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    nitro owners
from s parker (  
12/15/1999 11:43:00 AM


 looking for a web sights with forums for nitro ownwers

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   nitro from PoP'R (  12/15/1999 1:10:00 PM
 You might try looking under "crying" or "I got Screwed" in yahoo to find a site. I purchased a new 97 884 savage that I later found was not even built to the published spec"s. Took a lawyer to get them to fix it. Trolling motor was in the shop 3 times, merc was in the shop 2 times, the hummingbird indash locator was returned 3 times, livewell pumps quit, several latches broke, and most of the fuses blew the first year. Finally sold it and will never buy a Bass Pro Shop/Nitro boat again.
   Nitro from Cliff (  12/15/1999 1:22:00 PM
 Well we just as well open the hornets nest again about Tracker customer service/quality. Popr, most of the items you listed as having trouble with are not even manufactured by Tracker/Nitro, the motor, electronics and pumps are not built by most any boat manufacture company. I do not know why everybody blames Nitro, or any boat company for the trouble they have with these kind of componants. I am a service manager for a truck leasing company, we have the same thing in our business, most componants are not made by lets say "Kenworth". I do own a Nitro, have had some troubles with them, have NEVER had any trouble getting those problems resolved. Normaly you get treated back the same way you treat other people when dealing with issues such as we deal with.
   Nitro Boats. from Stinkbait (  12/15/1999 2:38:00 PM
 I owned a Nitro previous to the boat I now own. It rode nice, handle rough water great and fished well. It just was not durable. I had a lot of problems with accessories, which I realize are common market products, however, they appeared to be low end products. I babied my boat but still incurred excessive stress cracking all over the hull. The trailer rusted beyond useable condition in only three years. I have owned bass boats since the late 60's and my Nitro was my greatest dissappointment. I too had to sue my dealer and won. Dealer problem, not manufacturers.
   Tracker Marine from SmithDS (  12/15/1999 4:47:00 PM
 The first boat I ever owned was from Tracker Marine. Biggest mistake so far. The whole boat fell apart. From the throttle control falling off to the carpet delaminating it was a frustrating experience. The trailer bunks tore up and the boat bounced around on ther trailer no matter how I tied it down. Pitot tube to the speedometer came off and gave me a wet crotch. Seats never fit right in the pedistals, wiring came loose, engine was not rigged properly, trolling motor mounts tore off, bow flexed every time the trolling motor was engaged and on and on. Took it to the Springfield service center and what a nightmare. I hope other folks have had a better experience with Tracker Marine. Some folks have never had a problem. I'm sure there are some great Tracker/Nitros out there.
   reply-cliff from PoP'R (  12/15/1999 4:48:00 PM
 I agree that most of the items listed are components BUT the biggest beef I had with Nitro was concerning the livewell system. On the 97 model 884 the BPS catalog, the Nitro internet page, and the Nitro specification page all listed a 3 pump livewell system for the 884 savage. After owning the boat several months and loosing numerous fish during tournaments I discovered I had only a 2 pump system (one being clogged from boat trimmings). After many many phone calls I was told by the mfg plant that production processes had been changed as a cost savings but the advertising and all the rest were not. Bottom line I did not get what I thought I was paying for. When I ask what others changes were made I received no answer. The old addage 'you get what you pay for' certainly applies to Nitro/Tracker marine.
   Tracker/Marine from SmithD (  12/15/1999 5:20:00 PM
 Tracker Marine uses low quality components and puts them together poorly for a very good reason. Its simply profit. They have no real QC program because if they did they wouldn't have this PR problem. Tracker Marine's mission is to make a huge profit for Johnny Morris on the backs of niave first time boat buyers like myself. The fact that their boats fall apart is not the vendors of the components fault or the innocent customers fault. Again its quite simple, just profit. This is just my opinion and it may be tainted by my bad experience. Sure would like to hear from satisfied Tracker Marine customers. I'm sure Johnny Morris has employees whose job it is to rebut these post. I would only hope that satisfied customers really do exist.
   Nitros from Scott (  12/15/1999 5:24:00 PM
