difference between Ranger R series and Commanche Series difference between Ranger R series and Commanche Series
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    difference between Ranger R series and Commanche Series
from Stumper (  
6/6/1999 12:08:00 AM


 What is the difference between the two boats other than color combination and trailor choices? Livewell options? Wiring? Layers of Glass? Weight?

Any help will be appreciated. The salesperson said the main difference was the commanche has more color options and the options for the trailer. I have a hard time beliefing that makes up the $12,000 difference!

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   R series, great boats from Rt (  6/6/1999 1:12:00 AM
 Stumper, The difference between the comanche and sport is the availiblity of colors and the upohlstry color. With the sport you can get the same trailer as the comanche. I have a R83 and could not be happier. Feel free to e-mail me.


   Sport/Commanche Differences from Tim (  6/6/1999 6:45:00 AM
 Stumper, a couple of other differences are the upholstery in the Commanche series looks much fancier but I don't know that indicates better quality. The Commanches come with power pedestals where the sports have non-adjustable pedestals. The 500 series Commanche does have above and below water livewell aeration where the sport series has above water only. There are also design differences in the hull but I reallly don't know what kind of ride and performance differences you would see between say an R91, 487VS, and 519VS which are similare in size and layout.

I had a 361 Commanche, 393 Commanche, and now an R91 Sport. I've been all through this R91 and it appears to be built just like the old 300 series Commanches meaning it is sold as a rock. The hull has been changed some and 8" of setback added. The R91 handles better and is faster than my old 393.

If you take a basic R91 package and compare it to a loaded out 519VS, there might be $12,000 difference. If you dress up the R91 to give it the same options as the 519VS, you'll probably find the difference in the $5,000 to $6,000 range. Compare the loaded out R91 to a similar 487VS and you'll find the price difference even smaller.

   Spelling correction only from Tim (  6/6/1999 10:29:00 AM
 Paragraph 2 in my above post should state "solid" as a rock vice "sold" as a rock!
   Comanche/Sport differences from Vince (  6/6/1999 10:49:00 AM
 Stumper, Tim is right on the button. I think that if you compare the R91 - R93 to the 487 - 488 series (a closer comparison in size, hull, and layout), say, with the upgrade to the deluxe tandem trailer, power pedestals, color choices. Also, if you COULD upgrade to the tuck and roll upholstery, Comanche style livewell plumbing, dual 26 gal fuel tanks (insted of single 47 gal), I would think that the difference in price would be in the under $2k range. I don't own a Ranger now, but, my last boat was a 390 Apache, and when I decided to replace it, the R 91-93 was high on my list. However, when I began shopping, I discovered that the price on a 1999 base R series had reached almost $30k ($29,900 in Mich.). With the desired options it would have gone over considerably. I am seeing that a number of pros, though, are going with the R 91 instead of the Comanche. I have heard that they are a little faster, handle a little better, and sacrifice nothing in the ride. Keep in mind that some of these guys can have their pick. Vince
   Color/Trailer Combinations from JSouthern (  6/6/1999 11:07:00 AM
 Actually you can get custom color combinations; it just cost you an extra $1000.00. You also have to wait eight to twelve weeks for a custom order. You can even get the Deluxe trailer with trailer brakse, cool hubs, and fiberglass color matched fenders for an additional $1000.00. Just ask your dealer. That puts the Commanche Series at $10,000 higher for more or less the same boat. You can add the rod tie downs your self. The R81, R82 and R83 hulls are 3" shorter and 1-1/2" less beam than the 518vx hull. The shape of the hulls are almost identical. They were both based on the 461 hull. The side rails on the 518vx are narrower and this makes the front deck arrpox 6" wider. The main diffenence is that the 518vx is rated for a 200 while the R8X series are rated for a 175. Keep in mind that the 519vs and the 518vs are completely different hulls and top decks. They have much less deck/storage space than the 518vx and are much deeper. They are much slower than the 518vx or R8x series hulls with the same hp motor.

There are a lot of little extras on the 518vx like the rubber step to the left of the trolling motor. However, you can buy a lot of extras for $10,000. I firmly believe that the Commanche Series is not worth the difference in price. However, just like cars, someone always want to have a status symbol. Ranger, like most companies, just takes advantage of this type of person. I studied these boats this year very well this year, I own an R70 Ranger now and want to trade for a 2000 model. After all of my reaseach and looking I finally have decided on the zx185 Skeeter with either a Yahama 150 or 175. I simply think that it is a better boat. Good luck with your choice...

