How do I quiet Quieting a jon boat? How do I quiet Quieting a jon boat?
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    How do I quiet Quieting a jon boat?
from Jim (  
9/9/1999 6:55:00 PM


 Just purchased a 15í aluminum jon boat and could use some advice on how to quiet it down. I picked out some indoor-outdoor carpet at Home Depot, but do I need to a plywood base under it, or just glue it to the boat? If I do glue the carpet down, what type of glue do I use? Iím somewhat nervous about gluing things to a new boat. It already has built in platforms for the seats and live well. Thanks

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   Jon boat carpet from Triton Marty (  9/9/1999 7:57:00 PM
 I put some carpet in a jon boat once, and I don't know if it was the best way, but I used an RTV type silicone rubber adhesive. You don't need to concentrate a whole lot of it in one place, just kind of swirl it arond. Draw a clown face or something! When you get ready to replace the carpet it isn't too hard to peel up, and the old glue will peel/scrape up without alot of exertion. No need for any wood underneath, adds lots of weight! My experience, anyway! I also installed several eybolts along the top rail on my boat, from front to back, and ran an anchor rope through them so I could lower an anchor from the front of the boat while sitting in the back. Mine was a simple sit-in-the-back type setup, with tiller steering. Nothing fancy, but caught plenty of fish! One more thing, you can find a simple stick-on tape measure and place it somewhere convenient so you will always have a handy measuring stick. Good luck.


   Quiet Jon Boat from vince (  9/10/1999 4:10:00 AM
 BWB recently showed how to deaden the sound and improve the ride in an aluminum jon boat by adding foam to the floor. Next time they will explain how to treat, cut and install a plywood floor....Vince
   Quiet Jon Boat from Vince (  9/10/1999 4:14:00 AM
 BWB recently improved the ride and deadened the sound in an aluminum jon project boat by adding foam to the floor. Next issue they will explain how to treat. cut, and install a plywood floor....Vince
   Keeping John quiet!!! from Bass Assassin (  9/10/1999 7:41:00 AM
 I have a friend who fishes out of a 15' John boy and took his to a Rhino Liner (Truck bed Liner) dealer and had it sprayed. Looks great and ole John stay quiet as a mouse. Im not sure the cost but it would be forever and protect your rig as well.

Good Luck

Bass Assassin

   What does BWB stand for? from Jim (  9/10/1999 10:15:00 AM
 Vince, forgive my ignorance, but what magazine is BWB?
   I believe Bass And Walleye boats. from Bass Assassin (  9/10/1999 10:37:00 AM
 Sorry Vince, I was not sure how long it would take you to answer. They are a sponser of this page. Look at the top.


   Quiet Jon Boat from Vince (  9/13/1999 12:17:00 PM
 Jim,the article you need is on page 34 of the JUL/AUG issue of Bass & Walleye Boats. Bass Assassin: What a great idea! Vince
   Quieting Aluminum Boats from Flounderhead (  10/15/1999 9:53:00 AM
 I was thinking (and usually get in trouble doing that), what about spray-in bed liner stuff. Don't know but I think Wal-Mart sells some stuff like that cause taking your boat in to a truck place would be cost prohibitive. Think of the benefits too, non slip water proof sound dampening.

Just a thought.


P.S. anyone got a 12-14' jon boat they want to get rid of? I need a leaky one for a utility float.



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