Fisher boats, F 18 FS rigged w/ 150 EFI Mercury???? Fisher boats, F 18 FS rigged w/ 150 EFI Mercury????
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    Fisher boats, F 18 FS rigged w/ 150 EFI Mercury????
from Tim (  
6/23/1999 5:58:00 PM


 I'm in the market for Fish/Ski boat. The versatility is one of the biggest attractions for my wife and I. I could use your unbaised opinions about fisher boats, are they good boats or not?, and your opinions about merc outboards. What is a fair price to pay for a F18FS w/150 EFI merc? Do you have any other recommendations for the type of boat I'm looking for? Thanks!

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   Fs-18 from Chuck (  6/23/1999 8:59:00 PM
 Tim, Fisher Boats are the old Tracker (NITRO) models and the FS-18 is like the old Nitro 180 FS. I used to own a 180FS and had many years of enjoyment out of it. I only had a Mercury 115 hp on it and was disappointed in it's hole shot and speed performance, but otherwise the motor ran flawless. I've a friend who has the Mercury 150 carb. motor on his 180 FS and it's fantastic. If you put a 150 EFI on your boat I'm sure you'll be very happy. My wife was also very pleased with the second console on the FS boats. I sold my 180FS earlier this year only because it was cheaper to buy a new boat than repower the old boat with a 150 motor which it badly needed as I've been fishing tournamants. I would very highly recommend the Mercury Motor and if you can swing the cost consider the Optimax 150. I've got a 225 Optimax on my new boat and it's a dream (fantastic on gas too!). I would give a strong look a the TRITON line of boats. There very well equipped and the price is right!!! The quality is far superior to Fisher, but again Fisher's not a bad entry boat. Good Luck and if I can help further give me an email. Chuck
   F/S Boat from Mark (  6/24/1999 8:57:00 AM
 I'm looking at the Procraft 180 combo with a 125 Mercury. I have researched this to no end and I believe that this is the best boat dollar for dollar. The Tritons are thousands more. Also if you go with the 150 it will cost you an extra 2 grand. Check out the Procraft series on Good luck.
   fisher boat from Pg (  6/24/1999 12:28:00 PM
 Tim I have a friend that just sold a 97 F18DC/115 mercury low hours, perfect shape, he lost his butt. He ended up buying a 1999 181 champion/1999 150 mercury for the same price he paid for the fisher. the Fisher is a looker, but first check front deck for room, a 6'6" rod will not set on deck without being on the top cap, the seats look great but there is a board under front of seat that you will feel in rough water. just my obersations while fishing in his F18DC. His champion runs and handles great, and resale will be much better. just my 2 cents.
   Check out Champion 181SX from JohnM (  6/25/1999 9:09:00 AM
 I love mine it leans more towards fish than ski, but attach the ski bar and it will get the job done without a problem. it manages to jerk my big butt (250 pounds)out of the water on one ski no problem. My old boat with a 115 would not get me up one one and had problems in the summer with more than 3 people in the boat. I have a 150- Yamaha but if price is a big concern get the Merc 150 XR-6 all EFI does is make your motor start easier unless you travel to high elevations. If you go out west to the mountains get the EFI. You can check a Champion out on line at Good luck on your hunt, get ready for the hey your are "P.W'd" jokes at the ramp with your new fish and ski. I laugh twice as hard when I take home some of their money!
   F&S opinion from NealO (  6/25/1999 10:46:00 AM
  I went through every boat at the Tulsa show and compared layout, fit & finish. Chose the Champ 181SX w/ Merc 150EFI. I like the fact it leans more towards fish than ski. And the windshield is terrific especially when the temp drops. Can't remember Fisher- looked at too many brands to remember them all. Few even came close the the "visual" quality of ChampioN.

Like JohnM said, is the official source for details- but they don't have many pics. I'm no photographer, but there are several shots of the 181SX on my website.




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