What happened to Cajun Boats? What happened to Cajun Boats?
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    What happened to Cajun Boats?
from elmo (  
7/6/1999 11:05:00 PM


 Why did Cajun go out of business? I recently bought a used 1993 Cajun 189 pro and wanted some info. on the boat only to find that cajun was out of business.

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   Jmho from mha (  7/7/1999 8:32:00 AM
 A good company that made a good boat smelled the money and got in bed with Travis boating centers only to find out too late that now instead of simply supplying boats that Travis was now calling the shots and in time bled them to death. Again, JMHO
   Hey mha from Jim (  7/7/1999 10:51:00 AM
 Expand on that thought some, please. I used to be a big Cajun fan, but I kind of lost track of them and never knew about the Travis deal. We have one Travis center down here but I've never been there. Thanks. Jim
   Cajun Boats demize from Butch Derickson (  7/7/1999 12:36:00 PM
 Cajun boats was bought up by Genmar corp. the same outfit that bought Ranger, Lund, Crestliner,etc. (also Operation Bass). For whatever reason the corporation decided that Cajun was not viable and decided to close it. I understand that Ranger dealers were charged with handling warranty claims for Cajun. I have a friend that has been in contact with the old Cajun factory and has ordered parts from them to fix up an old Cajun he bought. It seems that they are still there but not producing boats. Incidentally I lost all respect for Cajun when they started packaging their boats with Farce motors.
   Jim......... from mha (  7/7/1999 5:12:00 PM
 For the 3rd time, please note:JMHO, not based in fact. I owned 3 Cajuns and liked them all. I always held the thought that they were a good company who made a good product; then when approached about supplying Travis saw big possibilities. Everything goes along great for a while, then you realize Travis is selling your product cheaper than your other dealers can sell it for and stay alive so pretty soon they're gone; but that's O.K. you're moving a ton of units. Then Travis starts saying "we need this many by this date", "we'll only pay this much", "do it or else", etc. Your eggs are in one basket,so pretty soon you're cutting corners for time and money, pretty soon you're not in charge of your own company, pretty soon you don't have a company. That's just a thought that I've held, I could easily be wrong and actually would be quite delighted to be proven wrong.
   Laginape!! ( A little something extra) from luckycajun (  7/7/1999 7:54:00 PM
 Laginape says it all. A little something extra. Dem Cajuns be mo' better than good! They spent too much adding laginape to their boats and went out of business! I have a Cajun that will last forever!!!!
   The real Story from Bob (  7/7/1999 8:53:00 PM
 Actually the boats were cut into many pieces and used in Gumbo
   Cajun and Tavis from Redfish (  7/7/1999 11:29:00 PM
 Another thing Travis Boating Centers did in Texas and maybe elswhere was sell a Promaster line of boats manufactured by Fibersport in Mississippi. The Promaster hull design is very close to the Cajun CC and when equipped with a Johnson SPL motor sold for about $1-2k less. Now all Travis has left is Promaster. Wonder how long it will take them to put them under?
   So Long Cajun from John (  7/8/1999 12:31:00 AM
 Well fellas, ol'Butch has the has the story closest to the truth. Cajun was a Jenmar company. Cajun ran into some nasty labor problem and also some EPA trouble. Jenmar decided that the best way to resolve these issues would be to discontinue production of the Cajun line of boats.

By the way, what's the deal with the Travis Boat thing. They must have treated quite a few people pretty terrible, huh?

   Travis's Boating Center from RussJ (  7/9/1999 2:24:00 PM
 Well, I know this doesn't help with elmo's question, but I do not particularly care for the Travis Boat Center located about 1/2 mile from here (my office). We have a large Air Force Base in this area and even though I do not work for the Air Force, I do wear a uniform every day. I feel as though I am looked down upon when I visit the place for some reason. I think that a lot of businesses have some sort of attitude about military people in this area. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but still they should be a little more welcoming. I guarantee you that my money spends just as well somewhere else, if not better. The Travis' here has a very good lure selection and that's the only reason I go there, but the prices are high for this area. Anyway, I'll never buy a boat from these guys. Just thought I would get my b*(&%ing done for the day.



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