Mercruiser I-drive: neutral adjustment? Mercruiser I-drive: neutral adjustment?
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    Mercruiser I-drive: neutral adjustment?
from GTO John (  
7/15/1999 2:08:00 PM


 i have a 1980 glastron with a mercruiser 898 v-8, neutral is hard to find. when i take it from drive to neutral it stays in gear, keeps idling forward. same with reverse. the shifter is kinda hard to move, and i dont think it has provisions to give it throttle while in neutral. what should i do? docking is very difficult!

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   Hard shifting MerCruiser from lakensea (  7/16/1999 7:06:00 AM
 You need to replace or check the wiring on the shift assist switch. It is located on the shift cable bracket. With the engine running manually actuate the switch. The engine should stop. If it does, then it has to be adjusted. Bend the tab until the switch activates with the roller 1/8" out of the "V" groove (use an 1/8" drill bit). If it has been bent out of shape, replace it. If the switch does not work, check it with a continuity checker and check the wiring. The switch works by grounding out the (-) side of the coil. The switch works by momentarily killing the engine to reduce the load on the gears allowing them to disengage. Do not use the boat as it is as you will damage the shift cable and possibly other components in the gear box. If after you get the switch working, the engine stalls going into gear, you have to have the shift cable replaced.
   okay, where is this switch? from GTO John (  7/16/1999 10:10:00 AM
 so this is kinda like the neutral safety switch that keeps me from starting in gear? I have 2 wires, 1 gray and 1 black near the distributor. seems the grey has 12 volts when the key is on. bet these are the wires if i can find the switch! thanks dude!
   Sloppy Shifting from Bill (  7/16/1999 10:34:00 AM
 "I-drive" = I/O stern drive, right?

From your description of the problem, it sounds like you have too much slop in the shift linkages if the thing is still in gear when the shifter is in the neutral position. This could be lose adjustments, a broken bushing or adjustment sleeve, bad secondary cable from the linkage pivots down to the lower unit, broken cable stops, etc.

You should fix this before attempting to adjust the engine stumble switch. BTW, the switch is there mainly to take pressure off the shifting mechanism in the lower unit bullet to allow it go out of gear more easily.


   Shift assist switch from lakensea (  7/16/1999 6:27:00 PM
 The switch is located on the shift cable bracket. That is the bracket mounted on the back of the engine aft of the distributor. You will see the 2 shift cables - 1 from the control box and one that goes down to the outdrive. You will also see the microswitch and spring loaded lever with the V groove.
   i found neutral! from Gto john (  7/19/1999 10:51:00 AM
 checked out the switch friday. seems the "v" grove only moves when you go way into reverse ( at least 3/4 of the throttle). i took her out to the lake anyway, when i needed neutral i shifted it then toggled my manual kill switch to make it studder, and there was neutral. all that's left is a real adjustment of that damn v groove and check on that switch, and it should work correctly! thanks for the help!



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