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    On Board Charger
from Lee (  
9/3/1999 9:54:00 AM


 Is it OK to leave an on board charger hooked to boat batteries for a couple of weeks without being plugged into a power outlet? Or should I just disconnect the on board charger?

This is a great board...appreciate the past and future help. Someday I may be able to answer a question.

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   Perfectly fine from Bayoudog (  9/3/1999 10:48:00 AM
 I have an onboard charger on my boat and have had it for several years. We unplug and may be away from shore power on extended cruises for days (or weeks) at a time. Tight lines.
   ................risky business, dude. from CrossinEyes (  9/3/1999 10:50:00 AM
 I wouldn't reccommend doing this Lee. It's not likely to hurt the batteries because most onboards have a built in amp monitor to eliminate overcharging. However, in older models that feature has been known to fail over time, resulting in cooked batteries. Your biggest concern with long term charging should be the continueouse build up of acidic gases. Unless your charging them with an open cap on each battery and the boat deck lid open, your risking a potentially hazardous situation. I reccommend maintaining your batteries charge with a 24 hour charge once a week during the fishing season, and during the winter months when the boat sits idle, you only need to maintain your charge about once every 2 weeks.
   Sure from David (  9/3/1999 11:03:00 AM
 That's what they were built for. I unplug mine after the batteries are charged up and it stays that way until next time they need charging. I think CrossedEyes missed the unplug word and thought you meant leaving in plugged in. Even that should be safe unless like he said something happened to fail on the charger.
   Yes, leave it hooked up to your battery's from David (  9/3/1999 11:23:00 AM
 If I read your question correctly you want to know if you can leave your onboard battery charger hooked to your battery's when not charging the battery's (without the charger being plugged into a power outlet). This is fine - it will not harm or drain your battery's - in fact, most, if not all, on board battery chargers come with spade lugs on the end of the charging leads for permanent installation/connection to your battery's rather then the alligator type clamps found on portable battery chargers which facilitate easy removal. As to leaving the battery's on charge over extended periods of time this is fine if your charger is equipped with an automatic shut off or float mode. Personally, I don't do this - once the battery's are fully charged I unplug the charger from the power outlet. I do this in case the charger fails - I don't want to overcharge the battery's or have a chance of an onboard fire starting - especially since my boat stays in my garage (when not in use) which is located under (basement level) my house!
   battery charger hook-up from charlie t (  9/3/1999 12:23:00 PM
 David above has a good point about unplugging the batteries after they have charged, point is a friend of mine left his on charge overnight getting ready for a tourney and it burnt his house to the ground. charlie t.
   ok......... I stand corrected from CrossinEyes (  9/3/1999 12:24:00 PM
 I did misread the question Lee, leaving your on-board charger connected to your batteries indefinitly while not plugged into a outlet is fine. I'll try to wait until my 5th cup of coffee before responding in the future.
   On board chargers from Matt C. (  9/3/1999 12:46:00 PM
 Be careful about leaving your battery charger plugged in if it's located inside the battery compartment. I left my Guest charger plugged in a little too long with the hatch closed and the cover on the boat and it fried the charger. I've heard it builds up a lot of heat and that means bye-bye to the charger. Some lessons you learn the hard way.
   Way to go BRAIN!!!! from Hardat work (  9/3/1999 1:34:00 PM
   On board charger Dual Pro.... from John (  9/3/1999 2:00:00 PM
 I have had one for years. If the boat is in the back yard it's hooked up. 24/7 even during the off season. You can never tell here when the temp will hit 50 and thats fishin time. If you have a quality charger it will be ok.
   Why no E-mail address from Matt (  9/4/1999 4:08:00 PM
 If you're going to pop off at least leave your address where we can talk about it some more.
   it's OK Matt....... he was addressing me I'm afraid from CrossinEyes (  9/5/1999 11:29:00 PM
 I believe this to be a buddy of mine that calls me "Brain" from time to time as a twist on the spelling of my first name, which is " Brian". He was referring to my misunderstanding of the initial question that was posted. Just good ole boys having fun........... no harm done.



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