Removing decals from fiberglass Removing decals from fiberglass
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    Removing decals from fiberglass
from Lou (  
5/4/1999 2:35:00 PM


 I recently bought a boat from out of state, and I need to change the hull ID numbers. What compund can I use to remove the old decal glue residue, but not damage the finish to the hull. The boat is fiberglass, and is an all metalflake hull with a gloss coat over the gelcoat. Would appreciate any advise out there.

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   sticky stuff from osprey (  5/4/1999 3:04:00 PM
 The remedy for your problem may be a close as your garage.WD-40 works great to remove adhesive residue and it won't hurt the finish of your boat.The only draw back is that you have to clean the hull with alcohol to get the new decals to stick.Good luck and tight lines
   Decal Remover from Blindpig (  5/4/1999 3:07:00 PM
 The best product I have found is called "Sticker Shock" It is in a aerosol spray can. I get at Walmarts, in automotive section. I have heard it is harder to get in someplaces. If can't find here is who makes it. "Klean Strip" W.M. Barr & Co. Inc. Memphis TN 38101. The product number is BS-317. If you can find it, this stuff works great. Eats adhesives and does not damage gelcoat. Good luck with your new boat.
   Hair dryer from Ron (  5/4/1999 3:17:00 PM
 I've used the above mentioned items to remove the glue lef behind, but, to get the actual labels off first I use my wifes hair dryer, it only takes about 30 seconds of heat from the dryer to get the lables softened up to where they pull right off with tweezers...sometimes no glue is even left behind.
   Finger nail polish remover from jake (  5/4/1999 9:01:00 PM
 Had a problem with the hand laid hull sticker on my new boat and the dealer told me to use either acetone or finger nail polish remover to remove the old glue. I used finger nail polish on one side and it required a lot of elbow grease and on the other side I used acetone and it came right off. Just remeber that when you use either one be sure to clean it real well and rewax anything that the acetone or finger nail polsih remover may have touched with the exception of where the sticker was. It won't damage your gel-coat but it does take off the wax.
   Acetone is safe on gelcoat, but... from Phil (  5/4/1999 9:59:00 PM
 Lou, just as Jake said, rinse it thouroly< nebber could spell none> and rinse it quickly. Also one other thing. To remove the stickers if they are intact, use a heatgun, carefully, a hairdryer, liberally. You can likely take the sticky off with the sticker. Good luck, Phil ;)
   Decals from Kraig (  5/5/1999 11:31:00 AM
 A heat gun is your best bet then acetone to remove any adhesive residue.



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