 Unfortunately some people get stuck with lemons from the factory. There are lemons for ALL brands of boats. I have owned a Nitro for 5 seasons, and have had minimal problems. The sad thing is that when people get mad they tell twice as many friends as they would if they were happy. Just human nature to complain more than compliment. As I used to work for a dealer that sold Nitros, MOST of our customers were totally happy with their boats. I also found that other brands had just as many problems as Nitros if not more. I believe the Nitro dealers out there are a lot of the blame for making people so angry over these issues as some of the dealers out there didn't stand behind the customer for service needs. I would buy another Nitro in a second as my dealer has been great. Just one happy Nitro owners opinion. Go ahead a bash guys....
   Tracker Marine from SmithD (  12/15/1999 5:32:00 PM
 Thanks Scott! Its good to hear that. Maybe I just got a lemon. Good luck with your Nitros.
   Tracker quality (or lack there of) from binkwood (  12/15/1999 6:03:00 PM
 I had an aluminum Tracker, and to say it was a piece of sh#t would be an under-statement. There weren't enough braces in the boat, so the boat would flex excessively. This caused popped rivets, cracks in the aluminum, bows and hooks over the entire bottom of the boat. Tracker does not stand behind their product. I had to give this boat away. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!
   Nitro boats/tracker marine from Don (  12/15/1999 6:31:00 PM
 I can afford to buy any bass boat I want. After extensive shopping for a new boat in the fall of 1998 I ended up buying a Nitro 700LX-loaded with every option known to mankind9or at least to me). I had the luxury of driving one several times before I finally decided to buy it. I was very apprehensive about it-but having seen the problems my fishing friends and brother were having with "big name" boats. I can honestly say that I'm thrilled with the fit-function and fishability of the boat. I can't comment on Tracker Marine service since I haven't needed it. I do now that this is my third Tracker boat in four years(they just keep getting bigger & faster). I would reccomend them to a friend-with one word of caution-try it before you buy it. It's no different than buying a car.
   Nitro's not all bad from Jim (  12/15/1999 7:12:00 PM
 Nitro would not be in business if everything they sold was a dud, they'd be out of business. I'm not sure, but I think they sell about as many or more boats than anyone else out there. I've had my Nitro over 5 years, same trailer, with no major problems. I got rid of my biggest problem last spring which was the 150 Intruder that came on the boat originally. I run my boat year round on Lake of The Ozarks and Truman Lake, both of which can kick up some waves, without a stress crack anywhere. Like I've said many times before, come to Richland, MO and see for yourself. Send me an e-mail to set up a time. Regards, Jim
   Nitro from Michael (  12/15/1999 7:18:00 PM
 Gosh guys, you scare me to death over the used Nitro I just bought. It is a 1995 2000DC 20 footer dual console extended deck with a 200 EFI Merc along with a dual axle trailer with brakes on both axles and a fold away tongue. I haven't been able to fish it much as I would like since I bought it 6 months or so because I have been moving and remodeling a house, but it really seems to be a fine boat. It runs like a scalded dog and rides rough water great! I owned a no name low end boat prior to this one for over ten years and have ridden in a lot of different bass boats. I really am pleased with my Nitro. Heck, maybe it wil fall apart in the next year when I start fishing again and I can join in with all the other fuss buckets, I hope not! People need to keep in mind that every boat fits the needs of different people. After reading this board for awhile and everyones hate mail concerning their last boat, I believe what a 25 year Merc mechanic told me one time. He said that since bass fisherman started getting into bigger hulls and the need for speed, boat owners have started expecting way too much from their boats. He said the roughest ride that most boats used to get was on the trailer, but that isn't true any more. Everyone wants to go the fastest, ride the roughest waters and expect their hulls and components to survive it all. Just some thoughts of mine. Liking my Nitro. Happy New Year to all.
   Nitro from Funk (  12/15/1999 7:33:00 PM
 I have been fishing out of my buddies 1996 896? (it's the 19+ footer) for a few years. I love fishing out of that boat. He has had very little trouble with it. As for stress cracks, I can't tell, he never cleans it and I have not "inspected". There are 2 reasons I didn't look at them when I bought. One: Dealer in this area has very bad rep Two: Rough water handling is not great.


