Dual Pro Problems??? Dual Pro Problems???
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    Dual Pro Problems???
from Dp (  
5/18/1999 9:56:00 AM


 I have a dual pro hooked up to my TM batteries ( 27 Interstate). The charger and batteries have worked great for a year, but recently I've noticed something different. My batteries will charge all the way to green, then when I check back in a couple of days, one side of the charger is showing completely red. I've even charged to green, unplugged the unit for a minute,plugged it back in, and the same side shows complete red. I thought one of my batteries was bad, because it's always the same side that goes red. I switched the batteries and it's doing the same thing. Anybody had this experience? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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   Dual Pro from Mark C. (  5/18/1999 11:00:00 AM
 What you are seeing is your Dual Pro Charger analyzing your batteries before starting the charge process. This happens every time the battery charge drops below a specific level. When you unplug the charger after you get green lights and you plug it back in right away and see red lights, that's the charger analyzing the conditon of the battery before it starts charging. This will happen every time. It should be just a short time before the green light comes on again as the battery is already charged. This also happens when you leave the charger plugged in as it's not really charging once the green light comes on but when the battery charge drops below a certain level, the analyze and charge sequence begins again. I read this in the manual but call CSI if you want to be sure.
   Thannks Mark from Dp (  5/18/1999 12:04:00 PM
 My dealer didnt give me a CSI book,,thanks again
   Same thing for me from Rob Muller (  5/18/1999 2:00:00 PM
 Dp- the same thing happens with my two brand new Delco Voyager batteries (27) on my dual pro. I'm not so sure MarkC knows what we're talking about. According to Mark after the red shows on one bank (in what he calls the analyzing mode) it should turn green shortly thereafter. Mine takes close to 2 hrs. to turn green. If I charge them when I get back from a day of fishing they both show full red (which they should)and take about 6 hrs. to charge then it shows green on both sides. If I disconnect the charger for 3-4 days and plug it back in one side will be green and the other side will be red. It won't turn green, as I said before, for about 2-3 hrs.
   sounds like Dp and Rob have a current drain from Larry (  5/18/1999 2:44:00 PM
 Guys, something is drawing current with that battery when you believe everything is shutoff. Check it with an ammeter inline, just like leaving your car door ajar and the dome light drains the battery in your car after a few days.
   Rob, that's it....Larry, How do I test?? from Dp (  5/18/1999 3:34:00 PM
 As far as I know, the TM is the only thing hooked up to those batteries.Could it be drawing amps?
   Same charger, different problem from Rod (  5/18/1999 7:33:00 PM
 I've got the same charger, but a different problem. I just bought a used boat ('97) with the dual pro in it. One side works fine, but the other is totally black. No charge whatsoever. I switched batteries with no change. Is there a fuse somewhere that I'm unaware of that could be out?
   Sounds simple but from BottomFisher (  5/18/1999 7:54:00 PM
 I know this sounds like some simple silly advice but I would just disconnect the trolling motor, fully recharge the batteries and then see if in a day the battery has run down some. If not, it's the trolling motor bleeding current through or the associated wiring goin to it, if the battery does go down and you have no wires hooked to it it's the battery. To isolate where in the trolling motor's wiring harness the problem is, just use a multimeter or continuity light (costs about 4.00) and check for grounds from the hot side of the wiring harness to ground with the ground lead hooked to the battery and the hot lead disconnected. If had to take a long shot, I would say your trolling motor's controls are your source of current draw. Just a thought, hope it helps.
   Test for drain from Jim (  5/18/1999 8:54:00 PM
 The simple way to test for battery drain from the trolling motor is to disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then take a 12V pencil type tester and put it between the battery post and the negative cable. If the light comes on, you have a drain on the system and if the trolling motor is the only thing there then that is the culprit. Good luck. Jim
   Same situation from NealO (  5/18/1999 9:44:00 PM
 My dual pro does the exact same thing as DP's & Rob's. I unplug it overnight (BIG storms) and the next morning I see at least 4 red lights. It does take a couple of hours for them to go to green- too long to just be analyzing. All switches are off and the TM is unplugged. I thought maybe cheap batteries, but now I'm starting to wonder. Everything seems to work OK, I can troll for hours, but it is interesting to say the least. I didn't get a manual either.


   Could also be 1 of 2 other problems from Rob (  5/18/1999 10:25:00 PM
 I have a Dual Pro and noticed that if your connections are not clean it will send the charger into the charge mode. The dirty connection does not allow the full voltage to reach the charger causing the charger to turn on. If your connections are clean you could also have a dead cell. If your batteries are not maintenance free use a hydrometer to check each cell. You will likely find that one cell is not coming to full charge. This is why it discharges quickly and causes the charger to turn on. Hope this helps!
   Same problem from Watereeman (  5/18/1999 10:30:00 PM
 DITTO, I just bought a dual pro xl about two months ago and it does the same thing.I have also unplugged the trolling motor and the red lights take sometime to turn to green. My unit did'nt come with a owners manual I bought it brand new not used.
   Dual Pro phone # from Pappy (  5/18/1999 10:43:00 PM
 DP, on my last set of batteries it did what you described, one side would go completely blank and a few days later that same side would show a lot of red and needed to be recharged. It hasn't done it yet on my new batteries, keeping my fingers crossed. Beginning to wonder if my charger is going bad since that one battery went "dead" before the other one. The last # I had for Dual Pro(CSI) is 1 800 742-2740. My owners manual didn't really give a good explanation as to why this was happening. Hope this helps, keep us updated if you find any "secrets".
   Yooo guys from Rob Muller (  5/19/1999 8:39:00 AM
 I think we've stumbled onto something here. NealO and Dp- you guys have the exact same thing happening as I do. Please keep in touch on this. I have a main power switch that is turned off so I know none of my electronics are draining it. Also, I always unplug the TM when charging so it's not that. Possibly a short in the wiring to the TM? I don't think so either. What I did once, when one side showed green and the other all red, is to uplug and plug back in a couple of times until it showed both green. Don't know what this did but it worked. The TM seems to work all day as advertised so I'm more inclined to think it is the Dual Pro rather than my new batteries. Again, keep in touch guys- I'm curious as hell.
   Dual Pro battery charger from Carl J. (  5/19/1999 12:36:00 PM
 Guys, I brought a 97 Skeeter that had a Dual Pro charger in it and it quit working, called the factory, the toll-free phone number is on top of the unit, on Sunday and left a message, Monday bright and early, the factory calls me back and ask me a couple of questions. Then they want to know my address so they can send me another unit, can't beat that response from anybody. So call the factory as they are wanting to help you, great company to do business with. Great fishing



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