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    Ranger Boats (Wood?)
from Al (  
11/21/1999 11:52:00 AM


 Just received my B&W Magazine and noted that Ranger still uses wood in there boats. I was wondering with all the new technology and composites out there why was Ranger still using wood when compared to other boat companies. I know its a great boat but why are they not keeping up with the new tech. Are they content with the status quo or do they know something the other companies don't.

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   Wood from JOhn (  11/21/1999 12:06:00 PM
 The wood your speaking about is in the deck and lids, both encapsulated by glass. The reason its used is for strength. Its tried and true, because composites are new doesn't make them better. Thats not to imply composites are poor, I dont know enough about them to comment. I just know my Ranger is extremely well built.
   Ranger Boats from Skip (  11/21/1999 5:14:00 PM
 JOhn,Aman to that.
   Is it really new technology or Hype??? from BamBam (  11/21/1999 5:52:00 PM
 While many tout new "composite" material they fail to fully explain or describe what they are using in place of wood. One should intensely investigate this as the new "composites" have not weathered the test of time either. Some are easily judged as poor replacements for wood. Properly used wood is not bad and "Professional Boat Builder" Magazine did a wonderful job of explaiing this. Wood is Efficient, Excessively strong versus the other material some are using. Wood has little memory while most of the new compostie materials do. This often means low flexural and shear numbers as well. Thus don't let yourself get caught up in the latest BUZZ words. Some of these companies could do much better by increasing their resin quality substanially, at an obvious higher price tag.

   the best seem to be using wood from dannyg (  11/21/1999 6:05:00 PM
 It seems like the higher quality bass boats are made with encapsulated wood. Ranger, Champion, Norris Craft, etc.. I've been told that its more expensive to use wood, which is why most manufacturers went to composites. Less problems with wood also. I also talked to a couple of the higher quality pontton boat makers and they have went back wood decks because there better. But, then a again, what do I know?
   Wood vs. composites from Quicksilver (  11/21/1999 6:21:00 PM
 I have a good friend who is a composite and laminate specialist. He is retired Air Force and now directs the composite shop for a major aircraft repair/refurbishing company (they completely refurbish big stuff like 767's, DC-10's, etc.). He is also a fisherman. I asked him the same question before I purchased my latest boat and he said the new 'all composite' boats may not be as strong, durable, and long lasting as a well-built wood-and-glass boat. He did say you could build an all composite boat that would last about forever, but no one but Bill Gates would be able to afford it.
   For what it's worth............ from Al (  11/21/1999 7:09:00 PM
 As far as I'm aware, Bullet is still building their boats with wood, and I think everyone would agree that they are one of the best boats on the market. I'm not knocking composites,(own a Triton), but I also don't believe that a good boat can't still include wood in its construction.
   For the rest of the story..... from Kevin from FLŪ (  11/21/1999 8:10:00 PM
 There is a boat manufacture that has been building boats wood free since the early 80's and still is. Wood has a place if it is protected from the elements but usually cause's some problems further down the river. Most all Bass boat manufactures are going the composite way. I agree with Al. kevin
   Good reading on this subject from Tim (  11/21/1999 8:36:00 PM
 There is a good article on composite vs wood at www.nicholsmarine.com. Go to "articles/set up tips" and then "composite construction".
   Don't make them dig for the info Tim.. from Kevin from FLŪ (  11/21/1999 9:10:00 PM


   Rangers are All Composite...... from Jeff Southern (  11/21/1999 9:57:00 PM
 Since plywood is a composite all Rangers have always been an All composite boat. My dad recently retired from Lockeed. He is a specialitist in advanced composites. He hand layed up and fabricated a large portion of the YF22 Rapture and Stealth Fighter. In other words he has forgotten more about composites that most people know.

He said that if no-wood ( Usually Polyester ) composites are made correctly, they are much stronger and more duable than plywood. However, most companies lack the machinery and skilled workers to consistantly produce these composites. He said that these advanced composites can only be produced consistantly using an autoclave. This is basically an oven with a vacuum system. It removes almost all of the air and heat cures the parts with a specific temperature profile. Ranger's puralated ( not sure of spelling ) Transoms are formed with a similar process of this combination of heat and pressure.

Curing these parts in the air without a temperature controlled vacuum system significantly weakens them. It allows small air bubles for form. In some cases, Plywood may be much stronger than no-wood composites. The only problem with plywood is that it will rot if it stays wet. The new resin impregnated plywoods have almost eliminated the problem. However, they are heaver and do reduce top end performance. However, Just because it is not made of wood does not mean that water will not cause it to deliminate.

Bottom line, Composits are cheaper than top quality marine plywood wood materials. They also save weight wich can make the boats faster. That is why manufactures have gone to these composits. It does not necessarly mean that they are better.

   Composites from Jeff Coble (  11/22/1999 8:53:00 AM
 Let's see, marine plywood is now better and more expensive than high density composites. Well why don't we build stealth aircraft out of marine plywood and save the tax payers a trillion dollars.
   Trillion Dollars from JOhn (  11/22/1999 9:23:00 AM
 Its not the Govt's job to save money Jeff, it's their job to waste it. So thats why......
   Warranties from Jim (  11/22/1999 8:11:00 PM
 Are there any boats with wood in them that have longer than a five year warranty? I don't know of any lifetime warranties or 10 year warranties in these "super" wood boats, including Ranger. If there is one please post or send me an e-mail. If these boats are so great, why not back them up with a lifetime warranty. Should be riding a Viper Cobra! Regards, Jim
   Wood and Warranties from Vince (  11/22/1999 11:45:00 PM
 Hey Jim, I have wood in my 99' Cobra 201, and it has a lifetime warranty. I specifically ordered it with wood stringers as opposed to all composite. I believe that for the type of water that I fish, wood would be stronger, and because of the additional weight, would give a little better ride in the rough stuff. I'm not afraid of wood in boats if constructed properly. Wood has been used successfuly in the marine industry for a lot of years, and with new resins, sealing techniques, and lamination processes, I see no reason why it won't continue to be. However, there are a limited number of companies that have composite construction down to a science and a lot more that are still learning. JMHO, Vince.
   Forgot to mention from Vince (  11/22/1999 11:51:00 PM
 I forgot to mention, Viper Cobras and Corals can be ordered with either wood or all composite construction. It's your choice.
   Warranties from John (  11/23/1999 4:58:00 PM
 Ranger starting in the model year 2000 is offering a lifetime warranty and a 10year transferable, for Hull, stringers and transom.



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