   Should have said sx185 not zx185 from JSouthern (  6/6/1999 11:16:00 AM
 Sorry, Fr some reason I always want to call is a ZX instead of an SX.
   R series from Jim (  6/6/1999 12:03:00 PM
 The R series hulls are based on the old 300 series with some modifications/improvements. One thing that is different is the resin used in the manufacture between the two boats (AME 4000 vs AME ?). You figure out which one is best. Cobra boats are made with AME 5000 resin (lifetime warranty), Allison is made with AME 4000, provided for reference only. I recommend you call the factory, I did, and get the straight answers as opposed to listining to some salesman. The differences are much greater than just color schemes! Good Luck with whichever you choose.
   Comment on Resins for Jim from Tim (  6/6/1999 12:49:00 PM
 Jim, If I understand your post correctly, someone at Ranger told you that the Sport series and Commanche series use 2 different types or grades of AME resins. I'm not disagreeing with you as I know nothing about what type of resins Ranger uses. What I do know is that on the Ranger Website under "Ask Ranger" they state that the Sport series are built with the same materials and processes as the Commanche and Fisherman series. Most dealers will tell you the same thing. If what you were told is correct, their website is either out of date or slightly misleading. I'm going to call or email the factory and see if I get the same answer. I will post whatever I find out. Thanks for the info.
   Resin from Kevin from FLŪ (  6/6/1999 1:29:00 PM
 Allison boats have AME 4000 and AME 5000 resins utilized in there construction. Kevin
   r- series from willie (  6/6/1999 8:41:00 PM
 Ok boys heres the deal. the sport series and the comanche models do in fact use the same lay up,same resin, same roven mat everything is the same,same gel coat,same carpet,same seat covers, the padding is different. the sports do not come std with the comanche style trailer and yes u can upgrade the colors or swithch the carpet colors. i worked at the plant for 15 years and if u want to talk to some at the plant to back up what i am saying u can call greg hopper and he will take as much time as u would like. as far as the hulls being the "old" 300 styles nothing could be further from the truth. the hulls are an all new design all new molds,everything. if u look at the 519 deck layout and, the r91 u will notice they r the same. the set backs are different. if u look at the 487/488 hulls u will notice they r the same as the r91 also. and mr. j southern if u looked at both boats and felt the skeeter was a better built boat i would love to hear your reasoning for that decision. again u can call 870-453-2222 ask for ge=reg hopper and he will answer all your questions,no problem
   Never said Skeetet was built better. from JSouthern (  6/6/1999 10:39:00 PM
 I never said that the Skeeter was built better. I said that i thought it was a better all around bass fishing boat. The Ranger is most likely a better built boat. ( They are sure heavy enough to support that argument ) However, I believe that the Skeeters are built with enough strength to make a comparison pointless. I personally like the ride of the skeeters better. I think they corner better and have a smoother ride in choppy water. The Skeeters seem to skip over the waves and the rangers tend to plow through them.

The biggest difference is the price. In my opinion, you get better value for your money with a Skeeter. The SX series is the top of the line skeeter while the R Series the bottom of the Ranger line. The Skeeter is more compariable to the 518 & 519 rangers if you compare the options and is about $10,000 cheaper.

   Nice try though from ryan (  6/7/1999 1:12:00 AM
 Boy you sure sound confident don't you?! You're quite sadly mistaken. The ZX IS the top of the line skeeter, and SX is their affordable boat. There is no such boat as an sx185(there is an sx186); you were right the first time when you said zx185! Sorry, I don't normally do this, but I can't stand uninformed consumers!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Sorry, Ryan I am not quite perfect.... from JSouthern (  6/7/1999 10:01:00 AM
 I gave the brochure to a friend of mine and can't seem to remember the SX vs ZX. I am sorry that my typo upset you so much. You might want to lighted up on the caffine a little.
   Thanks Willie, you are correct from Tim (  6/7/1999 12:30:00 PM
 I called the Ranger Factory today and was assured that all Ranger boats use the same resins, gelcoats, etc. From a manufacturing and purchasing standpoint, this makes sense. One other significant cost saver in the Sport series is that they have one gas tank while most all the Commanches have dual tanks.



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