   Love mine from OldGrayFox (  12/15/1999 7:56:00 PM
 I bought a used 1995 170TF Nitro. The boat fishes 2 very comfortably, handles very rough water with no problems. My only dissatisfaction is it came with a 60hp Merc and is terribly underpowered. I am looking for a 1995 or newer 125hp motor (max rating on the plate). Then, for me, it will be the perfect boat. I have zero complaints with the hull, fit, finish, etc. Anyone got a good used 125 motor?
   Nitro from JLively (  12/15/1999 8:44:00 PM
 I don't usually go around defending any of the boat makers, especially Tracker Marine and I won't start now. The truth is that I tried three times to get seats for my '91 185TF but they just never did get the order in. As far as the boat itself is concerned, it's a 91 with 98 175 Intruder. The boat is in great shape with minimal cracks of any kind. It rides well, runs great, fishes well and best of all, IT'S PAID FOR! Frankly, as with all fiberglass boats, you have to look it over carefully. Here's a hint for you: I generally buy two boats each year to restore and sell. The 1999's were the Nitro and a Bass Hawk. I can tell you from experience that when real trouble comes, it will be in the form of something hanging off the BACK of the boat. There are always isolated instances of cap separation (I had a 1990 Bomber that the hull and cap separated on) and other major problems, but most of the things that can go wrong in a bass boat are accessories. Those can and will go brain dead on any boat. As to Nitro putting cheaper accessories on their boats, that is done at the buyer's request. The accessories can always be upgraded. Built-in components are the same ones other manufacturers use. Note: PoPR, you had a cause of action against Bass Pro Shops for false advertising and at the very least should have been refunded the cost of the third system. I'd have worn them out over that. :o) Jim
   Nitro Quality from Jack (  12/15/1999 9:02:00 PM
 Don't know much about a Nitro. Never rode in one. Lot's of them around. However, our local Nitro dealer just started carrying BassCats as a high end addition to his line. Since I have a Cat and am interested in a newer one, I went in to look. It doesn't tale much of a look-see comparison to see why a BassCat costs considerably more. They have about 4 or 5 of each on their showroom floor and it's a laugh to try to compare quality. There just isn't any comparison. There sat a Nitro, don't recall the number, retailing for over $25 grand. Screws were mounted crooked with the slots wallowed out, trim crooked, doors didn't fit, electrical wires not secured, controls and gauges crooked, etc, etc. Nice looking boat but a miserable job of quality control.

About 15 feet away is a line of Cats. Absolute jewels of quality and workmanship.

It was probably a good marketing ploy for the dealer. People will look at the price of the two lines and buy the Nitros. They were all $18-25 grand and they assume they are getting a good deal. The BassCats started at about $27 grand and went up from there. I understand not everyone can afford a new Cat but it's a shame for Nitro to sell such an obviously inferior product for so much money. But, Nitro has the stick... financing (12 years, ugh!!!). Caveat emptor...

   Here's the scoop on Tracker... from "Not gonna tell..." (  12/15/1999 9:40:00 PM
 I will share my first hand experience with Tracker marine. I worked there for over a year building pontoons and aluminium bass boats. We used cheap everything...right down to plastic screws where it called for metal ones!! Boats pass "inspection" as long as they can float it a large tube of water, even if a few rivets have the stem in them or a wire is not properly fastened down...they will still go right on out the door!!! I personally would rather pay a few more dollars and buy a higher quality boat.

Just thought I would share my experience in case anybody reading this is about to buy a Tracker boat...inspect it with a fine-tooth comb!!!

