00 PM
 WoW, I was born in 1955. Growing up I remember my Grandfather using a 6 oz Coke bottle to measure the amount of oil for the gas tank. Never paid attention to the type of oil he was mixing (couldn't wait to catch a fish). Thanks for the memory Dunk, times have sure changed. Have a Good-un, Kevin
   Oil from Greg (  5/2/1999 6:07:00 AM
 1/2 Pint of oil ( 8 ounces ) to a gallon of fuel. A five gallon tank would take 40 ounces of oil ( 1 Qt. + 8 ounces). A 6 gallon tank would take 48 ounce( 1 QT. 16 ounces). Thes old engines need lubrication. When I was in high school,( born in 1942), I ran a used 1952 15HP Evenrude, and a new 1959 18HP Johnson day after day. I used the " old outboard motor oil" ( not this "new formulation" ) and NEVER had a problem. ( some smoke, but no problems ). Yes those were the days of " QUALITY ". OMC made GREAT ENGINES in those days. Every now and then I see one of these units still running, and it brings back memories of old friends and " good times ". -----Greg.
   Thanks for the info. from Mark (  5/2/1999 8:01:00 AM
 Thanks for the info on the ratio, I will pass it on to my friend, Good thing I didnt give him advice it would have been wrong!!! Good news,I put a dp down on a Ranger 451 yesterday , should be able to pick it up this week..Mark
   oil and old OB's...Try this site... from imbass (  5/3/1999 12:11:00 AM
 This guy does nothing but work on vintage outboards. I believe he recommends 50:1. He also can supply service manuals for those "old-timers".



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