180.00 to much for Hydraulic Jack Plate Installation 180.00 to much for Hydraulic Jack Plate Installation
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    180.00 to much for Hydraulic Jack Plate Installation
from David (  
5/4/1999 12:15:00 PM


 The dealer where I purchased my boat wants 180.00 to install a CMC PL65 jack plate. Is this typical or seem a little high. I can't imagine this taking more than a couple of hours to do. I've found the jack plate on Overtons web site for 589.99. Dealer wanted 700.00. Sound about right?

They also sell this jack plate with and without a gauge. What does the gauge display? Do you need a water pressure gauge when you add a jack plate?

I know this is a lot of questions but appreciate each response. Thanks!


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   jacked up from Rich (  5/4/1999 12:59:00 PM
 Definitely get a water pressure guage. Even without a jack plate it is a very good idea. It is your first line of defense against over heating and detroying your outboard. The guage I don't know maybe engine height? If so it sounds like a good idea also. I assume you mean that the dealer wants $700 plus $180 for installation. If so, that seems a bit high. If $180 is to install the unit you buy from Overton's that is probably reasonable. It is very difficult to work in a boat small compartment areas, often a confusing mess of wires, etc. Add in the responsibility of drilling into your boat and think again about the price. JMHO. GL &GF
   Price? from U_s_a (  5/4/1999 1:05:00 PM
 I'd charge you $350 for installation and schedule it one week before the end of the season. Make sure you put Wal-Mart $2.00 a gallon oil in it too! Are you pulling the rig with a 1972 farm truck? m m m m m m m m m m m U S A
   Jack-Plate from Jim (  5/4/1999 1:07:00 PM
 I don't know if the prices are within reason, but shop around, you might find better prices. The gauge displays the height of your plate, like a trim gauge. This is helpful when you find a good running spot for example wot. You can mark this on the gauge, say 3/4 up then if you lower it for take off you can go back to that same spot later when you run. This is so you are not searching for the right height of the plate. Everyone I have ever spoke with recommends a water presure gauge with any jack-plate. This is usually a separate item from the jack-plate cost.
   Do you have access to an engine hoist? from Greg (  5/4/1999 1:27:00 PM

If you can get access to an engine hoist (may even be able to rent one for $20.00 a day), it is simple enough of a job to do. A lifting fixture for the engine can be had for about next to nothing (large eye bolt that screws into the top of the flywheel). The whole job could take you 4 hours, but you save the coin on paying someone else to do it. The CMC unit is mounted to the outside of the jack plate, and only requires the power leads and the actuator wires to be run to the console area. The gauge and toggle switch is easy enough to put in, but if you don't have the time or space to do the work the price is not that far off of the mark....Greg

   Jack Plate from John H (  5/4/1999 1:34:00 PM
 Buy the Jack Plate directly from Overton's and have your dealer install it. $180 to install a hydraulic plate does not sound out of line. If the gauge shows the height of the Jack Plate, you probably do not need that. DEFINATELY INSTALL A WATER PRESSURE GAUGE!!
   did it myself from Oley (  5/4/1999 8:32:00 PM
 I installed a hydro Rite-Hite. I'm an excessive type personality and wanted everything just perfect. Took me one full day. If time is money, then I lost my butt. Ain't no way I'd install one for someone for only $180. Sounds like a bargin to me and you got someone to bitch at when it breaks.
   do it yourself!! from Scott (  5/6/1999 1:05:00 AM
 I just bought a CMC PL65 from Cabela's Marine catalog for 649.99 with the gauge. I installed it myself with the help of a hoist and it took all of 1-1/2 hours. I was very careful and did a perfect job. There is no drilling done to your transom. The jack plate fits in your existing holes. You then mount your motor to the plate with 4 bolts. It's that easy. I don't know what Rich is talking about. The CMC has the hydraulic pump built into the plate and you don't have to work in small compartments! Unless he is talking about running the wires to your battery and the toggle switch to your dash?? The height gauge is very nice and be sure to install the water pressure gauge. I thought it was very easy but I do all of my boat work myself. The CMC is a great product. My boat handles a 100% better! I strongly recommend it! Good luck. Chaparral Scott



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