   Nitro from Cliff (  12/15/1999 9:55:00 PM
 I told you all i was going to stir up a hornets nest didnt I!!!! The bottomline is that a lot of the problems with any boat that gets posted here is a lot of times that the dealer does not always service the customer as good as likely shoud be done!!!! I am not an employee of tracker/nitro, i do currently own a 1997 896. I do fish large resevors here in SD, i may run harder than need be a lot of times, yes I have had some problems, this is my third Tracker boat, 1st a TV17, 2nd a 190DC. The only customer service trouble i ever had was the dealer i bought the first one from, after that i have dealt with the company direct, never since have i been dissastified with any service i may have needed. Again you normally will recieve service back the same way you ask for it, good for good, bad for bad. I know for a fact that the people at Tracker/Nitro read this board, will not reply for fear that the public will take them as just being defensive. Yes I will have more NItros, and am in the process of getting a new 901cdx right now, the fit and finish was a lot better on my 896, it looks even better on the 901. feel free to email me if you want to have any questions answered off this board.I do run hard in some very rough water, i also have a bad lower back, i have been beat pretty bad in several brands of boats, even in mine, when "I" run very hard, ride is mostly an operator created thing, but I have also had several peaople fall asleep when ive made some long runs in faily rough water, suprised even me that they would. A satisfied customer Cliff Van Beek
   Are you people stupid? from Tim (  12/15/1999 10:23:00 PM
 Nitro's are just like antthing out there! You have your fords then you have your lincolns. Sure so of the products that they use to biuld the Nitro's are cheep but, like at the price you pay for the Nitro comparred to a Ranger. Over all I've been real happy with my Nitro. I bought the new 911 CDC in Apirl 99. So far there have been a few problems(a coulpe of stress cracks and a torn seat) but nothing any other boat wouldn't have. The price that I payed for this boat I could have gotten just about any 20' boat out there. I sold my other boat that I bought used(86 Winner 2000) and decided on the Nitro after riding in all kinds of other boats the Nitro rode the best. My buddy has had his 896 for about three years and hasn't had any problems. The biggest thing about the guys who Nitro bash is the service that they had recieved. Which could happen with any boat line.Do you guys stop shopping at Wal Mart just because you had a problem trying to get something handled or just go to another one??
   Way back in 89 from Jack (  12/15/1999 10:54:00 PM
 My first boat was a Tracker. I cracked the sh-t out of it on the Hudson. The company covered it, only to blow back up about a month later. Been through three other glass boats and now run a Crestliner CVX 182. After a year of beating up on it, I'll never look back.
   Tim... Crazy? from Jack (  12/15/1999 11:25:00 PM
 I hate to get into this debate... I don't have a dog in this fight. However, you say "So far there have been a few problems(a coulpe of stress cracks and a torn seat) but nothing any other boat wouldn't have." Sorry Amigo. My 92 Pantera II has been fished hard for 7 years. No stress cracks anywhere, guaranteed. I've replaced a flapper valve in my livewell drain, an interior light module, a light bulb in my tach, two broken windshields (my fault), and for the life of me I can't think of anything else. Oh, I've replaced batteries, trolling motor, depth finders, etc., but that was just extras that I've upgraded. The hull, upholstery, and trailer would still pass for nearly new. It would easily bring half of what I paid for it ($21,800) and the NADA Boat book will prove it. If your 99 Nitro is already showing that kind of wear, I'd hate to see it after 7 years and I'd like to know what it will be worth.

Nitros maybe a good boat if you get a good one and have a good dealer. I don't have any reason to bash them and don't really care to. But, anyone who actually thinks they are up to the quality of a top-of-the-line boat is just fooling themselves. If you pay $25 grand for one and you could have gotten a premier brand for $5 grand more, are you really ahead in five years? Figure your costs to repair things and the aggrivations you will suffer. Then sell it and count your dollars and then tell me whether it was truly a wise decision.

