Question on Guest Battery Charger Question on Guest Battery Charger
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    Question on Guest Battery Charger
from Mike Whitten (  
12/20/1999 5:29:00 PM


 I need some help with the indicator lights on a Guest 2623 battery charger. I have noticed lately that the red lights for the trolling motor battery banks don't come on when I plug the charger in. The red light for the starting battery does come on. I should point out that I've not run the trolling motor since I've seen this problem. I've been plugging the charger in every few days just to keep the batteries peaked. Do I have a problem, or are the batteries just hot, and not needing a charge. The batteries are new, less than two months old. Thanks, Mike Whitten

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   I'm having some problems too from Rob (  12/20/1999 6:17:00 PM
 Mike, I noticed today ON THE WATER WHILE FISHING that the green light was lit for my cranking battery! Also, one of my trolling battery banks is not charging. Mine is about 2 years old. I will replace it before the tournament season with a CSI. Do you have a battery tester? or even a portable charger? your batteries may be fully charged.
   Mike from NealE (  12/20/1999 6:18:00 PM
 I only have a two bank, but the red light on mine comes on even when the battery is fully charged.
   guest charger from Tony (  12/20/1999 9:06:00 PM
 Mike, check the fuses on your positive wires. I had a fuse blow and I didn't know it untill the battery was almost dead. If you have a blown fuse the green light will stay on but it won't charge. If That doesn't work contact Sue at thier web site. Good luck,Tony
   Battery charge from Bob Davis (  12/20/1999 9:28:00 PM
 Mike, The only true way of checking the charge on your trolling batteries is with a hydrometer. The specific gravity should be 1.26 or better on each cell indicating a fully charged cell. I have a two bank charger and just tried unplugging the AC cord and then re-plugging it back. I can watch the LED's on the charger when I do this and can see the red one, then the red and green and then just the green. It happens quickly because my batteries are fully charged but you can see the change. If like Tony said, you always have a green light, check your fuses in the leads to the trolling motor batteries. One test to see if the charger is good is to disconnect the charger leads from the batteries (the same accomplished by removing the fuses) and plugging the charger in. If the light is green the charger is OK. Neal, if we have the same chargers, you may have a problem with yours. I had one that the red LED always stayed on. Even with the batteries disconnected. Guest told me the charger was bad and replaced it. Mike, with all of the Guest chargers that I am familiar with, it is a good idea to leave it plugged in. The circutry of these 3 stage chargers prevents the batteries from being overcharged or boiling the electrolyte out. I've had mine plugged in for a year and check the electrolyte level often and only had to add a little distilled water once. Good luck, Bob
   Guest Charger Lights from Jerry B (  12/20/1999 10:19:00 PM
 Mike, I have two Guest chargers, with fully charged batteries the red light will flash on when you plug the unit in. It goes out immediately and the green light comes on. It's a quick red to green signal. Jerry B in Mississippi
   Guest Chargers from Sue D. (  12/21/1999 4:24:00 PM
 Mike, You don't mention it, but I have to guess that you are getting a green light on your trolling batteries. If so, the batteries are probably fully charged and you will not see the red light. Please call me toll free at Guest at 1-888-483-7865 extension 135, or e-mail me at and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
   Guest chargers. from Marty (  12/21/1999 7:29:00 PM
 There was a time when I thought my 2623 going bad on me. What was happening was that both the red and green LEDs were on at the same time all the time. I have a 24 volt trolling motor so my batteries are in series which means one battery's negitive post is connected to the other's positive post. If you put a switch in between those two posts, isolating them when charging, each bank of the charger will be hooked up correctly instead of a +charger lead connecting to the same point that connects - on one battery to the + of the other. If you don't want to use a switch you can just remove the jumper from one battery to the other while charging. Now the lights works the way they are supposed to. If you don't isolate the 2 series batteries only 1 will charge right and might damage one bank of the charger. This worked for me. Staighten me out if I'm wrong Sue D.
   Guest Chargers from Sue D. (  12/22/1999 8:23:00 AM
 Marty, The 2623 charger that you have is designed to charge both batteries separatly even though they are wired up for 24 volts. I wonder if there was a constant draw on the batteries while charging that kept the charger in the red/green mode. Try this, leave the jumper wire attached, but disconnect your trolling motor the next time you charge. This should eliminate any possibility of your trolling motor drawing from the batteries. If it does not clear up the problem, please call me toll free at 1-888-483-7865 extension 135. Happy holidays!!!
   now thats service!!!.............. from Bob (  12/22/1999 10:33:00 PM
 Sue was a great help about a month ago when I was a little apprehensive about what type of charger to install in my boat, and whether Guest was a good charger in the first place. Based on the fact that someone (Sue) is out there "looking" to help people with the product she sells, says it all. I wasn't sure which brand to go with, and without even mentioning the other brands like CSI or batt-cat,Sue told me the benefits of a 3 stage charger, in which I came to the conclusion that CSI might make a charger that could possibly last longer than a guest,the 3 stage system seems to be better in the long run (just my opinion).

Thanks again Sue for all your help!



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