Primer bulb on 150hp engine. Primer bulb on 150hp engine.
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    Primer bulb on 150hp engine.
from Jay (  
7/4/1999 12:15:00 PM


 Will any other component stop the primer bulb to not become hard when pumped up? I can see the fuel filter fill up and have replaced the bulb itself but it won't get hard and stay that way. I ready to try Viagra if I have to. Should I get ANOTHER bulb? I appreciate any help.

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   Firm Bulb from Humminbird (  7/4/1999 2:21:00 PM
 Check values probably bad in bulb. Get new bulb. Good Luck


   Does the motor run ok? from Bob Davis (  7/4/1999 2:32:00 PM
 Jay, does your motor run ok with it pumped up? I have a 150 and pumped the thing once when I started the motor the first time. I haven't had to touch it since and have had the boat out at least 15 times. I don't run the carbs dry at the ramp when trailering. I just run it on the trailer and shut it off. It always starts up fine the next time out even with a few weeks in between. I did the same thing with my 40 hp mariner that I ran for 9 years. If your motor runs fine, I don't think you have a problem. If you were sucking air and starving for fuel you would notice it in performance. There are some expert motor guys on this board, maybe they can shed some light also. Good luck, Bob
   Bob, motor runs ok but I can't get it started very easily. from Jay (  7/4/1999 4:37:00 PM
 Is one brand of primer better than another? I bought the WalMart bulb. I believe it's an Attwood.
   primer bulbs from binkwood (  7/4/1999 5:47:00 PM
 Jay, you have to hold your primer bulb up, (perpendicular to the boat)when you pump it. If it is level, sometimes it won't pump up. Also, make sure you aren't sucking air anywhere else in your fuel system. The hose clamps they are using in outboards are usually plastic and eventually loosen up. Good luck.
   If your motor is hard to start... from Doug (  7/5/1999 12:11:00 AM
 If your motor is hard to start and the primer bulb won't firm up, you may want to pull the cover off your motor..LOOK carefully at the hoses going to the carbs..and then pump slowly.. also look at the fuel pumps... AS YOU PUMP the bulb LOOK for gas leaks at each connection. The zip ties they use for hose clamps are cruddy and sometimes another couple of zip ties can be placed on either side of a leaking one and temp. solve your problem without having to remove anything. You might want to just re-clamp all the lines you can get to with real metal hose clamps. That would be a good start regardless.

Another leaking point is where the fuel line clamps to the motor...Those connectors leak air sometimes and fuel can drip down the side of the motor unseen. Yours may not be removable but that's another point to check.

The other thing as others have told you is the primer bulb valves..and of course..VENT the FUEL TANK or make sure it's not in a vacuum stage with a plugged vent hose while you are trying to pump up the line.

One other possiblilty is leaking needle valves in the carbs (assuming carbs). If that's the case, you'll just shove fuel through the carbs and flood the motor, thus making it hard to start.

Let's put it this way.. When it's right, the primer bulb WILL pump up and become firm and not leak down under constant hand pressure. That's the way it's supposed to be. Anything less is "not working right" and can be corrected somehow. good luck

   primer bulb from mark (  7/5/1999 9:07:00 AM
 I am having the same problem, the bulb will not stay hard, if I hold the bulb perpendicular to the boat it stays hard but as soon as i lay it down it gets "squishy". The motor runs fine when it starts and I can get it started if i push the choke in for about 10-14 seconds. The bulb will stay hard if I empty out the fuel filter, and pump it back up. If anyone has any ideas let me know
   Thanks for all the suggestions...i'll try them and report back ! from Jay (  7/5/1999 11:19:00 AM
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