Season's greetings and I don't mean to step on any toes. Just my opinion.

   reply tim from PoP'R (  12/16/1999 8:33:00 AM
 Tim--Is it stupid to expect a company to sell what it advertised?? The company changed production processes in mid-stream and did not have the balls to admit it. If you think you can buy and 20 footer at the same price of a nitro you have not shopped very much. Nitro's are one of the cheapest boats on the market because the are built CHEAP. I paid 20k for my 1997 884 savage. Took delivery at BPS in Springfield. One year later after having several problems I tried to trade it in at BPS for a 896 and they offered me $12,000 as a trade in price. This tells me that they (BPS) don't even think they build a good product. If you think you got such a good boat and a good deal check the blue book for you resale value. Nitro,s go down in value much faster than any other boat. IMHO
   Trackers are not inexpensive!!! from Gt (  12/16/1999 10:52:00 AM
 I started looking for an aluminum Deep V fishing boat about a year ago. I really kinda liked the Targa 18 I saw at BPS until I started doing some research. They look pretty reasonably priced in the BPS catalog, of coarse the engine hung on the back is about 1/4 what is needed for the boat. Ended up pricing out a Lund 1800 Pro-V SE, with an Optimax 150 and lo and behold, when you price the Tracker with the same engine, it is the same price. Also, BPS will not deal, other than they might throw in a T-shirt or something. So, in the Chevy vs Cadillac arguement that someone expressed above, I have found that BPS is selling the Chevy for the same price that you can buy that Cadillac down the street. I bought the Lund, and everytime I go to BPS to buy a lure or fishing line, I take another look at the Tracker boats and pat myself on the back for having done enough research to not buy the Chevy at the Cadillac price.
   Original post from Nitro (  12/16/1999 12:42:00 PM
 Hey guys, S Parker asked for a web site with forums for Nitro owners!!

I do not work for Tracker marine. I have a 1995 180TF that I bought used in 98. Have had very little problems with the boat itself, just the Merc 115 that was on it. Only thing I have changed on the boat is the cable for the livewell. No stress crackes and I've had it in water that it should never have been in--7 foot waves on lake Michigan!!! I'll never get stuck out there again!! It does not have the best rough water ride, but for the $9000 I paid for it, it was a great deal. I am happy with my boat.

Sorry S Parker, I don't know of any web sites either.

   Nitro onwers website from Rich (  12/16/1999 3:38:00 PM
 I guess I'll step up to the plate: I'd be happy to put up a Nitro owners site with a message board and pic cability if there is enough interest.

FYI, I'm a happy Nitro owner, too.

Post here or email me if you are a Nitro owner and are interested.

   Just say no from Hank (  12/16/1999 6:59:00 PM
  I bought a 97 700 witch I loved dearly. Mainly it was my first glass boat. It seemed to handle rough water and was quick with a lower priced Force 120. Then the carpet strated unraveling and and stress cracks and the gel coat wearing off the keel and fuses blowing the trailor fenders rusting and this was all in the first year. The boat pulled hard to the left unless trimmed out alot and under investagation I found that the jake plate had been mounted down of the left side .375 further than the other side. Could never confince the dealer this was a problem. 3/8 doesnt sound like much but when you go all the way down to the bottom of the skeg it was alot more than 3/8. Any way the service stunk. I recently made a trip to springfeild and saw that Tracker tried to fix to carpet coming lose by adding trim crooked trim around the edge that was pulling up. This was on their display models. You dont need to have a fine toothed comb to see whats up with Nitro's. If you got a good one Im glad. Mine had problems. My new (used)Ranger doesnt! Just personal experince.

Remember the Resaon for the season!

