Travis Edition Boats???? Travis Edition Boats????
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    Travis Edition Boats????
from Tommy Lee (  
6/30/1999 1:10:00 PM


 Thinking about going with a 1999 Travis Edition Sprint 296 Pro DC, w/ 175 EFI. Extras: Hot foot, trim on the wheel, x-45 on bow, Surface temp and tandem trailer. The dealer said I could get it for 19,550.00. This price is about 3,000.00 less than other Sprint dealers, so I would think this is a bargain. this brings me to my main concern, Can anyone give me any feedback on these Travis Edition Boats? The dealer stated that this was the same identical boat as other fibersport sprint dealers carried. Thanks in advance!

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   Travis Edition boats from Ned (  6/30/1999 1:41:00 PM
 Tommy, Travis Marine is a big outfit w/dealers in many states. I suppose, based on volume buying, they can put together packages that are very attractively priced. I am looking at them as well for a Cobra/Sprint boat. You might want to check post 21171 for data on Sprint. If you do decide to go with Travis I would be very interested in your overall satisfaction with your boat and the dealer. There probably will not be any difference in the boat from Travis vs any other dealer. I don't see how there could be. Good luck.
   Correction to above post from Ned (  6/30/1999 1:44:00 PM
 Tommy, that should read post 23171 instead of 21171. To find it quickly use the "search by" feature at the top of the page and key Sprint in the box.
   Ned from Jim (  6/30/1999 2:03:00 PM
 All you have to do is replace the post number at the end of the address on your browser and hit "ENTER". It will go there automatically. Jim
   Very happy with Travis. from Subman (  6/30/1999 3:12:00 PM
 They made it worth my time to drive 360 miles to purchase a boat(saved over 6 grand doing that) Service dept made sure everything was rite before I left and both service and sales made many follow up calls to insure my satifaction. I would strongly recommend them. BTW; I used the dealer that is in Ft Walton beach Florida.
   Travis Boats from Kelly Denham (  6/30/1999 3:31:00 PM
 I own a 95 Sprint 207Dc which I bought from Travis Boats in Arlington, TX. I agree, the buying power they have is a plus in getting the price down, but I also found out after I got home and re-read all the fine print that my boat was a 95 and the motor was a 94. I bought it in October of 95, so I never thought they had left over motors. I found out after asking that they buy all the left over OMC motors they can get they're hands on and warehouse them to use throughout the year. Not a big deal, as I saved considerably. Have had great service and no dealer or boat problems with Sprint.....OMC, I would not buy another though....Blown Powerhead at 24 months of ownership, and 2 tilt/trim motors in 3 years.... Glanced at your post, and you mentioned 175 EFI, so that shouldn't be a problem...
   Navigation Tip Thank you to Jim from Ned (  6/30/1999 4:51:00 PM
 Jim, Thanks for the tip
   Get the 200 on it Tommy, you'll be glad you did. from Basswipe (  6/30/1999 4:58:00 PM
 Make a post asking if you should max out the HP on it.
   travis from NealE (  6/30/1999 5:42:00 PM
 I bought my '99 sprint 286 from travis in AL. Great boat, they did me right on the price. I can't comment on the service because I haven't needed it yet. The only regret that i have is that I did not max out the HP. I got a 150 on the 286 (rated for 175), now I wish I had the extra 25 ponies as it only cost like $350 more. The 296 that you are looking at is rated for 200-give it 200. Travis buys in volume. I have been told that they get OMCs for 1/2 the price other dealers pay.
   Sprint 296 from David (  7/1/1999 11:59:00 AM
 I bought a 99 Sprint 296 PRO DC with a 200 Merc from travis in Hendersonville, Tn in may. I live in Ohio and saved over 4000.00 from what a dealer 30 miles away wanted. I added several options and still only paid 19800.00, well worth the drive. I would say max the HP or you will regret it later.



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