Yamaha Pro V 150 no power help! Yamaha Pro V 150 no power help!
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    Yamaha Pro V 150 no power help!
from Jon Grisham (  
8/31/1999 4:25:00 PM


 Suddenly my motor lost power, the hole shot takes forever, and the top end is'nt able to get above 5000 rpm. Prior to this loss of power, my Ranger would jump out of the hole and would run 5800-6000 rpm wide open. Any thought or Ideas would be helpful. I'm trying to avoid the repair shop! Thanks in advance, Jon

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   Spark or fuel from Hawkeye (  8/31/1999 4:34:00 PM
 Could be a coil or coil wire. Or a cloged main jet in the carb. Pull the plugs and check there condition. If ones not firing it should be real wet compaired to the others. As far as the cloged main jet goes the easiest way to tell is run the boat at wot and look down the throats of the carbs. All should have the same amount of gas squirting up through them. Thats how I found my problem that sounded like yours.
   Pro V from Dave (  8/31/1999 5:13:00 PM
 !!!! Before you run it any more, you better check compression - if you have been running with no gas or restricted gas on one cylinder, that cylinder has not been getting any lubrication - if the compression is OK on all 6, then start the troubleshooting process, and hope that it's spark related - Let me know if you need help along the way. Dave
   Yamaha oil injected from Hawkeye (  8/31/1999 5:55:00 PM
 It should not hurt to run the Yamaha some with a fuel restriction. Yamaha has the oil injected between the carb and reeds. I had to run mine 6 hrs, from 50 miles offshore, with little fuel to one carb. All that happened was the cylinder got oil fouled. Compression was good right after and 500 hrs later still within 2 lbs from before. Yamaha has it right by injecting the oil independly from the fuel. If you had a VRO and had a carb pluged you would be in Big trouble. If it is the carb you may want to check the fuel pumps, a frayed peice of diaphram is what cloged my carbs.
   No Power! from Alan (  8/31/1999 7:30:00 PM
 Jon, remove the 3 screws that hold each fuel pump to the crankcase & check for the presence of fuel in the pulse holes on the pumps. Yes? Your fuel pump diaphragm(s) has ruptured & is allowing fuel into the crankcase & not pumping it to the carbs. Usually 1 will go at a time, replace both, not too expensive & easy to do. Alan
   Yamaha power loss from Lord Outboard (  8/31/1999 8:19:00 PM
  Tell me what year it is. Possible causes could be worn out main jets. Yamaha uses soft metal which wears away over time. This results in a super rich mixture causing power loss. Did this happen suddenly or did it do it right away?

Using a cheap pair of eletrical pliers (Fuse Pullers), And You can pull plug wires while the engine is running and find low or faulty cylinders.

Fuel pump diaphram's usually rupture from excessive rpm's over 5800. And you will not get a stiff primer bulb. You might want to go ahead and take it to a qualified tech otherwise. Rick (Lord Outboard)

   pro v 150 from james henley (  8/31/1999 10:39:00 PM
 jon i had about the same problem and it was the diaphrams in the fuel pumps it was the only thing i had to do in seven years of running besides changing the spark plugs once and it didn't need them i just felt guiltly. yamahas are the only way to go
   Fuel Pump Diaphragms from Alan (  9/1/1999 10:06:00 PM
 Lord Outboard, tried to e-mail you but you didn't post an e-mail address. My Pro-V 150 (1995) is propped to turn 5000-5300 dependant on ambient temp. I have replaced 2 sets of pump diaphragms in 1660 hours of operation. Perhaps regional differences in fuel quality and/or additives have an effect on the longevity of these parts more so than high rpms? Something to consider anyhow.



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