Tc-w2 vs tc-w3 Tc-w2 vs tc-w3
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    Tc-w2 vs tc-w3
from Mike (  
9/23/1999 7:35:00 PM


 Could someome tell me the difference between TC-W2 and TC-W3 2 cycle oil? I found 6 cans of Evinrude oil can I use it without problems?

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   tcw from NealE (  9/23/1999 7:49:00 PM
 TWC2 was the old standard. They raised the standards, and called it tcw3. TCW3 oil meets all tcw2 standards and then some. I assume the evinrude oil you found is TWC2, right? If so, then it is probably pretty old. I don't know what kind of shelf life oil has, maybe somebody else can help you out with that, but I would not run tcw2 oil in my motor.
   Oil from Bob (  9/23/1999 8:22:00 PM
 My understanding is TCW 3 has carbon guard added to it what can happen to a sealed can of oil... Send me those cans of oil will add my own carbon guard No realy i still see some TCW 2 around you don,t think they are going to pitch all that oil in the dump....
   Oil from shadetree steve (  9/23/1999 9:10:00 PM
 TCW-3 was introduced to meet the standards of newer anti-pollution laws as well as carbon guard & other additives. Don't worry about shelf life; TCW-2 will work just fine.
   Tcw3 from Boliver (  9/23/1999 11:09:00 PM
 Use TCW2 in you're weed-eater not the outboard...with the formulation of todays gasoline I wouldn't risk it....My O B manual states,use only TCW3 !!
   Oil Shelf Life? from Nightmare (  9/24/1999 3:57:00 AM
 C'mon Neal. How long was it under the ground before it was in a can? I'm just messin' with ya. But really, in a sealed container with no condensation and no break-down from heat and contaminants, 50 minutes or 50 years, no difference.

As far as tcw-2 or tcw-3 goes, if your engine was manufactured during tcw-2 production time frame, there should be no problem with using tcw-2....what does your engine know? If it came out since the introduction of tcw-3, then I would use tcw-3 and give the tcw-2 to a buddy with an older tcw-2 era engine.

   the way i understand it from Jack Heath (  9/24/1999 8:07:00 PM
 The OMC TC-W2 set the standard for TC-W3. But, now there is a greater standard than TC-W3 and that is "recertified TC-W3" which has to meet more stringent requirements. I am surprised that you can still find TC-W2. I did some research last year and was able to find non-recertified TC-W3, but no TC-W2. I think you could use the OMC TC-W2 with no problems as long as it is an older engine and TC-W2 is all that was called for. I definitely would NOT use it in an engine that calls for TC-W3. Jack



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