God Bless

   POP R from OK ref resale from Jim (  12/16/1999 8:36:00 PM
 Reference the comment you made about losing 8K the first year, you're not doing any worse and sometimes better than some of the Ranger 518VX guys advertising on the boats for sale page. The 99 518VX's were selling for 32-36K, depending on engine make and model when they came out. They've dropped 8-10 K on the asking price the first year, read 99 models, on the boats for sale page. You know if you tried to trade them a dealer would not come close to 26K as a trade so let's keep things in perspective. Jack from AR I can tell you for a fact that a fishing buddy has a 92 Pantera II with a 200 Merc that is so faded it looks like crap, so there are bad deals for all boats. He is always asking me what I do to my Nitro to keep it looking so good. The best way to keep a finish on a boat is to keep it stored in a garage when not in use. Good Luck to all, Jim
   tracker boats from jsw (  12/16/1999 10:37:00 PM
 i have had 2 tracker boats and i have had minimal problems with them,both aluminum ones.if they made one with a cuddy cabin,i would buy one.i have had my 19 ft out in 4-6 ft waves with no problem,even have an evinrude on it.with all the problems i have been hearing about the mercs blowing up,wouldnt buy a new one anyway.
   Missouri Jim from Jack (  12/16/1999 11:19:00 PM
 I agree... any boat will fade if not taken care of properly. That was not really my point. Tim has a boat that is less than a year old and is already showing stress cracks, upholstery problems, etc. and he seems to think this is the norm. That is not what I would expect from a quality boat. His remark "nothing any other boat wouldn't have" is what bothered me and I would be furious if I were in his position, wouldn't you? Defending a Nitro's quality is not something I would be happy doing on this board.

I see tons of Nitros on the lakes around here and I'm sure most of the people are perfectly happy with them. They made their own educated choice and spent their own hard earned cash. More power to them. I just feel that when I part with $20 grand or more, I expect better. Johnny Morris sells a lot more Nitros that the BassCats that the Pearce family makes, by a long shot. Different strokes. Cheers... Jack

   very happy Nitro owner from fordhater (  12/17/1999 12:22:00 AM
 1997 Nitro Savage 884 No cracks or fading. Had to replace perko deck locks because they all broke over the first year. Tracker overnighted 3 of them to me at no cost in middle of 3 day tourney. Looks good, rides good,fishes good,comfortable,roomy, handles good and handles rough water better than most 18 foot boats. I fish 100+ days per year and I firmly believe it is how the boat is taken care of that determines how the boat will hold up over time. May not be the rolls royce of the industry but I catch a good amount of fish in it and that was why I bought it for in the first place. Tight lines to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Nitros from Woody (  12/17/1999 1:25:00 PM
 I am on my second Nitro (898 Savage) and have had great luck with both as well as the trailer, tires, seats, trim, gelcoat and dealer. I bought my 1st Nitro(180TF) because I didn't want to spend a fortune. After 3 years and many hours of fishing I wanted to upgrade and my dealer made me a great deal on my Savage. He also tried with a Skeeter but was not impressed enough to spend $3500 bucks more. I have had my 896 for a year and still am having no problems and don't expect to but if I do my dealer will stand behind it just as he would a Skeeter. I am not naive enough to believe there is a perfect manufacturer of bass boats because there is a lemon in every brand. Maybe there are more junk Nitros or maybe enough owners don't speak up. Tracker sells alot of boats for a reason, namely because we can afford them. I personally think Dodge trucks are made like crap but there are sure alot of them on the road. In other words to each his own! I am paying for mine and haven't winced once while writing the check and am glad I opted to save the $3500. My stocks have appreciated a helluva lot more than any other boat will get me on trade in 5 years done the road!
   Nitro Woody from Buck (  12/20/1999 9:00:00 AM
 Well Woody - You're a bit opinionated to say the least. I've only fished out of a Nitro a few times and it stunk..literally!!! The guy had an outside cat that liked to relieve itself in the boat. Maybe the cat was telling him something? Oh, I almost forgot - don't knock the Dodge truck. I am very confident that my 1986 Dodge will outpull your 4X4 Pinto wagon anyday. Buck
   Nitro from Woody (  12/20/1999 9:11:00 AM
 Sorry I struck a nerve with your Dodge Buck. The only reason it has held up is due to your son Hershal taking such good care of it. That cat is pushing daisies for his little stunt so if he was trying to tell me something it cost him. Bring that skeeter and meet me at Tablerock for a good ole fashion schoolin'. If the Dodge can make it.



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